Dickey Time

RA and the knuckler take the mound tonite…

Game thread…

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  1. BMF webmaster Says:

    We have finished moving the site to a new host. Some comments may have been lost in the last couple of hours. If that has happened to you, we apologize; please resubmit them.

    PS. game just ended with a 2-3 loss.

  2. CowCrusher Says:

    Let’s go for 3/4…….let’s go Mets

  3. BrooklynBill Says:

    ugh…can’t seem to get over the hump. That pitcher had garbage and we couldn’t take advantage.

    Bay hit a ball hard but still looks lost. I think we’ve been very patient but we’ve pretty much exhausted every option except sending him down. Let him sort his issues be they mental or physical or whatever in Buffalo. I’d rather have root canals than watch his ABs.

  4. Helix Says:

    If Bay was any kind of a “Team” guy, he’d volunteer to go to Buffalo. Let him feast on some AAA pitching (if he can), get his mojo back (if he has any), and come back up when he’s ready (if ever).

    Collins juggles the lineup and defensive set to accommodate this dud and we end up losing. The guy is a leper and needs to go into quarantine.

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