Collins Snaps

It wasn’t a full on snap ala Tommy Lasorda or Lee Elia (how awesome is this rant)

…but Collins went off in his postgame press conf more than any Met manager I can recall

Read the entire copy on MetsBlog but here are HiLites:

“I’m sick of trying to describe 7th innings. … I’ll tell you what, Andrew McCutchen plays the game right. That son of a bitch runs down there 3.9, 4 flat… That’s how you play, and that’s how we’ve got to start playing… I’m running out of ideas here … Make no mistake about it, I truly believe in the players we have… I don’t care who were All Stars, who weren’t All Stars, this is a team thing… I sit up here every night trying to figure out what can we do to get us over the top… I don’t have the answers. I’m searching. I’m ringing the rag dry, coming in here, having to look at you guys looking at me like I’m a stinking fool. I told these guys, ‘We’re good enough, but we have to play the game right.’ We just can’t continue to make foolish mistakes. … They’re big-league players. They should be able to do it… And, I’m not just pointing the finger at the players. I told the coaches, ‘We’ve got to do a better job… Something’s going to be changing.”

Thank you Terry for bringing some fire and showing your frustration. Willie was too uptight to reveal frustration. Howe was half dead and Manuel’s cool cat act wouldn’t allow it. It’s an incredibly refreshing change for the timid Mets. And if nothing else bought Collins some credit with the fans.

But he’s right the defense got sloppy. The game started with the Mets looking like all-stars making every play including:

Jason Bay made a great diving catch - Murphy’s sweet scoop on low Harris throw - Tejada’s dive up middle and flip from stomach to Turner to get force at second - Paulino guns down Neil Walker for first time all season 

Special mention to Andrew McCutchen who made a helluva over the shoulder catch sliding into the OF wall in deep center - And RF Paul who laid out to snare a Murphy rocket in deep R/CF

But then the D betrayed us.

First Harris made the play forcing a runner out on Tejada’s toss. His toe was clearly on the bag but the ump blew the call. If Willie just caught the ball and looked to another base I betcha he gets that call but he fooled the ump once he applied a tag.

The came the 5 infield hits plus Pagan couldn’t make play in center - Beltran failed to make a catch getting caught in between - Harris fields a high hopper and goes to second for an around the horn DP instead of home for the EZ force out. 

Maybe Collins will spur his guys to make better split second decisions because he’s right they’re def hustling out there 

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  1. Baywatch Says:

    Good for TC. Two great outings in a row - wasted.

    On paper we should be a better team than the Pirates but in reality, we are about equal. So, maybe we’ll take this afternoon’s game and call it ‘even steven’.

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Collins is correct on this matter. The 7th and 8th were horrible innings- our offense has got to get key hits- Bay is still killing us- no power- We get the W today- Lets go Mets !!!!!!!! Stay Positive !!!!

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BMF: that Elia clip was great. Just great. One of the best ever. My all-time favorite though has to be this one from Lasorda:

  4. USMF Says:

    It’s simple, with 3 of your best 4 hitters out and your 5th best hitter is still looking for his power…your only gonna score 2-3 runs per game.

    You can’t expect your pitchers to go out there everyday trying to protect a lead that small…If your up 4 runs in the 7th, you play the infield back, get the dbl play, let the meaning less run score and get out of the inning.

    Your missing your great fielding 1st basemen, your great fielding short stop, your solid fielding 3rd base mean. You put 2nd baseman #1 at first, 2nd baseman #2 at 3rd and your 2nd baseman #3 at short you (soon to be cut) backup OF’er at 3rd…what do you expect is gonna happen?

    Murph has done a decent job in the field, but he’s no Ike and Murph will still get caught out of position once and a while. Guy plays hard and reacts well and has almost no experience at 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

    Turner has done a decent job too, but once again he’s young and inexperienced.

    Tejada has a good glove and a strong arm, but he’s only 20(?) guy should be in the minors learning how to play.

    Harris seems to react well, he just doesn’t know what to do with the ball or how to navigate around the bag.

    You got a lot of guys who try and play hard, but when you have that much inexperience shuffling around the infield, your gonna get mistakes.

    What do we really expect is gonna happen?

  5. cleonjones Says:

    USMF- you hit it on the head-

  6. Met_Maven Says:

    I was there last night and you could literally hear everyone left in the stadium die inside once the bucs ripped us for 5 infield hits leading to 5 runs. Hopefully this rant lights a fire under the team and gives us a W today. Gotta say this, the kids are playing alright, its the vets (Reyes and Beltran exempt of course) that are making me scratch my head. Especially Harris, dude needs to go. Addition by subtraction. Bring up another kid from Buffalo, they at least play hard.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^Baywatch: on paper the Pirates are a better team than us and they are about 1/3 our payroll and they are alot younger!

    ^cleonjones: I am positive! I am totally positive we suck

    ^USMF: We sucked when we had everybody healthy also. We have been in fourth or last place all year!

    ^Met_Maven: I can’t believe 25,000 people would show up to that game! “Was it buy 1 ticket get 3 free?” or “Everybody gets to sit in the Dugout night?”

    Poor MLB, they are showing todays game! I hope we don’t get embarressed by the Pirates!

    LETS GO METS!!…..Split at least!!!…

  8. JoMama Says:

    Considering this is truly the JV squad, I’ll give them a break. But let me tell you, I pay a LOT of $$ to get the SNY broadcast out here in Seattle and I want to see a competent team. TC is right, regardless of age, stature, experience - they are all big leaguers and they should be playing like it. Harris is useless, he had one good week at the beginning of the season and is now more a liability than anything. I never played baseball and I know that the first move should have been to home. That’s baseball 101. As for Bay - how much is getting paid to swing and miss? $16M this year? WTF man, that’s deplorable. He’s what we call in softball an “easy out” - just bang him inside, get him off the plate, throw some cutters down and away and POOF! - you have another strikeout. He’s utterly useless and getting paid a ton of money. Very sad.

  9. ProfessorReyes Says:

    “What’s your name?”
    “F=CK YOU, that’s my name.”
    (just reminded of Glengarry Glen Ross)

    Boy baseball managers really love the f-bomb.

    I don’t even want to debate TC’s rant, I just want it to lie there, and let the dust settle around it, and appreciate it for what it is, a concise thing of beauty and relative restraint.

  10. ProfessorReyes Says:

    …..and here we go again.

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The talk worked great and sure fired up the Mets!

    3-0 Bucs, bottom of the first…NICE!!


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