3rd Place Mets!

Guess who just leapt into 3rd place? The almost .500 NY Mets.

Thanks to a couple weeks of good old-fashioned “winning baseball” and a 1-9 record by the tanking Fish. Suddenly we’re not that close to last place. OK we’re still just 2 games above the cellar but you get the point. 

Last night felt like a Terry Collins win. We went into Atlanta and beat their best pitcher. With back-ups at the corners and a kid on the mound the Mets were unafraid and simply played better baseball to take the W.

Reyes picked up 3 more hits and is now batting .346!!! Crawford money here we come!

Great catch by Pagan out there. 

I realize Willie Harris has great numbers against Jurrjens but I still can’t believe Jason Bay is on the bench for this guy. 

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  1. JJ Says:

    “winning baseball”…”and playing unafraid”…sounds like a combination that’s been missing from this team for sometime. Even at or around .500 this team is getting to be fun to watch…

  2. KMac Says:

    That was a good win. I’m not sure why TC took Niese out when he did with 95 pitches. K-Rod needed a 1-2-3 because if McCann got up….well you know how that would have went.


    Re-sign Reyes NOW

  3. cleonjones Says:

    Excellent win against the hated Braves. Lets get another one tonight. I like the vibe on this team- they play hard every night. OK Boys and Girls lets start the chorus- RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! RE-SIGN REYES ! Lets go Mets !!!!

  4. USMF Says:

    Very nice win, last night felt like a game they would have lost in past years.

    Is it just me or is Larry not as scary as he used to be?

    This team isn’t as bad as many feared it would be, I don’t know if the WC is possible, but at least they have us believing there is an outside chance.

    Funny, on April first, if you told me that Santana wasn’t gonna be available until August, Ike was gonna miss two months and Wright probably more and Bay was hitting .200 and Young was done and Pelf had an ERA above 5 and RAD had an ERA around 4, I would have guessed that they’d be last place with 20 wins.

    I give a ton of props to LosB and Reyes for stepping up their game and leadership…and a ton of credit to TC for convincing the 4A guys that they can win with out hitting HRs.

    Neise is the man! Great start again by the kid. The Mets may not have an Ace in the rotation, but they seem to have four Kings and a Joker.

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ALways nice to take the fist game of a series, especially in Atlanta!….3rd place!…Now lets take the next step and get back to .500 and Sweep the Braves!

    I have a very strange feeling that Santana will not be back this year at all and it will be iffy if he ever fully recovers from this. I believe they should make plans not to have him back!


  6. cleonjones Says:

    Interesting stat of the day: Runs Scored
    Mets- 280

  7. KMac Says:

    Maybe the Braves need to put speed bumps in the infield to slow down Jose - the mud didn’t work.

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    KMac, I watched the BBTN hilites and was annoyed by the water world but was also amused. For once the Mets are inside the Braves’ heads.

    USMF, I think Larry’s blast that ended in Beltran’s glove was the end of an era. I don’t think he’ll be torturing the Mets or their fans anymore (fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed).

    cleonjones, may your chants reach Alderson’s ears and make him do the right thing.

  9. JoMama Says:

    I’m not sure guys, I am still always afraid when we play in the ATL especially when guys hitting well below the Mendoza ding us for a HR (I really, really hate Uggla). We just always find a way to lose down there and with Beato on the bump, I thought it was going to be another late inning collapse. You guys didn’t fee that way? Izzy looks so-so, Byrdak came through BIG and KRod looks like he’s focused now. I was also baffled at why TC pulled Jon so early, I felt as though anything he threw would have been better than Beato (the kid seems as lost as Bay) but hindsight is always 20/20.

    Anyway, in terms of Bay, I feel as though the team plays better regardless of who else is in, so long as Bay’s not. It just seems like he’s a cancer to anyone batting in our around the dude. We can tout his defense, mentality and hustle all you want but as a Met, he just plain sucks. It’s sad because if he were HALF the player he was in Boston/Pitt, I’d be OK with him. As it is, he’s absolutely the easiest out in the lineup, including the pitcher. Sad.

  10. BrooklynBill Says:

    Bay is just a total disaster right now…he really should go to AAA to sort himself. He truly sux and if he weren’t being paid millions, I might feel a little bad for him.

    We need to get over the .500 hump!!! Is it me or do we seem to hit better against better pitching? Seems like whenever there’s a scrub on the mound, we can’t figure him out.

  11. KMac Says:

    I think the mud delay got into Jurrgens head; he was not sharp. They tried to mess with Jose, and they ended up messing with their own guy. It is a different era though when the visiting team can make the home team change the conditions.

    JoMama, I definitely felt that way until the 3rd out was made. Especially with McCann on deck.

  12. BrooklynBill Says:

    What was extremely satisfying was seeing Reyes get dusted high & tight and then come thru with an RBI single!! Take that! Sweet!!! and Gary called it very well…

  13. Howard Says:

    Is anyone more of a fraud than Mike Francesa?

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

    Win today, tomorrow go for the sweep.

  14. Met_Maven Says:

    If the season started 2 weeks later think of where we would be… I think it’s great that we’re the only team to beat Jurgens this year, kinda gives an extra boost of confidence to us, ya know? I think if we had last years lineup out there we would have lost, now that we have a lineup of 90% Bisons, guys who want to play and will play hard all 27 outs we’re going to produce a lot more than we would if we had Omars big $ guys out there. I even have faith we can end the moth over .500 It’s so nice to watch a game and think, at any point, “Hey, we can win this!” I love watching this team now!


  15. JoMama Says:

    Predictions on Bay tonight?

    I say 0-4 (walk, 2 SO’s, 3 LOB)

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