Let Duda Play

If we’re really about to lose Ike Davis until 2012 I say Duda needs to be given everyday ABs.

Collins may be thinking the same considering he’s started Lucas at first the past 2 games. 

I realize Murphy is hitting again so don’t want to take him out of the lineup. But I think we have something of a handle on who Murphy can be as a Big Leaguer. Likely a guy who can hit .300, possibly more, with a little pop and hopefully adequate defense. 

Granted there is still some growing to be done by Murph to attain this projection and he deserves to play 3rd for the foreseeable future/until Wright gets back. 

But in the meanwhile I’m dying to see what Duda can do with steady AB’s. He started off rough last year but ended the season destroying the ball. But Sept ABs are against an expanded roster and diluted pitching so we need to see more. 

He didn’t catch fire to start this year and ended up back in AAA. After getting hot down there he’s back and needs a chance to show us what he’s got against full tilt MLB pitching staffs.

The allure about Duda is his tremendous power. This guy can be a legitimate slugger. A guy who doesn’t care about CityField and all that BS Duda can hit them out of any lark in professional baseball.

We haven’t had a genuine slugger in years. The kind of guy who makes you sit up when he’s AB because he just might launch one. Kingman was like that, Strawberry, Piazza.

This power starved team barely has any HR hitters left. Our biggest slugger may need micro-fracture surgery. Wright may have power sapping back issues  the rest of his career. Beltran is as good as gone. And Bay… Pffftttttt who the Hell knows. Because of all this uncertainty we’re even more obligated to see if we don’t have a bona-fide slugger in Duda. 

At least it’s a silver lining to the Ike injury.


Another Gem from Capuano!

Damn this guy is good. I sure hope his tweaked muscle that caused him to leave after 6 shutout innings. 

Capuano is a great veteran presence on an incredibly young staff. Niese and Gee are pups and Pelfrey is still a young arm. No doubt Dickey is a veteran but he’s very young re: that knuckler.

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  1. cleonjones Says:

    I agree BMF- let the kid Duda play- especially the next couple of weeks against the A.L we can use him at either 1B or DH. Another good win- on to Texas. Lets take two out of three against a tough Texas team. Ok boys and girls lets start the chorus- RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! Lets go Mets !!!!

  2. Howard Says:

    Let Duda play. Stick him in LF and put Bay on the dugout bench.

  3. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Plus, he has that Hendrix song.

    We still chuckle about the old BMF comment, something like, if he’s playing the outfield, Duda would be better off taking a bat out there than a glove.

  4. USMF Says:

    I think short term, let Murph, Tuner, Tejada and Duda rotate in the infield. Tejada has cooled down a lot and Tuner needs to get rest for his thumb.

    Give LosB and Bay days off once a week and stick Duda out there. If Duda has a future on the team, it’s in the OF anyways.

    Now that Bay is starting to show signs of life, ya don’t want to bench him now.

    After a few weeks, you can reevaluate what you got…you’ll know for sure about Ike, Wright in still up in the air and Beltran may be traded.

    I really like how TC has done a good job of spreading around playing time. He’s even got Harris and Hairston contributing.

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Agreed—we definitely need a big bat in the lineup. Luckily there are many spots where Duda can be used. Terry has been very good at using everyone but also not making the team crazy with constant tinkering like Jerry did. Or maybe he just made me crazy?

    Was anyone watching the other day when a bee flew into the booth and Keith was so scared he knocked his headset off? It sounded like the ceiling fell down. Classic Mex Moment!

    I miss Ike so much it’s crazy.

  6. Paul Says:

    I’d like to give Lucas Duda a few weeks as the every day first baseman and let Murph play third base until David Wright is ready to come back.

    If Justin Turner’s thumb is really bothering him, put him on the DL. Otherwise, let him play second and let Ruben Tejada go back to Buffalo.

    I don’t think all of the infield juggling - particularly the in-game variety - is going to help the defense.

  7. JoMama Says:

    I actually disagree that the infield juggling is a bad move - they all need experience, we’re not really in contention and it might be a good way to see what fits. I don’t mean a new lineup everyday, just a few days with Murp at 1st, then a few days of Duda, mixing in Tejada and JT at the other spots.

    The one thing I know for sure is that Bay should be BURIED on the bench - but then that conjures up an image of TC throwing him in there to pinch hit, bottom of the 8th, 2 men on, 2 out and really, truly killing a rally. That would have my throw my $300 remote through the TV. He’s just useless and like I’ve mentioned before, only a month long stretch where he shows pop and drives in runs on a consistent basis, will lead me to believe he’s worth even half of what he’s getting paid.

  8. Met_Maven Says:

    I say bat Bay 7 or 8. And keep him there. Don’t move him up in the lineup after one or two games where he gets a few hits. He needs to show consistency for a few weeks before you do that. Keep him low in the order, hopefully he’ll get a few hits which boosts his confidence at the plate and then S L O W L Y move him up in the order. With his contract they aren’t going to bench him for any significant amount of time.

    also, let the lineup get juggled. As JoMama said, we aren’t in contention and these guys can play just about any position, give ‘em a shot at all of em and see what works best!

    Here’s to Big Pelf gettin’ a W in Texas and gettin’ us back to .500!


  9. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I don’t want to juggle Murphy, he’s at his best when he plays every day.

  10. JoMama Says:

    I can’t believe we’re talking about batting a power guy who’s making $$$$ 7 or 8 - truly pathetic. I’m convinced he’s lost and will never regain RedSox/Pirate form. Could be in contention for the worst contract ever but how were we to know?

  11. Met_Maven Says:

    Mo Vaughn was probably the worst.

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    Bonilla is the worst because he sucked and was a complete jackass and still is a jackass and still is getting paid.

    And I’m not saying Bay is great but this constant focus on him is ridiculous. The only way the guy can prove he’s back is to keep him in the lineup and see if he shows more power and hits consistently. Since we all agree this is a season to find out about players, he fits that category as well, so quit whining about it and just watch and see.

  13. BrooklynBill Says:

    Oswalt to the DL…glad to see we’re not the only team in the division with freaky back injuries.

    Now’s our chance to strike! Let’s make our move!!

    Oh wait…Bay is still here, dang.

  14. foxster Says:

    hitting in CitiField is like hitting in Jellystone National Park. you have to be a little bit better then the average slugger, at least for the Met’s batters.

  15. JBMets Says:

    I completely agree. Duda is only 25 and needs steady at bats. He can play left or first base, and has potential to be an Adam Dunn type player.


  16. JBMets Says:

    And Capuano has been quietly really solid all year long.

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