Big Pelf Stepped Up

It was another tough loss given away by middle relief. Pelfrey deserved the W, took the ND, and impressed me with his game.

BMF had sick seats behind home plate so I got an up close look at Pelf’s 6K’s but his best moment came when he kept it together mentally in the 4th.

It was 2 out bases empty before a double and walk prompted a visit to the Mound. Moments after Warthen left Pelfrey dropped the ball balking runners to 2nd and 3rd.

It was a classic moment where he’d get pissed at himself, stomp around, tongue licking in the wind and give up a big hit. But not this time. Pelfrey kept it together and got Domonic Brown to ground to short.

That’s a great sign for the future. As soon an Pelfrey harnesses the mental aspect - LOOK OUT!

Hey man, at this point I’ll take the game within the game victories even if we lose on the scoreboard. 

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  1. JJ Says:

    We’re relegated to being encouraged when the Mets “ace” doesn’t start licking himself when things go bad…sacrebleu!!!

  2. IrishMike Says:

    Okay, two outs in the 8th inning and the tying run gets on base. Who do you want on the mound to try to get the biggest out of the game?
    1. your starter who has pitched lights out, giving up just that one hit in the last 13 batters.
    2. your best relief pitcher who has been having an all star season.
    3. some journeyman middle reliever who is a borderline major league pitcher at best.

    Naturally you choose #3. Because we know the rules - 1. a starter over 100 pitches must be yanked if he gives up a hit because it means he is spent, even if he dispatched the previous two batters with ease and even if Rollins is an all star and former MVP who has managed to get a hit off a few good pitchers in his life and 2. your “closer” is not allowed to pitch until the 9th inning even if the game hangs in the balance in the 8th and finally 3. you must use a lefty pitcher against a lefty hitter even if that pitcher stinks because, well, he is a lefty.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Are you kidding me?..”game within the game victories even if we lose on the scoreboard.”…Sorry I can’t grope that low!

    “As soon an Pelfrey harnesses the mental aspect - LOOK OUT!” - REALLY? The guy has been in the league for six years! If he hasn’t learned that yet he never will!

    I guess we didn’t make it to Memorial Day playing meaningful games, if this is what we consider to be out measuring stick!


  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    Pelf looked like Big Pelf last nite, great outing. Felt worse for him than I did about the loss.

    Any thoughts about what the complexion of this lineup might be once Ike & Wright are back? Thought Pagan would be in the 2 hole but TC seems content with Turner there…might be a good move. If TC is creative, he could have 2 pretty different lineups: 1 for RHs & 1 LHs.

  5. I hate managers more than Howard and BrooklynBill hate Jason Bay Says:

    So last week, when Pelfrey is completely losing it mentally against the Yankees, Collins leaves him in because he earned it, but this time when he’s dominating and mentally has been in control, he takes him out?

    Just once, can the Mets have a manager who pays attention to the game? Is that so much to ask? Why is it the fans understand the situations but the morons on the bench have no clue? I guess you need to have played the game on the big league level to know how to make the most idiotic moves possible every time.

  6. foxster Says:

    bad to worse to worser to pathetic. anyone who expected better for this season, was sadly mistaken.

    this season was going to be a “time of rebuilding”, and there have been quite a few of those during the Met’s history. how long will this current “rebuild” take before the Mets are a consistantly contending team, something like the mid 1980 editions. who knows?

    the Mets biggest rivals n the N L East, seem to have the ability to put some very good teams on the field. perhaps the Mets should place a “mole” in the Phillie Organization to learn their secret.

  7. A Phanatic Howard Says:

    i like bay?

  8. BrooklynBill Says:

    Hate is such a strong word. I definitely don’t hate him, I hate his game.

    If he is what he is fine…just please, can TC stop batting him right smack in the middle of our lineup where he is repeatedly killing us with runners on? Bat him 7th or 8th. At least until he gets going (whenever that will be).

  9. Yoob Weebank Says:

    Game within the game victories even if we lose on the scoreboard? sounds to me a lot like the dreaded moral victories which the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS have led professional sports over the last 3 decades.

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    I agree with FMFR, Big Pelf will never be lights out. He’s streaky. He’ll have a stretch where he’s lights out, followed by a stretch where he cant get out of his own way.

    I still can’t figure TC out, in each of the last 2 games he took out our SP at the wrong time. But as I’ve said before, this team is preforming exactly as expected, hovering around .500. They’ll get close or back to .500 again and lose a few in a row, win some more, lose some more, lather, rinse, repeat.

    Foxter, a good way to see how long the rebuilding will take us waiting to see what happens in the off season. I like how some of out boys on the farm have preformed. Beato, Niese & Gee have pitched well. Turner has been super, if Tejada works on his hitting he’ll be another great asset, his D is solid. Add in Davis and we’ve got a good foundation to add some vets to for that mix of experience and youth. Hopefully the stint on the DL will bring Wright back to his 2006 form. Maybe we can resign Reyes and get some good prospects for Los B. Its a lot of ifs, but thats all we have now. In the meantime, just sit back, watch them win when they should lose and lose when they should win and hope the next few years is a happy result of our patients.


  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Our new battle cry for the year is:

    It is either a W or an L! There is nothing else that matters! There are no ties (Except Bud’s all start game) or moral victories in baseball)

    Let the process continue!…Get rid of the dead wood and bring up the kids!

    Lets cut the crap…. We are going to battle the Nats for last place!… Shea 2 will be a ghost town in June…We are NOT contending….We SUCK… We ALL know it!

    Thank you I feel much better!

  12. CowCrusher Says:

    You are is an entertainment business..Winning is the only thing that matters and success is guarenteed through a combination of a high quality of aletheticism and marketing. You have to pass the “# of hot chicks in tank tops with your team’s colors” test first before you can invest your money and efforts any further.;-)

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