Texas Likes Beltran and K-Rod? Take ‘em Both

Jon Heyman reports the “Rangers interested in Beltran as well as K-Rod… Could be a big trade partner for Mets”

If that’s the truth I say we move on either/both of these deals asap. I realize the Wilpons are hoping to be “in the hunt” so they can make a few extra bucks in ticket sales but let’s be honest - that’s a farce. We ain’t making no playoffs - no way no how. 

So if we can move Beltran and K-Rod I don’t even care what we net in return. I wish it weren’t like this but the broke ass Wilpons may have to let Reyes walk away so relieving ourselves of K-Rod’s 17M next year and about 1/2 of Beltran’s salary this year - providing we move him soon.

This is the money we need to allocate to Reyes next year. I don’t care about this season. I only care about building a winner within 2-3 years and to do so we need to retain Reyes. 

Prospects in return would be great but let’s dump these salaries and put some money in the coffers to pay Jose. 

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  1. Paul Says:

    If the Mets get David Wright back on schedule and are able to add at the trade deadline, I don’t think the wild card is completely unrealistic.

    A midseason fold, plus another quiet off-season will mark another year of declining attendance, declining revenue and declining payroll. That’s something to weigh against the savings that could be achieved through dumping Beltran and K-Rod.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    If you are going to make some trades lets get rid of these guys while they are at their “Highest Market Value”

    I don’t think it matters what we do with trades though. If Jose goes out on the open market at the end of the year….say goodbye!

    Why would Jose want to come back to play for a lousy and broke team?

    Would you want to be on the 2012 Mets team when you can choose any other team?

  3. cleonjones Says:

    To be honest, I would hate to lose Beltran but this is a business deal. Lets get the highest value for him and Krod if needed. Hey Sandy, DO NOT trade Krod to the Yankees for a setup man ! Lets take two out of three from the Tigers. Lets go Mets !!!! And as always- RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES! :)

  4. Howard Says:

    I have no problem moving K-Rod right now. He is getting worse by the day and I would be willing to stick Beato, or even Parnell in the closer role. But I still think with Wright coming back, we have a legit chance of a wild card and without Beltran, we have no chance. And lets not forget that there is still a chance of getting Johan back for part of the season and it is possible he could be effective. Beltran is our best overall hitter. I am not ready to give up on a season in which we still have all of July, August, and September to get hot. I still think this team has a hot streak in it and consistent ball based on the starting rotation being solid.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    Can anybody confirm if K-Rod’s contract for next year, which would be $18M if he finishes 55 or more games, has a buyout option of $3.5M? I thought I read that and if so, have no problem holding on to him and Beltran if the team is at least within 3 games of the WC at the trade deadline and at least 2 of Wright, Ike and Santana are back by then. If not, move them for best value in terms of salary dump and players.

    I think that’s a total longshot and expect deals to be made. However, if the Mets are going to move those guys, they should make Reyes a HUGE offer before then and see if they can make him and his agent blink.

  6. USMF Says:

    It’s a really tough call.

    K-Rod, while struggles at times, is still one of the best closer’s in the game. His two biggest problems is; his WHIP is too high, but he gets better as the situation gets tougher and he can’t succeed with too much rest, or not enough.

    But no matter what Trade or no trade, that option is gonna screw us no matter what.

    Sadly, if you trade K-Rod, you got no closer for next year. This year, you might be able to get away with Izzy or Parnell to close, but you’d create a vacuum in the Pen and we’d see something similar to 07 when Wags went down.

    Obviously, Izzy won’t be around next year and I’m not sure I can trust Bobby “One Pitch” Parnell to close. Pedro B I think is better, but who is he? the guy who was almost perfect to start the season or the guy we’ve seen on June?

    Sadly, LosB is our only power we got in the lineup. If Wright was back (and not wiffing all the time) and Ike was back and Bay could hit something other than a single, then we could trade LosB and be OK. But the stat of this Offence is so rocky, you pull out Beltran and the whole thing could pull a part.


    Are they out of the playoffs? No, but the pitching has been very inconsistent and it’s surprising how many runs this O and score but hitting nothing but singles and a mixed in dbl by LosB and a Triple by Reyes.

    But then again, the starting pitching has gotten a lot better…bullpen should be solid and the O is scoring runs and getting contributions from everyone. After a horrible three weeks to start the season, the team has been winning ball. A nice little hot streak and maybe a return of Wright/Santana or Ike and a 2nd half run wouldn’t surprise me.

    Right now, you sell off either guy, then you’re admitting defeat. Must of us expect it, but we still watch because there’s a chance…you sell, then you lose all interest in the team this year and maybe next year too.

    The media has said this already, but this hovering around .500 is the worst thing for Sandy. Either go on a winning or losing streak, either they are in it or not but but until they prove one way or another, Sandy can’t sell as long as they are close.

