Capuano Aces Bucs

BMF has been saying it for weeks: “Chris Capuano is the Ace of this team”.

Yet again Cappy dominated his opponent by posting 7 shut out innings with 3H, 2BB and 5K.

Alderson gambled twice this offseason with injured starters and while Chris Young came up snake-eyes he hit the jackpot with Capuano.

Jose Reyes continues to go BEZERK recording a 3-5, 2R, HR game. This guy is lookin to win the freakin’ MVP and no one is gonna laugh louder than BMF when the Wilpons give him Carl Crawford money this winter.  

Raise your hand if you’re at least mildly shocked our Mets are just 1 game under .500. Yeah, me too. After winning 6 of 8 they’re at 32-33.

WTF with Clint Hurdle freaking out about the ball Pagan clearly caught? Hurdle somehow thought he trapped it or caught it on a bounce off the wall??? I dunno it all seemed like way too much drama with an ejection from 2 ump for that play. 

Meanwhile this is one of those bizarre wrap-around series with a bonus game on a non-holiday Monday. 

Sure would be nice to be .500 before heading to that black-hole of the ATL


On another note, big news from BMF’s other job as indie film/tv guy.

“City Gridiron: Season 2″ is premiering on WPIX11 Aug 14, Sun 10A as I bring my docu-series coverage of NYC Public School Varsity Football to broadcast TV. 

Season 1 aired last year as a 2 hour film on MSGVarsity, a network limited to Cablevision systems only, and featured the Canarsie Chief’s.

Season 2 will be 6 half-hour episodes premiering Aug 14 and featuring Coney Island’s Lincoln High and All-American Ishaq Williams. Series runs 6 consecutive weeks

City Gridiron: Season 3 premieres Sept 25th and will cover the current PSAL (Pub Sch Athl League)nThe focus will be on the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen and NYC’s next top recruit Wayne Morgan as well as Lincoln and Canarsie. Season 3 will air 13 consecutive weeks Suns 10A on PIX 11.

22 Responses to “Capuano Aces Bucs”

  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I didn’t get to watch until the 7th inning, damn! I hate to miss a Cappy start.
    I don’t think he’ll get a start against the hankies, unfortunately. I was looking forward to some fisticuffs!

    We should be able to keep this up for another week, and beat up on a couple of AL dogs.

    Get out the vote!! Reyes still hasn’t caught Rollins, dammit, it’s embarrassing!

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Lets go Mets !!! Lets get the W tonight and take three out of four. Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Did I mention- Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! Resign Reyes !! :)

  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I’m loving this team and this group of guys. They don’t always pull it out but they really are leaving it all out on the field almost every game. I don’t mind if we lose as long as we try 100%. The kids can PLAY!

    What will we do when DW and Ike come back? I think Tejada has to stay at 2nd with Murphy and Turner on the bench, or maybe platooning at 2nd and 3rd if Wright’s back is still sore.

    If we could add a healthy decent Johan Santana to this rotation, we would be a ton better. Can we solidify the bullpen though? I know they go through ups and downs but my confidence in the pen is very low.

  4. Stephen Says:

    I don’t know how you can say Capuano is the ace of this staff with the way Gee has pitched.
    Capuano: 5-6 4.40 ERA
    Gee: 7-0 3.05 ERA

    Hell even Niese is 5-5 with a 3.51 ERA

    Sure Capuano has been decent, but his numbers certainly aren’t ace-like

  5. Big D Says:

    No comment on the wacky double play off of Bay’s sac fly? Or how the Pitt grounds crew (or whoever) set off fireworks because they thought it was a homerun on the ball that Pagan caught and Hurdle got tossed on?

  6. USMF Says:

    I think Cappy has pitched better than his overall stats show…but I really think that this is a team that’s with out an ace, or any other rotation slots…I don’t mean that as a negative…we got five guys that can go out and shut anybody down, they all work hard and all are mentality tough (other than Pelf) It’s a long way off, but who gets dumped from the rotation if/when Santana comes back?

    Maybe R.A.D. because of his ankle?

    Neise and Cappy have been solid and are manning up.

    Pelf is probably the weakest because of his fragile psychological makeup? but that would hurt him even more…

    Maybe Gee because he’s young and you don’t want to over work a young arm. But then again, Gee could be ROY, so do ya want to pull him out from that?

    as for our three starting 2nd basemen, that’s a tough call too…

    You can’t bench Turner, he’s another ROY candidate…if Ruben had a little more production a nd production numbers, he might be a ROY too…but Murph’s been the hottest hitter in the league the pat month, how do ya bench that?

    Luckily, because they’ve all played great, you don’t have to rush Ike or D-Wright back before hey are completely healed and before they get some rehab games in to get back up to speed. Although, I’d be surprised to see Wright back before August, history has shown that these type of injuries, while not serious, can take a long time to heal.

