Should Mets Make Run at Jeter?

Instead of disecting the Terry Collins press conference - which btw I thought went very well - I would like to announce BMF’s Inaugural FEATURED GUEST WRITER:


The Yankees have called Derek Jeter’s bluff and told him if he doesn’t like their offer, he should test the free agent market.  If I were the Mets, I would trump the Yankees offer to Jeter and bring him to Queens.
I know everybody just read that statement and threw up in their mouths.  I’m not so delusional I think Jeter would solve the Mets pitching problems or even be a massive boost to the lineup.  But hear me out. 

If the Mets sign Jeter:

1 - It would solve the team’s 2B problem by moving Jose Reyes over there.  Hello Jeter, goodbye Luis Castillo.  Anybody have a problem with that exchange?

2 - It would solve the franchise’s credibility issues.  Jeter is the face of baseball.  Signing him away from the Yankees would make the Mets a team taken seriously by other free agents.  Right now, the Mets are a laughingstock.

3 - It would help with locker room chemistry.  He’s a captain for a reason.  Guys wouldn’t pull the crap they’ve pulled in previous years with Jeter around.  Want Reyes to play hard all the time?  Jeter would help with that. 

4 - It would help the new GM and manager.  Bringing in a winner makes everybody look good and gives them some breathing room because people can’t say the team didn’t sign a high profile free agent.

5 - It would put more butts in the seats.  We all know tickets aren’t selling with the collapses and outright disasters the past few years. Jeter would bring thousands more in the stands which would help the team economically.

6 - The Mets would own the back pages of the tabloids.  Heck, they would own the front pages.  In an offseason where it’s likely the Yankees will sign Cliff Lee, this move would resonate more with NYers and baseball fans around the country.  If the Mets can’t beat them on the field, why not beat them in the media.

7 - George Steinbrenner would roll over in his grave.

The worst thing that could happen if the Mets tried to do this is the Yankees would overpay EVEN MORE for their captain.  That’s a win in itself.

Of course, Mets management never does the right thing, so this won’t happen.  But I would do it in a heartbeat!

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  1. Paul Says:

    Jeter will be better than Luis Castillo, and it would be fun to tweak the Yankees. But the Mets still shouldn’t do it - it would turn into another bad long-term contract like the ones that are currently hurting the team.

    Derek Jeter is not currently worth the 3 years at $15 million per that the Yankees have offered, much less what it might take to get him to come to Queens.

  2. Patrick Says:

    The only thing on that list that I agree with is #7. Jeter is all of those things on the Yankees but not on another team that he starts his first year with.

    I would like to add #8 to your list.
    #8. Jeter’s decline at the plate would be exactly what the Mets are known for. Signing great players at the end of their glory and the beginning of their decline.

    #9 We all know that Reyes can’t play second base.

  3. CTMetFan Says:

    Jeter is a Yankee and MLB Icon. He belongs in the Bronx. no way he will get 3000 hits with another team. Especially the first Yankee to do so.
    We need to develop our own icons damn it.

  4. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    COOL !! Another fat slow middle infielder making $15M plus !! just what we need !! and for what ? public relations? screw the Yankees? and, this one I really don’t understand, put fannies in the seats? when we are 15 games out in June GOD himself won’t be able to put anything in those cold Citifield seats ..

    We have a $22M ace starting the season on the DL, a closer who might still go to jail, no catcher, a fat slow 2B nobody wants, Beltran (enuff said), and - also a favorite - a lazy self centered LH pitcher who only cares about his sunflower seeds sitiing on his ass in the bullpen, crapping his paycheck.. yeh WHY not Jeter !!?? come along and JOIN THE CIRCUS !!!

    This is a 3-5 year plan .. hopefully this team will remember that and draft well and sign young core players only .. not players over (and out) of their prime …

  5. The Coop Says:

    Jake you ignorant slut! (OK I just felt like saying that again ha ha). Anyway, I couldn’t disagree more. This is the biggest sham in all of sports and should show Jeter in an A-Rod-like light, in that he plays for money, pure and simple. I wrote a similar piece and what it will do for the mets is this: sell more pink jerseys (b/c of all the female fans jumping ship to the Mets, why I don’t know he is SO not hot), bring more a-hole Yankee fans (f’ing Jeetuh wuz the Yanks) and MAYBE trade Jose Reyes for young talent with upside to the Red Sox or something. needless to say this is the craziest scenario out there and is not going to happen.

  6. The Coop Says:

    PS Didn’t we once upon a time move Reyes to 2B? That is by far the biggest reach you made in this, BJake!!!

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Are you out of your mind!!!….Just what we need another non hitting, no range, slow, broken down Skank!

    While we are at it lets bring back Marvelous Marv, Willie Mays and Jim Fregosi!!

    The Big top is not large enough for anymore circus acts on this team!

    Why can’t we just follow behind the Elephant for the year with a big shovel, pick up his crap and try to be a normal baseballl team by 2012?

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    I expected this response but I think you’re all selling short the impact it would have on this franchise.

    Jeter is not just an aging vet, he’s the Yankees prize jewel and the biggest name in baseball. Economically it would be a win with ticket and merchandise sales. Since none of us expect the team to truly compete this year without pitching, it’s not like it would hurt the club and it’s not like he would be blocking some stud prospect from coming.

    Plus, his impact on and off the field and the professionalism it would bring to a franchise that sorely needs it would be huge. And that could lead to big name quality players considering Queens instead of the Bronx and not just for way more money. With the way the Steinbrenners are handling things, there’s a huge opportunity to change the mindset about this other team in NY.

