If Santana Returned Today Who Would Go?

I still don’t expect Johan to contribute anything this season. Even if he does return it’s unfair to demand the old Santana just off surgery. 

But suppose he magically showed up ready to go against the A’s, who would get bumped from the starting ro’?

Capuano? Definitely not - especially considering he’s arguably been our best pitcher.

Pelfrey? No Way. He’s back to being lights out and again looks like a future stud.

Niese? Can’t pull this kid. Aside from Sunday he’s been fantastic.

Gee? Not a chance. He’s exceeded all expectations and shows no signs of slowing down

Dickey? Maybe the most likely candidate but certainly doesn’t deserve to be yanked.

In fact the best answer may be a 6 man rotation. 

I’m generally not a fan of this strategy but it would save innings on Johan’s post-surgically repaired arm. Dickey doesn’t need the extra rest but it might not be a bad idea to limit innings on Gee and Niese.

Funny BMF never imagined we’d have such a high level of SP that a decision like this would be so difficult.


Chill With Ike in Brooklyn

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Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 7:00 PM at Michael’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.

Michaels happens to be Ike’s favorite restaurant ever since he was a kid and his father would take him there while playing for the Yankees.

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And obtw Linda Cohn of ESPN will be hosting with other special guests expected as well.

Should be a pretty cool night for a great cause at one of Brooklyn’s best eateries so please support by attending or making a tax deductible donation.

19 Responses to “If Santana Returned Today Who Would Go?”

  1. Paul Says:

    Why worry about who could go to make room for Santana until he starts making minor league rehab appearances? A lot can change between now and then.

    If he comes back this season, somebody will have to go to the bullpen or minor leagues. Major league starting pitchers are creatures of habit, and that habit is pitching every fifth day.

  2. cleonjones Says:

    I hate to break it to you- Johan is NOT coming back this season. Tommy John surgery takes a long time to recover. Lets take two out of three from the A’s. We owe them for 1973-Ya gotta believe- RIP Tug. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!

  3. USMF Says:

    Cleon, Santana did not have TJ, he had surgery to repair a “torn anterior capsule in his shoulder”…I’d almost feel better if it was TJ…at least there is a decent track record of guys coming back from it.

    The shoulder is a different issue…it used to be the end of a career…now they are having some success, but from everything I’ve heard, it’s still very questionable on how well Santana can pitch afterward.

    Look at Young, he’s pitched well after shoulder surgery, but he can’t stay healthy either. Young never threw hard, but I’d question what Santana’s velocity will be.

    Maybe Johan can get some stem cells injected in his shoulder…it can’t hurt.

    Simple answer to BMF’s question, Santana should not pitch this year unless he proves that he’s 100% and pitches 3-4 starts in the minors to prove he’s OK.

    If he’s ready to pitch, I’d say move R.A.D. to the pen mostly because of his ankle injury. He seems he can pitch with it, but he can’t hit or run so he’s pretty limited.

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    cleon: it’s a shoulder injury, not Tommy John surgery.

  5. Howard Says:

    Did anyone else hear the rumor that Bay has demanded that the right field fence be moved in to right behind the shortstop dirt next year or he is holding out?

    I wonder if teams will start playing a defensive shift on Bay in which the outfielders play about 30 feet behind the infielders… Makes sense to me.

    Bay is hot this month though.. He has 2 RBI’s for June.

  6. Howard Says:

    Let me correct that…. I heard a rumor that Bay has demanded that the left field fence be moved in to right behind the shortstop dirt next year or he is holdout out.

  7. JoMama Says:

    30 feet back is generous, the clown hasn’t hit a ball out of the infield in two years. Well, not consistently anyway. As for Johan, he’s like Jose - if he’s not 100%, he’s no good to us. Take time down in AAA, 3-4 starts down there with good velocity and good movement on the changeup and then maybe a spot start here or there to see how he feels. I don’t count on him but if anyone has to go it’s RA fosho (the dude is pitching on one ankle).

  8. The Coop Says:

    i think the answer is obvious - six man rotation. But I think Johan will be performing for a ticket out of Flushing. I will miss him, but wouldn’t be totally opposed to cleaning out the old regime. JoJo is a shell of his former self anyway. BUT the other side, and I don’t know if the Big Pelf Fan Club (myself included) will like it as much: package Pelf in a trade. It will be unpopular. But he is sort of the odd-man out, w/ his inconsistencies. Dickey is cheap but he’s consistent and a knuckler. Those guys last forever. And Niese and Gee are by far the guys I want to give a Game 7 ball to. Capuano has been phenomenal (we had Rick Peterson on our show in the offseason and he was simply ecstatic about the Mets’ prospects w/ our “CC”).

  9. cleonjones Says:

    Thanks everyone for the correction- Lets go Mets-Howard that is a good one about Bay. Maybe he will end up with 30 RBI’s for the year. :(

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    6 man rotation.. until Pelf regresses and starts unraveling in the 2nd inning again. But really, if Johan does come back, I doubt it’ll be anytime soon. Probably September if we’re lucky.

  11. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    The funny thing is, the White Sox were forced to go to a 6 man rotation earlier in the year due to the effectiveness and at times dominance of a former Mets prospect in the Johan deal. Phil Humber. I don’t think a six man rotation is a bad idea if we are truly out of it by the time Johan comes back. If he comes back.

    I can’t believe Ike’s favorite restaurant is Michaels! I haven’t been there in years and I remember it being really good when I

  12. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    was a kid. I thinks it’s been there for at least 40 years if not longer, so they must still be doing something right. I’m back in the neighborhood and have been visiting good old food places. Had Brennan and Carr last week. Maybe Michael’s is next.

  13. Howard Says:

    Thanks Cleon… Actually I heard that Bay is upset that he is not doing better in the All-Star voting. The rumor is he is complaining that he is the type of player you have to watch every day to appreciate. You cannot look at just the stats. From what I heard, he says that by being in the 6th spot in the batting order, there is never anyone on base for him to knock in.

    There is some saying that Bay actually wants a new stat.. FRTDAS… He believes this stat will get him the attention necessary to make the All-Star team.. (Fastest runner to the dugout after strikeout).

  14. KMac Says:

    joeybrooklyn1976, I haven’t had Brennan and Carr’s since the late 60’s and can remember how good it was like I had it last week!

  15. JoMama Says:

    Bay batting 6th again today. TC needs to grow a pair and just bench the clown or send him down. AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS HERE? THE GUY CAN’T HIT!!! Just watch how many men he leaves on base and how many rallies he kills. O/U is 3.

  16. Baywatch Says:

    Odds of Santana coming back today are about as long as Bay going 4-4.

  17. BlondiesJake Says:

    People can complain all they want, but Bay has been getting hits, scoring some runs and tonite he homered.

  18. Met_Maven Says:

    Bay is back?!

  19. BrooklynBill Says:

    Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

    Entering today, there are only 2 teams in all of MLB that are playing .600 or better ball right now.

    Almost everyone is in the WC ‘hunt’! It’ll be interesting to see how Sandy’s SABR-Mets play it given how competitive and bunched up a majority of the teams are in the standings.

    Gee was overdue for a stinker I guess but if you ask me, looked like he was getting pinched by the HP ump to me.

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