Gee Keeps on Keepin’ On

If there are any non-believers in Dillon Gee you’re gonna have a hard time finding them.

The kid moved to 7-0 with another gem allowing just 1R, 8H, 0BB, 5K in 8IP.  

On a national level It’s weird though because aside from Met fans, and fantasy baseball heads, I’d venture to guess that barely anyone knows who he is.

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6 Responses to “Gee Keeps on Keepin’ On”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    .500 here we come….Oh Happy Days!!!…Lets play the Pirates every game!


  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    Amazing things happen when you cut your scrubs and bench your stiffs.

    We made this kid McDonald look too good last time, we oughta beat up on him pretty good today.

    Bring up more Bisons!

  3. Howard Says:

    Well, they will all learn about Dillon Gee when he is in the All Star Game!

    Btw, Howard Johnson needs to keep his mouth shut about Jason Bay and worry about getting another batting coach job. It is comical to me that Johnson stated how when he was the batting coach, Bay was knocking in runs. He was futile last year, and he is worse this year. Jason Bay is not in the lineup because he cannot hit anymore. I know Collins is giving him another shot tonight, but lets face it; we know we are looking at the normal line for him after the game.. 0-5, 2K, 5 LOB.

    I as much as everyone wishes he was the Jason Bay of the Red Sox days or Pirates days but a two year sampling is very telling. Jason Bay is done. Now we can keep on waiting and waiting for him to hit just like I can stare at the wall, waiting for it to move. It ain’t happening.

    Let’s Go Mets!!! .500 after today’s game and off we are to win the WC!

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    Howard - was thinking the same when I read Hojo’s incredulous comments. Smacks of sour grapes to me. We have more .300 hitters in this scrappy, rag tag group than he ever had as hitting coach. Hudgens is getting more offensive production out of less.

    So, as much as I loved Hojo the player, Hojo the disgruntled ex-hitting coach needs to shut the hell up!!

  5. Howard Says:

    Brooklyn Bill, I totally agree with you. By not having Wright and Bay in the lineup we eliminate 4K a game and we have a bunch of guys that keep the ball in play. That is why we are scoring runs. With the pitching, that is why we are winning.

    Jason Bay seems like a good guy but I am a good guy too but not in the Mets lineup. Is Bay in a 2 year slump.. nope. He is just done. It is possible that at the age of 32 going on 33, he is done. Some guys are still good in their thirties, some are not. I get the feeling that Bay is not a great athlete but more of a manufactured good baseball player. It makes sense that his limited athletic ability is causing his career to end earlier than for others who have the athletic skills to last longer.

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Howard: I didn’t realize you actually were Howard johnson!!

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