  7. Howard Says:

    I have been saying it for a while that I see us going on a roll soon and it is coming. The starting rotation has been awesome. We need Pelphrey to follow suit tonight.

    I still think Bay needs to be on the bench but I am willing to give him a shot still because he is a good guy and we need some power in the lineup but my patience is down to almost zero.

    Let’s get to .500 finally tonight and then go 2 out of 3 in Atlanta.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

  8. The Coop Says:

    I love Dillon Gee and he’s been a welcome surprise to this year’s pitching staff, but when the other teams start facing him again, he might start hitting some trouble (in other words, he won’t be able to go undefeated forever). Capuano’s record isn’t a good indication how well he’s actually done. His WHIP could come down a bit more for my liking but for what the Mets are paying him, and when he takes the mound, my blood pressure doesn’t go up.

  9. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:


  10. rj Says:

    Beltran for relief = ????playoffs?????

    I know that is a way out statement I just threw out there but…Hey one can dream right?

    When you have 7 wins behind you it’s hard not to feel good and confident everytime you step on the mound. I expect Gee to get some more W’s.. Im not saying ROY yet but…he’s definitely in line for it on a team that is not competing for anything.


  11. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Mrs. Maine! lol

    It’s the old watching the game v. reading the stats thing, remember how many games we lost for Santana a while ago?
    Capuano has a quiet but intense never-say-die energy that I just love watching. Long ABs don’t seem to phase him. Potent lineups don’t seem to phase him.
    Gee has a different but good energy, like a pitcher who is extremely happy to finally have good D behind him.
    Niese is like a glassy ocean, smart.
    From Big Pelf I’m often getting that “grinding it out” energy, and I’m wondering if anybody else thinks maybe he should be moved to long relief when Santana comes back.

  12. Val Veeta Says:

    There is only one ACE of the NY Mets and that is Mr. Santana!

    No matter how well the other guys pitch (and they’ve been really terrific), they cannot hold a candle to Johan. They are merely holding down the fort until our hero returns.

    It is really encouraging how the SPs have been getting better and better, all of them, since the dreadful beginning of the season. Kudos to Dan Warthen for seemingly getting them ALL to pitch to their potential.

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    I agree with USMF, there is no ace to this staff. All of the guys have some great outings and then some clunkers. Johan coming back would be a great problem to have but it’s still going to be a while.

    As for the infield problem, I think TC could platoon/rotate whatever you want to call it. Give all the guys (including Reyes) some rest here and there and everybody will get at least a few days a week and the bench would be stronger.

    Since many have been killing him, have to give props to Bay for breaking up the perfect game and then hitting what should’ve been a sac fly RBI except for the Pagan fiasco.

  14. IrishMike Says:

    Jake - doesn’t Bay get credit for a sac fly on that play anyway? God I hope so it’s the best thing he’s done in a month.

  15. BlondiesJake Says:

    IM, I confess I wasn’t sure how it worked, because normally you don’t get an RBI on a double-play, which it essentially became. But the box score on has it as an rbi and apparently because the appeal came after Murphy scored it does count as the sac fly. So bizarre, but not so surprising that Pagan was involved with a bizarre baserunning incident.

  16. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF, watched the sizzle reel for CG Season 2 and it looks awesome. Loved the first one you did and can’t wait to see this one as well. When does it come out on DVD since I don’t get WPIX out here in LA!!!

    P.S. That play-by-play announcer is awesome!

  17. USMF Says:

    I found that Pagan call very bizarre and a little bit nit-picky.

    Pagan tapped the bag than straddled it, he kinda flipped his feet when he knew the ball was gonna be caught, but he never made a move to third and ran over the bag on his way back to first.

    If fielders get the play because they are in the vicinity, they why not Pagan? Never rounded to go to third, he never even looked to third. He always kept one foot on the 1st base side of the bag and the other on the LF side of the bag. Pagan went to the bag looking for the catch so he could return to first, it’s not like he made a bad read and was on his way to third.

    I’m willing to bet that guys do what Pagan did all the time…that ump had to be looking to make that call.

  18. IrishMike Says:

    I don’t think it was clear that Pagan ever actually touched the bag. Gary said he did but I don’t think that was certain. I think he just straddled it without touching. Whatever I’ll take the final outcome.

  19. BlondiesJake Says:


  20. foxster Says:

    well anyway, Hooray for us


    on a more serious note, has anyone heard the latest news on The Kid, Gary Carter? let’s think good thoughts about him. hang in there Gary, we’re all pulling for you.

  21. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    Congrats BMF! Broadcast tv.

  22. Domonique Dries Says:

    Thanks a lot for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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