Thank You Jose for NOT Signing with Boras

I think we as Met fans should all give our SS a big thank you for doing the right thing.

The best news out of Queens this season may be the fact that Jose Reyes is NOT changing agents to Scott Boras and will remain with Peter Greenberg.

Greenberg must’ve been sweating bullets knowing his client was meeting with Boras. I don’t know how you let your client sit down with Scott friggin’ Boras so he must’ve had no choice.

I gotta say I’m shocked Reyes didn’t follow Boras down the diabolical rabbit hole he creates for his highest profile clients.

If Jose went with Boras he was finished in NY… or at least in Queens.

You gotta figure Boras told Jose he would get him more money than Greenberg or anyone else could possibly land.

He probably told him he would have to leave the Mets because Boras’ clients ALWAYS take the highest offer and these cash strapped Wilpons wouldn’t be able to match someone’s offer. 

Or perhaps he told Jose how the Wilpons can be duped again. Fooled into bidding against themselves. 

But Jose didn’t want a part of whatever Boras was selling and THAT is the very reason I believe Jose will remain a Met.

If you recall Jose didn’t take a greedy contract last time. The Mets signed him before Wright and Jose got much less. I believe Greenberg was his agent on that deal too which leads me to believe we’ve got a very good chance of getting another reasonable deal for Jose.

Perhaps Jose isn’t the greedy athlete we all assume they all are. Is it possible playing for the Mets means more to him than and extra 10-15M on a 100M dollar deal.

Maybe I’m dreaming here but that’s the vibe I get.


As for the game - It wasn’t meant to be. We didn’t hit till the 9th - Niese was so-so at best and the Mets look thrashed. 

Luckily they’ve got a day off today.

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  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    As far as I know an agent can speak to somebody else’s client as long as he makes it known. Technically I think Greenberg did the right thing, some guy on his team is the godfather to José’s children!

    I know, I was pretty happy when I read that article. TC was smart to sit him down early about all this.

  2. Howard Says:

    I would say Niese was awful!

    In regards to Jason Bay, I was at first feeling just maybe Bay was starting to hit. But take a look at his hits… all are either ground balls between SS and 3B or weak line drives to the outfield. Have you noticed that he shows no power whatsoever to the opposite field where a lot of his lazy fly balls go and he has shown no power whatsoever to left field, the part of his game that got his this absolutely ridiculous contract.

    I do not see any real improvement with Bay, unless you want to say a few weak line drives and ground balls show positive signs. He kind of dives into every pitch, somewhat kind of like Luis (I do not need two hands to catch fly balls) Castillo.

    Every time I kind of think maybe the Mets will turn the corner, they don’t. Maybe there is no corner this year. Yesterday’s beatdown was depressing.

  3. Helix Says:

    Citifield: Where sh!tty teams come to feel good about themselves…

    Send Bay down… ’nuff said.

  4. JoMama Says:

    Bay is completely useless and should not be playing in the bigs right now. There are 4-5 younger guys that can EASILY contribute better than he has - as it is, he’s almost a guaranteed out and rally killer. Nothing in his swing has convinced me that he’s turned the corner. Honestly, he would need to hit 4-5 HR’s in one week and have at least 5-8 RBI’s in the same span for me to even consider putting him in the lineup. Every game he’s not in the lineup makes me happy.

  5. Howard Says:

    Totally agree with JoMama. Bay has ‘gotten hot’ with some texas leaguer base hits. If TC wants him in the lineup, bat him 8th for the type of offense he provides.

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    This is a horrible homestand with lousy teams playing here! It is hard to even talk about the Angels and A’s playing here! Get rid of Interleague play! I have had it!

    So I am going to head to Omaha for the last week of the College World Series! Stopping along the way to see the Braves, Cardinals and Royals stadiums along the way!

    Let me know when we get to back to playing some real teams that people may actually care about!


  7. cleonjones Says:

    I am glad Jose didn’t sign with Boras. That would have been a big mess. Tough game yesterday. Lets take two out of three from the A’s. Ok boys and girls let start the chorus- RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES! RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES!RE-SIGN REYES! Lets go Mets !!!

  8. Met_Maven Says:

    I’m glad Jose didn’t sign with Boras, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to skimp on his contract. He’s gone on record saying he wants Crawford money. He says, while he likes playing in NY and his family loves living on Long Island, he also said he knows this is a business and he’s going to do whats best for him. Meaning if another team offers him a huge contract the Mets can’t match, he’s outta here. No “home team discount” or letting the Mets low ball this contract like they did last time. I don’t blame him for wanting the most money. I, and just about anyone else would do the same thing. I think the only way he stays without getting Crawford money is to show him that they are committed to building a winner, sign other guys and then offer him a comparable contact. I really want Jose to stay here and i hope the Mets can make that happen.

  9. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I think it’s total BS that Jose should take even one cent less to play for the Mets. Hasn’t he done enough to earn a contract? What has Fred Wilpon done to deserve a discount, other than pay him less than Wright and talk smack about him to the press?

    If they had enough money to overpay Castillo and Ollie and seemingly a thousand other washed up has-beens, they can find the money for Reyes. And please, cry me a river about being broke, Wilpons—you know you can find the money when you need it.

    Puh-leeeze! Give Jose every penny he deserves!!

  10. BlondiesJake Says:

    I have the solution…Bay gives his money to Reyes.

  11. cleonjones Says:

    BlondiesJake- you are on the money. Bay is killing us.

  12. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^ Fort Greene Met Fan - I totally agree and I have no doubt he will do just that!

    I dont think it matters if his agent is “Bozo the Clown”. I think you are way off on this BMF! If the Mets really wanted him, they would have done this already!

    He is going to test the waters in the free agent market and create a bidding war!…Wouldn’t you?

    “Is it possible playing for the Mets means more to him than and extra 10-15M on a 100M dollar deal”… Thats a good One!….AAH NO!!

  13. JoMama Says:

    Is $66M to Bay worse than what we paid Castillo? Ollie? How about Bonilla? I still can’t believe Bay is getting paid as much as he is.

    As for Wilpon - HE HAS MONEY. Don’t let all this nonsense about losing half in the Ponzi get to your head - he just wants everyone believing that he can’t afford to pay players and we’re all buying it. It’s not true. He has more than enough to fill a $110M+ roster.

  14. BrooklynBill Says:

    Guys we had to borrow 25 mill from MLB and sell off a chunk of the team just to make payroll and bond payments! This is not a team that can invest 100+ mill in a single player no matter how good he might be lately.

    I wonder if attitudes will change when Jose goes into his first funk of the season and returns to pop-up-itis form. Let some other goofy GM overpay!!

    btw - we just lost 2-3 to a team with Aybar as the SS.

  15. Baywatch Says:

    Pujols! ouch.

    Why can’t Bay be so unlucky?

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