Reyes Enters Stratosphere

Jose Reyes ripped off 4 more hits to push his avg to .341 as he continues to have the best offensive Met season ever. Seriously - can anyone think of a a better season from a bat in Flushing? 

Jose was 4-5 with 3 runs an RBI and his 28th SB. Obtw he also made a tremendous defensive play to limit the damage in the first 

If these friggin’ Wilpon Mutts can’t figure out how to keep this guy I may have to quit the Mets until Einhorn takes over.

It was great to see the Mets score 8 more runs. All this offense is sorta buggin’ me out especially with half our IF on the DL.

But the 8 runs almost weren’t enough considering the Rangers were hammering Gee spraying the ball over the yard. If it weren’t for some slick defense and bunch of lucky “at ‘em” balls. 

Quick Hits:

• Meanwhile Bay is back in the crapper after another o-fer. This time it was a 5 AB collar dropping him to .231. Although he did have an RBI… number 16 on the year.

• I was happy to see Endy Chavez connect for a run scoring double off K-Rod in the 9th. I’ll always live the BLBB.

• Did anyone else notice how barren and temporary looking the Met lockers were in the visiting clubhouse? Bizarre.

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  1. Howard Says:

    Great win although it is kind of pathetic when your closer comes into the 9th with a 5 run lead and he started unraveling and easily could have let the Rangers back in the game. But I guess he didn’t in the end although as Darling pointed out, K-Rod cannot even get the fastball to 90mph.

    With regards to Bay, are you all aware that he has ONLY 8 extra base hits this year in 192 AB? That is just incredibly awful.. beyond belief. When is TC and SA going to finally come to their senses that Jason Bay of a few years ago is not walking through the Mets locker room anymore? He is washed up. It is pathetic when we get all excited about a guy making 18M a year getting a seeing eye base hit between the SS and 3B. Sit this guy and lets see what Fernando Martinez can do.

    Well, we are at .500 with a new lease on life. Lets see what we can do going forward.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

  2. Original62Fan Says:

    Cleon Jones: .345 for the entire season in 1969.

  3. BrooklynBill Says:

    I continue to be real impressed by Ruben Tejada. It’s like he is a totally different player offensively. He made a few more nice plays yesterday but the quality of ABs are what really impress me.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^Cleon Jones should have said that!

  5. BrooklynBill Says:

    BJ, and yes, not sure what the heck Ron Washington was thinking pithcing to Beltran in that spot…broderline stupid. Only thing I can think of in his defense is that maybe he read too much into the scouting report on Bay who came into the game sort’ve ‘hot’. The rest of us all know better!

  6. KMac Says:

    I was ready to write the team off after Friday night, but they come roaring back with 22 runs and 31 hits in two games! Let’s get over .500 tomorrow.

  7. cleonjones Says:

    Thanks ladies and gents- you remember my 1969 season- :) Great series against the American League Champs. On to Detroit- lets take two out of three from the tough Tigers. Ok boys and girls let start the chorus- RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! RE-SIGN REYES NOW !! Lets go Mets !!!

  8. cleonjones Says:

    Interesting Stat of the Day- Teams Runs Scored:

    Mets 337
    Phillies 320
    Braves 308
    Nationals 306
    Marlins 293

  9. IrishMike Says:

    Cleon Jones hit .340 in 1969. Even if Jose winds up a few points below Cleon in batting average it would be hard to argue that Cleon had a better year considering Jose’s run production, stolen bases and the fact that he is playing probably the most important position in the field while Cleon arguably played the least important.

    That was a really lucky win yesterday if you think about it. Bad fielding by Texas, hard hit balls finding Met gloves left and right, bad calls by umps that led directly to many of the Mets runs, a near implosion by our “closer” - if a computer program simulated yesterday’s game with with better fielding and umpiring the Mets would have gotten crushed.

    Well here they are at the .500 glass ceiling - can they finally shatter it?

    Howard can you EVER think of something else to talk about? We all know Bay is awful. Why don’t you start telling us that the sun rises in the east every morning?

  10. Howard Says:

    Actually, Irish Mike, I talk about a lot of different topics. But as long as Bay is in the lineup, he is killing the Mets. Once Bay is not playing, I will stop discussing him.

  11. USMF Says:

    Interesting Mets NL offensive Ranks.

