Pelf Gets W Despite Met L

Despite the latest “we shoulda won game” Big Pelf earned himself a major victory. He bounced back from last week’s start to rejoin the ranks of young guns we can look forward to next year.

To me Pelf’s mental game is still being refined so to see him compartmentalize a bad start and dominate again 2R, 4H, 0BB, 2K in 6IP.

I know people are getting excited as we creep closer to .500 but the hard truth is we’re not winning a wildcards. And BMF is OK with that. Give me exciting games and develop young talent and that’s a very good rebuilding year.

It was a tough game to lose but you had to know it was coming once we blew the lead. 

It didn’t matter once Paulino blasted the HR but Beltran HAS to score from second on Pagan’s hit in the 8th. What was he thinking? 

Ronny Paulino also gets a personal W going 4-4, with a three-run shot. Love it when Paulino has these epic days. 

Reyes continues his march towards a Crawford contract by extending his hitting streak to 12 going 2-4 with a run and SB number 20.

Bizarre to see Randy Wolf balk in a run considering it was the first balk of his CAREER!?!?

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  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    That was tough.
    Morgan! He’s always been kind of a fave of Gary’s I think.
    Seriously, I think we have a good chance of getting the series.

    Talk to me about wild card after the ASB, it’s too hot and too early right now!

    Speaking of ASB, can we PLEASE get a NY rally behind José? Tulowitzki has more than double the votes for José right now. We have to at LEAST jump Rollins, come ON!!

  2. IrishMike Says:

    Bad loss. Bay coming up smaller every day. Paulino not taking advantage of a gift wrapped interference opportunity. And of course “the book” rears it’s head again as our best reliever goes unused while a pair of journeymen get abused by the top half of the Brewers lineup.

  3. USMF Says:

    Beltran had a stop sign at 3rd, with his back to the play, there’s no way he should be running through it.

    The hole for Bay is getting deeper everyday, you see shots of him in the dugout hanging his head then he mopes into the clubhouse…I feel for the guy, he plays hard on every play and has the right attitude…but he’s in this mental quicksand, I have no idea if anything can get him out of it.

    I really think it’s time for TC to grab Bay by the neck and tell him it’s time to man up. Coddling time is over!

  4. cleonjones Says:

    Tough lose- We get the W tonight. Bay is killing us !!!! Trade Bay for anyone !!! Sign REYES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Brutal Loss!…The Mets can not handle success!…The Marlins are falling off the planet and we could have been real close to 500 and third place!

    Agreed we are not a wild card team but’on we need to win these games!


  6. CW Says:

    Why did they pitch to Fielder in the 8th with 1st base open and Hart and McGehee behind him? I know the old “You don’t put the tying run on base” crap, but that doesn’t hold water here. You give the NL’s HR and RBI leader a free pass here and it gives you a righty-righty match-up against 2 much weaker hitters and also sets up a potential inning ending DP. You just can’t let Fielder beat you there. Nobody in the booth or post-game brought this up, and that boggles my mind.

    USMF- Beltran was given a stop sign because he went back to second to tag up on a ball that was clearly in the gap and had no chance of being caught. Terrible read on his part.

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    We need pitching. BIGTIME. If we had a better bullpen we might be a few games above .500 right now. I really hope Sandy can dig up some arms at some point.

    Big props to the Mets hitters—I really can’t kill Beltran when we would have won by FOUR runs if the pen didn’t suck so much. I mean, c’mon—this loss is not Beltran’s fault in any way.

    I feel bad for Bay. Can’t they find some reason to send him to AAA for a couple weeks, just for a mental break? He looks suicidal.

    I’m really curious to learn more about Dave Hudgens—really like the approach at the plate this season. I think our coaching staff is pretty damn good!

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    cleonjones, there is less than 0% chance of trading Bay so you can stop calling for it to happen. You can root for him to be benched, sent down or released. But he’s not tradeable with his contract and current performance.

  9. cleonjones Says:

    blondiesjake- I hear you- I can dream about it. Bay is killing us- what are we going to do with him ? He has 10 rbi’s and it is almost the middle of June.

  10. JoMama Says:

    @CW: I was thinking the same thing but then immediately thought of the old adage you eluded to (never put the tying run on base) but again, that gets thrown out the window when you have a slugger like Fielder and when the #5 is not nearly as dangerous. Very odd indeed but maybe we’re missing something.

    Of all the opportunities not in AAA, I though Bay, with no outs, a pitcher clearly very rattled and no pressure whatsoever in the 6th, would have dinged a single up the middle or something. Alas, another strikeout, wiffing badly at yet another breaking ball, hangs his head, heads to the dugout. This is just not right and throwing him out there every night just seems to exacerbate things. I agree that something has to be done that’s NEW. AAA maybe, less work in BP, heck, why not try hitting from the left side (joke), I mean it really can’t get worse. And to add fuel to the fire, the chump on the Brewers that was mired in a very similar slump (what was he, 0-24?) gets a single in the dreadful 8th. WTF. He’s not getting better and it’s costing us wins. Bay + the worst pen in the NL = no where near .500 and no shot at the WC.

  11. CowCrusher Says:

    If Bay really wants to break out of his slumpand I am sure he does, then a few weeks with Bisons til mid July might earn him a mind clearing “working vacation”. Sometimes you have to recharge the batteries. Heck, he is getting paid anyway.

  12. Met_Maven Says:

    I hope Bay will be open to going down (up?) to Buffalo and try to get himself together. Whats the worse that could happen? At this point he can only improve.

    I’ve voted my 25 max times for each of my e-mail addys. Thinking of making a few more to vote to get Jose at the top of the rankings. Really, is there a better SS in the majors that our boy Reyes?

    As for pitching, who can we trade to get some solid pen pitching? Lately our starters have been doing solid, its our pen that worries me. Of course having another solid starter wouldn’t hurt. Oh well, such is the trials and tribulations of the 2011 NY Mets. At least we’re still “in it”


  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I can’t think of anywhere better in the the world where I would want to spend my vacation than Buffalo!

    Buffalo in July….Like Paris in the spring!

  14. Howard Says:

    Bay will fight to the death not to go down to AAA. So when he gets down there and can’t hit there either, where does he go then? AA? A? His former high school team.

    The guy is done. But there are 18 million reasons why he is still playing.

  15. CowCrusher Says:

    Not a Buffalonian, but I do have to stick up for our pals 2 and half hours down the Thruway. Besides, the Bisons take to the road for a good section of July and they play the Syracuse Chiefs July 4th weekend. How else am I going to get his autograph? :-D

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