Wilpon’s Hit List Strikes Back

More specifically 2/3rds of the Hit list struck back as Beltran and Reyes each collected 2 hits with Carlos “60-70%” Beltran doubling, tripling, driving in 2 and scoring twice.

Someone in the Met clubhouse should post that NY’er article in Jose, Carlos and David’s lockers.

Man I wish Wright was on the field to take his revenge cuts too.

Meanwhile never mind it was a rain shortened 7 inning win THAT was a big W.

After Dillon Gee surrendered 4 in the first it looked as though the Met Meltdown was gonna swamp us for another day until miraculously the Mets rose from the dead and kicked some ass.
I thought it was shower time for Gee but the kid gets major props for bouncing back and not allowing another run in more frames.

Sure that back-to-back-to-back-12-straight-pitch-mega-walk gave us the lead but I’ll take it in a minute when SOMEONE ELSE is snake bitten.

But the most bizarre moment was when Cubs skipper went bonkers about the tarp being put on…??? 

Wha–? I’ve never seen that before.

4 Responses to “Wilpon’s Hit List Strikes Back”

  1. cleonjones Says:

    I saw the first couple of innings- it was a bizarre game- BUT we got the W- Lets get another W today. Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!! Do not trade Reyes- We have to resign him !

  2. USMF Says:

    Good news, it looks like we got a new minority owner so some positive progress has been made. It sounds like he’s a Mets fan so hopefully he’s inclined to make them winners not losers that turns a profit.

    His 200 mil investment will help pay back some loans and inject some cash into the system.

    I know most of you want Wilpon out…I understand why, but I personally don’t care. For all of Fred’s faults, he’s always wanted to win and never cared about making money off the team. You never know what a new owners gonna do or what his motivation is gonna be. I think you’re being naive if you think a new owner will automatically make things better.

    I don like Sandy’s comments regarding the Reyes and trading him isn’t an automatic.

  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    What did Sandy say?

  4. Howard Says:

    Lets get the win today!

    At least the games are still meaningful.

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