    6th in Runs (1st in Division)

    5th in Hits (1st in Division)

    1st in Triples (1st in Division

    5th in BA (1st in Division)

    3rd in OBP (1st in Division)

    1st in BB (1st in Division)

    1st in SB (1st in Division)

    14th in HRs (last in Division)

    Over the last two weeks, Bay has had more multi-hit games than O’fers…sadly the real problem now is almost of of those hits and singles. Seeing that he wasn’t hitting anything, getting hits is a good sign…and he’s making better contact and covering the plate more…timing still looks a little off. Hopefully he’s slowly getting back to where he belongs. As much as some one like, Bays not getting benched nor traded.

    Other interesting stat fact…Neise leads the team in ERA, Innings Pitched, quality starts and Ks. This kid is quickly becoming a quality MLB starter and maybe even a future star.

  12. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    We’ve had plenty of bad calls against us so I’m not exactly crying for the Rangers. Also: if I were Ron Washington and my team got that many crap calls, I would have gotten my self booted. Bad form.

    Reyes: I’m with you, BMF. I may have to stop watching this team. It’s beyond irony, beyond absurdity, beyond any pain a fan should have to endure to know how many bad contracts we are paying of guys that aren’t even ON OUR TEAM, and they can’t dig up the money for Reyes? No excuses, Wilpons!!!!!

    I really like the rest of the team, mostly anyway—save for K-Rod who is rapidly becoming Armando Benitez.

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    IrishMike, thank you for doing what Professor Reyes has asked me not to do.

  14. JoMama Says:

    Bay has no business in the lineup, that’s all I have to say about that.

    Did anyone else see the 4 ball, non-walk to that Ranger on Sat? There was a man on first, no out, should have been first and second no out, as it turned out, it was man on 1st, one out after he struck out. Very odd, not sure if you guys caught it.

  15. Lord Charles Says:

    So if Reyes played for a different team and was having a walk-year so much better than anything he had done in the past (career OPS+: 105; best OPS+: 118; current OPS+: 151) wouldn’t we all be real skeptical about the Mets giving him a huge, multi-year deal? I mean, you don’t have to look any farther than Jason Bay, Oliver Perez, KRod, and even Carlos Beltran to find examples of players who had monster walk-years and then never really produced (or in some cases, came close) to the level of their new contracts.

    I love watching Jose play, and I hope he stays with the Mets, but only if he is paid based on what he has done for his career, not for what he is doing this year.

  16. IrishMike Says:

    LC - welcome back. And great point! Of course I want Reyes back like everyone else but now that we know he is going to shop himself around it can’t be as simple as “do whatever it takes to sign him.” If all he cares about is maximizing dollars and some owner decides to offer him $180 million for eight years or some such nonsense the Mets should not try to beat that. Unfortunately there always seems to be one idiot owner out there willing to set the market too high (and that has often been the Mets - hello Ollie Perez and Jason Bay) and if that happens the Mets are simply out of luck.

  17. Lord Charles Says:

    Thanks, IM! For some reason my comments stopped posting a while back (like last season) and after a while I just got tired of trying. Glad to see they go through again!

    As for the idiot owner, the ironic thing is that for the last couple of years, that has been the Wilpons… ;)

  18. BlondiesJake Says:

    IM/LC, yes Reyes is having a career year. But besides BA, he’s doing what he’s almost always done, which is hit for a good average, steal bases, score runs, create excitement, spark the lineup, make some amazing defensive plays, commit some errors, have some boneheaded running mistakes and mental lapses.

    I’m not sure how much that is worth in a regular year, but I don’t know of many players who do that from the SS position. And since there’s no salary cap, despite the Wilpons situation (whatever it might be) there’s no reason to let him get away during the prime of his career. How do you replace all that in the lineup?

    Consider also there will be some money coming off the books and almost all the Mets everyday players are young and cheap. The kids should be ready for real contending in the next couple of years (since they kinda are now anyway) and Reyes will still be in his prime. This wouldn’t be a case of signing a guy past his prime for way over market value. Plus, the Einhorn deal provides cash now and potentially in the future too.

    Bottom line, if the team doesn’t sign Reyes, it will be a big mistake and cost more dollars long term than the contract will short term.

  19. Lord Charles Says:

    I’m less concerned with how much money the Mets give Reyes than I am with how long they guarantee it for.

    A four year deal (even if at a slightly higher per year cost) with milestone-based options for years 5 and 6 would make sense (Maybe 4 years / $85M; two, $16-20M options to follow).

    A guaranteed 7-8 year deal for a player who will be 29 in year 1, and who relies on his speed, would not be a smart move.

