The Final Days of USS Maine

Once upon a time John Maine was a symbol of everything that was good and right about the NY Mets. 

In fact Johnny’s ascension pretty much solidified my belief that Omar was the GM to lead us to the promised land. Maine was quickly becoming a cheap, young, high end number 2 starter who could hold down the rotation for years to come.

But then he started getting hurt. And the magic never returned. 

Today Maine is a symbol of a failed era and it’s time for us to part ways. Injuries and ineffectiveness have become the norm and if he’s gonna pull a Carl Pavano it’s gonna have to be with another team.

I can’t possibly see Sandy Alderson spending 2.5M on USS. with less than 10M to play with this year there’s no way they allocate that much to a question mark.

4 Responses to “The Final Days of USS Maine”

  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Start fresh. Part company with Maine. Use the money elsewhere.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Dump him since we are on a payroll cutting binge for the year…

    Although I would have liked to keep him so that we would have a sinking ship to go down on as the 2011 season sinks faster than the Titanic.

  3. Mr. Met Says:

    Dump him, but if he wants to come back on an incentive laden contract, or a minor league deal, I’d be willing to give him another chance.

  4. rj Says:

    There are other players on this team that should be dealt with before Maine..

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