  7. CW Says:

    BJake- The $3.5M buyout can only happen if he does NOT reach 55 game finishes. If he reaches 55, the $18M is guaranteed.
    Source: http://mlbcontracts.blogspot.com/2004/12/new-york-mets.html

  8. Met_Maven Says:

    I agree with USMF. Without KRod, we have no bullpen. Yes, he puts a lot of guys on base and has blown a couple of saves, but nobody’s perfect. And he is among the best closers out there. When / if he does get traded who will replace him? I did catch the Bisons game (the ones who play in Buffalo, not the ones from Flushing) and Igarashi has been doing very good, he got 4 out save last night, and has somewhere around 10 scoreless innings. But thats against minor league batting, don’t know if that could transfer to the bigs. Love him or hate him, KRod is a top closer. Unless you’re Mariano, any closer is going to have a spell where the blow a few saves. He did fire off 19 consecutive saves. Of course if the deal is going to be extremely beneficial for the Mets, I’m all for it.

    I love Beltran, and he’s definitely not coming back next year. As much as I’d like him to finish, the season with us, he’s probably the most likely to get traded. With the year he’s having, I’m sure we could get some decent prospects for him.

    Hopefully they can catch fire and go 9 - 4 till the ASB they could remain in contention and who knows, even be buyers at the trading deadline.

    I’d like to think the Mets can keep in the race for the WC, but I won’t be disappointed if they don’t make it. Nobody was expecting them to be any good this year, and according to the preseason predictions they should be 20 games out and well below .500 at this point in the season. Like every Met fan, hope for the best, plan for the worst. Anyone else feeling that the Mets wil come back to NY over the .500 mark?


  9. JPB Says:

    Move K-Rod and Beltran while they are both worth something. I do think the Mets will do no worse without them.

  10. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I hate KRod but I agree that we have no one to replace him. I DO think we have chance tone in it for the wild card, but as we are now I don’t believe we are good enough to do anything with it if by some miracle we go that far. I think we have a lot of potential next year if Sandy can add some
    pieces, namely arms and an slugger for right field and a better bench.

    It could be worse! I’m enjoying this season. For once I actually believe in the GM, the manager can actually manage, the kids are coming through. We are always going to have injuries, but at least the team is rising to the challenge.

    I sort of have the hots for Sandy Alderson and I also think he’s going to re-sign Reyes unless the contract is completely insane.

  11. BlondiesJake Says:

    The easiest piece to add is an outfielder, so it doesn’t hurt as much to lose Beltran and there are plenty of guys on the roster and in AAA that could use the playing time right now which would give them experience and give Alderson more time to evaluate guys on the ML level.

    And yes, it would hurt to lose K-Rod but the only way to find out who might be the closer of the future is start letting other guys close, which won’t happen as long as K-Rod is around. And since he likely won’t be around after 2012 no matter what, it’s not a huge issue to start that earlier. My concern is more the effect it could have on Reyes, which is why I would try and approach him now, despite the stance he and his agent have taken, and blow him away with an offer, then do what you have to based on what happens in July before the deadline.

  12. USMF Says:

    You gotta get away from this assumption that you’re gonna get “prospects” for Beltran or K-Rod.

    Even a trade for Reyes won’t get back as much as you’d expect.

    Because LosB can’t b e offered arbitration, who even trades for him will see him become a FA w/out and Draft picks to compensate. So the Best the Mets can hope for is to trade him and his salary and save the cash.

    K-Rods option is a killer, nobody wants to be stuck paying that full amount, so maybe a trade that the Mets would still be on the hock for half the extension. Best be is the Mets trade him. and K-Rod works out a new contract. But the Mets will still have to pay some cash for that.

    The Mets best hope is that some teams closer or RF gets in to a cab the night before the trade deadline and now that GM is desperate enough to make a trade that is in the Mets favor.

  13. KMac Says:

    I agree with Jake. Make Jose an offer now. It’ll have to be a good one since they’ve said they don’t want to negotiate during the season. If he signs you can eliminate a big uncertainty for the future. The situation would be a lot easier if Ike was going to be back soon. That would give you power in the lineup and more flexibility with Murph, Duda, Turner, Tejada.

  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    CW, thanks for the info.

    USMF, the fact remains if the Mets want to move K-Rod, they can. Teams are desperate for relief pitching and if they are going to use him as a setup guy, they won’t have to worry about triggering the option and he doesn’t have a complete no-trade clause so there’s probably a fit out there.

    And to all who are worried about the wildcard race, I understand you want to watch the best team possible, but this team would need EVERYTHING (Wright, Santana, Davis returning and playing well, Bay finding his power stroke, Pagan finding his form again, Turner/Tejada/Murphy/Duda all hitting and fielding well, Pelfrey/Niese/Dickey/Capuano pitching consistently well, the bullpen pitching consistently well) to go nearly perfect to realistically catch all the wild card teams. Since that’s just not going to happen, moving Beltran and K-Rod for cost savings and/or prospects is really the way to go.

  15. JoMama Says:

    Right on - we need everything to fall into place to sniff the WC - don’t bank on it. I, for one, am not expecting it and as I’ve said from day one, we’re a .500 club AT BEST. Anything else is gravy.

    Now already today: top of the first, two on, Angel on 2nd, 2-0 Mets (on two doubles) and what does Bay do? GROUNDOUT. Big(er) inning killed yet again from our “power guy.” Man, I hate him more and more everyday.

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