  20. BlondiesJake Says:

    LC, I hear you and would be fine if they figured out a 4-year deal, but realistically that won’t happen. I’d be fine if they front-loaded the deal (which teams never do for obvious fiscal reasons) because then the later years won’t be as big a hit if he declines. Still, I’d be fine with them “eating” 2-3 years at the back end for 4-5 years of Reyes (career year or even just typical year) right now.

  21. Lord Charles Says:

    Yeah, I’d be fine with eating two years at the end for 5 years up front, but what if he turns out more like Beltran (who was a year younger than Reyes when he signed with the Mets)? In other words, 1 great year, 2 good-to-very good years, and 4 years that were not good at all. The trend of players who sign long contracts in there late-20’s is much closer to what Beltran produced than it is to what we would hope the Mets got from Reyes.

    Bottom line, if the Mets do sign Reyes to a long contract, I will be thrilled to watch him in the immediate future. But I will also be rooting like crazy to be wrong about what I expect the overall outcome will be.

  22. BlondiesJake Says:

    LC, unlike some here and many other Mets fans, I don’t have a problem with the Beltran signing. He’s been a very good offensive player for the majority of his tenure with the Mets, just not what people expected, completely unrealistically, for the $ and at Shea Stadium, which was never a hitter’s park. Plus, he was a Gold Glove centerfielder. And after his first year adjustment, and clearly he needed a year to adjust to NY, he was a major reason the Mets nearly went to the WS and had very good runs for a few years. I think he gets short-changed mostly because of his bad start, which gave an impression, along with his lack of outward emotion, that he couldn’t handle NY.

  23. Lord Charles Says:

    ^I tend to agree about the Beltran contract. If his 1st year was equal to years 2-4, and if the Mets’ pitching staff and bullpen didn’t completely screw the pooch in 2007 and 2008, then opinions of him would be different (David Wright, too, as he would have been the MVP in 2007 or 2008 if the pitching was any good).

    The Mets are really in an damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation. Signing him to a 7 year deal is not fiscally wise, but at the same time, not signing him may also prove to have catastrophic repercussions financially. This may arguably be the hardest decision any Met GM ever makes, especially when you consider that it essentially sets the tone for how they will handle Wright next year.

  24. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Let’s also remember the importance of keeping him out of our division. Jimmy Rollins’ contract is up after this year and the Nats need a SS too.

  25. IrishMike Says:

    The realistic best case scenario (as opposed to the unrealistic scenario that Jose gives the Mets any kind of discount) may be for some wacky owner to give Jose something like $250 million for twelve years which is recognized across baseball as a crazy contract and takes the pressure off the Mets. Because you are right LC - it is a brutally difficult decision.

    FGMF may have found the answer - sign Rollins for half of Jose’s price.

  26. Ed Koolman Says:

    I can’t believe it!! the Sports Pope himself actually spent the first hour of whatever his show is called now talking Mets! he actually (I think) gave a complement to Daniel Murphy! and he didn’t mention how much better Nick Johnson is than Murph!

  27. Baywatch Says:

    On the FAN the other day, they were saying that Reyes may get to 20 triples before Bay gets to 20 RBIs. That would be truly pathetic.

    They guy is getting eaten up by NY. He is not making it here so trade him to anywhere for a bag of balls and batting donut + some pine tar.

  28. IrishMike Says:

    Ed K - true but Francesa’a sudden devotion to Reyes seems very disingenuous. He couldn’t conjure up a good word to say about him for five years and now it just seems like he’s trying to drive up his asking price to tweak the Mets and their fans (while at the same time sending a subtle hint to his Yankees to go after him).

    Baywatch (Howard?) - that is all you will get for Bay AND you will be paying ~$14 million of his $16 million salary. Which is why it is not happening and why despite some folks daily whining and calling for his benching or demotion or assasination he will be starting most games for at least this year and next. Also I don’t believe it is NY - the Red Sox are a tougher environment than the Mets right now and he thrived in it. He just hit the wall - post steroids the wall comes much earlier. Someone should have told Omar.

  29. BrooklynBill Says:

    Francesa loves to tweak us, I never put much stock into anything he says. I think.

  30. BrooklynBill Says:

    sorry, Francesa must have cut me off before I could finish my point ;)

    I was saying that, I think he probably believes all these Mets fans who want to give him 7yrs and 120M+ are nuts.

  31. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Eff that jackass Francessa—he is completely full of crap after years of saying Hanley Ramirez was a much better SS.

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