    As for moving Reyes back to 2nd, it was done for no good reason aka Kaz Matsui. This would be different. Imagine the impact it could actually have on Reyes and Wright and other young players.

    This would be the right move for so many reasons and there really is no downside. So he doesn’t play well and the team, um, well, doesn’t win anything anyway. So they pay out some dollars…remember, a ton of money will come off the books after this year if not sooner and more will be coming in. The move would essentially pay for itself. Signing Derek Jeter would be a positive credibility move. Exactly where is the downside?

  9. MetFanDan Says:

    (formerly StamfordMetFanDan)

    Although it makes for fun conversation…

    Please…enough with the (thoughts of) smoke & mirrors. We have a new regime. Let’s hear them out, see them through. The METS only have to do one thing to sell tickets and fill the ballpark…WIN !!! And I am a believer in this new management group.

    Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

  10. the franchize Says:

    Signing Jeter would be a huge mistake for the Mets. I doubt the number of tickets sold will be affected that much. As said Matt said, if the Mets are out of it by June, will people show up b/c Jeter is there? NO. And to sign him to spite the Yankees? What are we, 5? He’s going to be 37 this year, how is getting an older middle infielder going to help us in the long run. You can’t think short term here. You want to get the back pages, you win. Pure and simple. This year is going to be a wash. Anything over 75 wins will be amazing. His signing wouldn’t bring credibility, not in this scenario. Maybe if this was 5 years ago, but the Mets would sign him for spite and Jeter would sign to stick it to the Yankees. Not really an ideal partnership. Besides, we have. SS, and is rather the team get YOUNGER not OLDER. I also don’t see him helping chemistry, I could see the clubhouse resenting him and not wanting him there. Credibility would be signing several key players and winning.

    If anything, the Mets aren’t signing anyone big this year. They only have a limited budget for this season, so Jeter talk is basically filler. Also, as met fans, we have to forget about the Yankees. Unless they sign or trade for someone we need or if they play a division rival during interleague. I hope this Jeter to the Mets talk ends soon because its as unrealistic as a Royals / Pirates world series.

  11. CauzICan Says:

    Really? Sign a 37 year old, over paid, over-hyped, slap hitter with no range, a suspect arm and move Reyes to 2B? Not to mention, he is/was the captain of all we despise. Thank you Blondie, we are all stupider for having read your post.


    THEIR IT IS (NOT!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:


  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    Short term thinking has been the problem for this organization for as long as I can remember. This is a strategic move for short AND long-term benefits. Why does nobody else see that?

  15. john smith Says:

    have you been at that rum candy again?
    This is will never happen.
    Trade Reyes,make Wright 2nd baseman,Tejada
    short try for 3rd base man with some pop

  16. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    BlondiesJake : You need to get out of the Fog/Smog or whatever you guys have out there!….Is it April Fools Day?…Are you sure that marijuana law didn’t pass out there?

    We have enough problems as it is!

  17. Patrick Says:

    What about Reyes’s feelings? Ha ha! But seriously, wouldn’t that get into Reyes’s head and eat away at him? You’re a great shortstop….but not as good as Jeter so move to second base while Jeter retires.

  18. BrooklynBill Says:

    It makes for amusing sports talk radio…I luv listening to disgruntled Yankee fans who are apparently ready to jump ship if the Yanks front-office don’t give into the demands of his agent!!

    I personally think anything over 10MM/per for a SS is ridiculous however, considering he is the Yankee captain and how flush the Yankees are in cash, I find it kinda funny they have decided to finally play Moneyball with their most popular modern day star.

    Oh well…somewhere in San Pedro de Macaris, there is a slick fielding SS who will play for peanuts (and not the $8 Bazzini kind sold @ Yankee stadium). If the Yanks don’t find him before we do, we should get him and trade Reyes.

  19. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    signing Jeter would prove to me what I’ve thought all along,, we are building an All Star team .. from 2004 …

    Jake ,, love you man but you didn’t see Jeter this year .. a step slower ,, cant get around fastballs anymore ,, and moving Reyes would mean we hurt two positions

  20. BlondiesJake Says:

    For the last time, IT’S NOT ABOUT JETER ON THE FIELD, IT’S ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE. Staking a claim as a legit franchise, credibility with fans and free agents, a professional player who would help out a team that often plays unprofessionally, financial gain (yes, spending $ to make $) and also tweaking yankees fans. It’s all positive and since the team isn’t winning anything next year even if he doesn’t bounce back it’s not a big deal.

  21. CowCrusher Says:

    Oh the humanity! This would absolutely crush John Sterling! Oh Captain, my Captain!

    Jeter is a cheater…maybe not as despicable as A-roid, but is not the clean cut face of baseball as the media loves to profess.
    I agree that the idea does make for some good talk radio banter and I am sure Steve Somers on WFAN could multiple monologues into the wee hours of the morning. I would hope he would even have BJake on as a guest. Perhaps another point to ponder is having Jerry Seinfeld buy the Mets? For that is more likely to happen long before Jeter ever crosses the East River/LI Sound in order to show up for work and play for a real baseball league!

  22. CowCrusher Says:

    BTW…didn’t Rick Cerone go to the Mets in ‘91 before ending his career with the Expos in ‘92…sounds like history repeating itself. :p

  23. JJ Says:

    This bs about the Yankees and Jeter came out yesterday for one reason…to get the Mets off the back pages during the biggest travel week of the year…it’s all a bunch of crap…

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