Blind Date at 11AM

The press conference to introduce Terry Collins commences at 11 tuesday morning and it sorta feels like a blind date… or even worse, a prearranged marriage.

This man is about to be our skipper for the next 2 years and while I’m definitely familiar with his name I really don’t know anything about the guy — aside from the fact that there was a player revolt against him in Anaheim.

Not knowing the details I find it hard to judge, but I will admit I’m a little nervous about tuesday. What if we meet him and don’t like him.  What if he seems like an uptight dick as has been whispered about.

We knew who Willie was before he came on board. Art Howe too, albeit to a lesser degree, but I felt like I had a general read on Howe whereas I have virtually no familiarity with Collins. 

So I’m excited and apprehensive at the same time about this but I really don’t k ow what to expect…
Perhaps we should bring flowers? 

7 Responses to “Blind Date at 11AM”

  1. rj Says:

    Blind date..Yeah as in the blind leads the blind..

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    He’s not BIC Willie.
    He’s not Jerry The Jenius.
    Let’s start with that and see what happens.

  3. dave Says:

    I hope Mr. Collins tells sandy that he has no need for Howard Johnson

  4. dave Says:

    Oh wow! I just saw the interview with Kevin Burkhardt! Hojo will NOT be back next year! I love ya Hojo, but it just wasn’t working out. Better luck with another team, Sir! I am now a happy man.

  5. foxster Says:

    to my view, both the new GM an field manager represent an unknown quantity as far as the 2011 Mets are concerned. i guess they’re both acceptable to the Mets Brain Rust, and we all know that those worthies have never been wrong in the past.

    the Powers That Weren’t have tossed the dice and all we long suffering Mets fans can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. we have to put out of our minds just how bad previous plans have been, but perhaps, this time will be vastly different.

    however, i do predict a brisk business in Mets Lucky Rabbits Feet. i’ve always wondered just why some people put their faith and hopes on a seveed rodents paw. they certainly didn’t do a heck of a lot for the original owners.

    oh well, LET’S GO METS - all the way in 2011 or bust!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    I luv hearing all these disgruntled Yankee fans call into sports radio blasting the Yankees for they way they are handling Derek Jeter….music to my ears. Its like they finally woke up and had this epiphany that their team REALLY is the Evil Empire after all!!

    hahahahahaha - a million Mets fans told you so.

    Don’t come over to the Mets!! You’ll dilute our collective fan IQ. Front running morons not wanted!!

  7. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Good luck Pal !! an Ace that who will start the season on the DL making $22.5M, a closer who could still go to jail, no catcher, a fat slow 2B nobody will take and .. the best of all .. a smug LH pitcher who could care less about the club and more about sitting in the bullpen blowing out sunflower seeds and crapping his paycheck .. did I mention a meddling son of the owner?

    not sure if anyone is qualified for fixing this?

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