If Sandy Sez Collins I’m Good With Collins

Am I disappointed Wally didn’t get the gig? Yeah

Am I surprised? No

Am I unhappy with Collins? Not at all

I think at this point Met fans have to give Alderson and his regime our full confidence. I gotta believe the Mets have a more defined direction, not to mention less meddling from Jeffy, than we’ve had in recent history. Since this is what we all wanted we’ve got to trust smart moves are being made.

So BMF for one. Is going to choose to trust in Collins until I have reason not to.

There are some odd stories about players uniting against him in ANA but I don’t really know the dirty details and who’s to say he didn’t learn from that experience over a decade ago.

I’m really looking forward to the tues press conf when we’ll get a chance to hear from Terry and begin to get to know him.

I hope Wally gets another managing gig as opposed to a big league coaching job. I’d love to see Wally work his way up and succeed Collins in a few years. Allowing Wally to grow with a generation of players can become a great Met story if they all work their way up to the bigs together.

But of course we’re still waiting on official word on all of this…

14 Responses to “If Sandy Sez Collins I’m Good With Collins”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I am totally OK with this decision. I am not estactic nor am I bummed. To tell you the truth I am kind of yawning about this one.

    Now we get down to the nitty gritty, the players and I don’t expect alot to happend there until after the holidays.

    Lets finalize the spring training schedule….83 days till Pitchers and Catchers report.

    Terry debuts live Feb 26th in PSL vs the Braves….I will be reporting live from the Left Field Tiki Bar drinking a TOM COLLINS!!

    Lets go Mets!!

  2. USMF Says:

    I was hoping for Wally too, but not really upset about Collins. I really don’t know anything about him or any of the other candidates except for Wally.

    I do believe that Wally is in line to take over the Mets in the near future. Hopefully there won’t be a need for severial years. Winning teams seldom change managers.

    I think that keeping Wally managing in the minors for a couple years will be great for the organization. The Mets system is decent, but it is very top heavy and little depth after that. Also, it’s known that under Omar, the “golden boys” would get playing time and promotions despite performance and/or maturity. Now with Alderson, players who perform will get rewarded. With Wally teaching young and still impressionable players his way, we should see young players performing above their expectations and with out a sense of entitlement.

  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    All I want to know is, can he manage a bullpen? Because if I have to sit through two more years of “going with the match up” I’m going to start watching cricket.

    I’m fine with it—I wanted fiery, I wanted experienced, and I think Sandy Alderson and the front office took the decision very seriously. Now I’m ready for baseball. Let’s go Mets!!!

  4. Patrick Says:

    Second that Fort Greene Met Fan! HATE the “going with the match up”. I don’t care how affective it is. It’s only affective until it isn’t.

  5. USMF Says:

    FGMF nailed it…Fusilli Jerry killed me the way he managed the pitching staff all together. The over use, then no use approach is just stupid.

    in case you’ve missed it, this is hilarious…


  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    Somewhere, Fernando Nieve sits with his right arm in a sling and a smile on his face.

    I wanted Bobby V but happy with Collins (for now…lets see how he does and how he handles New York!)

    I’d like to see Peterson back as P coach.

    Hopefully now we can focus on players!

  7. rj Says:

    Collins record is sub par.. Couldnt manage the players and his pro record is around .500.. I wanted a young smart fiery manager to manage. Alderson hired a friend. Collins is a BUM. Collins finished second with Houston in 94, 95 and 96 a division that doesn’t have the Braves and has the hapless perennial losing Cubs, Pitt and Brewers.. and was Fired after a late season collapse..Sound familiar? Then was hired by Anaheim and guess what? finished second there in another pathetic division then quit..yes quit because the players petitioned to FIRE HIM and then he fled to Japan probably because A. He was scared and B. No one could understand what he was saying there… Anyone really happy with this guy now? I’m not..To me this guy is a bum..If anyone petitioned to get me fired they would have to fire me I would have had the balls to say FU if you want me to go I’m not going to resign. Fire Me!

    If the Mets start losing watch how the NY media eats up that petition signing…

    I never give alot of credit when a manager wins and by the same token I don’t put all the blame on him when they lose but this guy is a loser and a quitter in my book and it’s not what the Mets need.

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Well, you’re not official in NY till someone calls you a bum. So Terry: welcome to New York!!

  9. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    rj: let’s get serious here. Unless you were a big Astros fan back in the day, or an Anaheim fan who watched Collins manage all the time, then you really don’t know enough about this guy to call him a “bum.” I mean, really, you don’t know anything about this guy, and neither do I, and neither does almost anyone else, so why not give him the benefit of the doubt?

  10. CTMetFan Says:

    Mediocrity will prevail. 2011 will be very boring. What has this guy done to get this job?

  11. BlondiesJake Says:

    Sandy isn’t Omar and Terry isn’t Jerry. That’s reason enough for me to be ok with the decisions. I can’t imagine the Mets won’t bring Wally back in the fold somewhere. I’m thinking he’s better off on the Mets bench but as USMF said the organization will probably be better off with him managing in the minors.

  12. rj Says:

    How can you say i dont know enough about this guy? I know all I want to know. It’s right there in black and white. He has a .500 record, his team had a late season colapse, he finished second in poor divisions. His players wanted him gone and signed a petition to get him gone. If all of that doesnt tell you about this guy. What else is there to know? The guy has never won anything and his own players wanted him gone.. not just one player mind you the whole team. I mean c’mon I am not going to look at this with rose colored glasses and say ok give him a chance he deserves it because he’s new. He doesnt deserve it. What has he done? I am tired of the drek this organization wheels in here. Theres a saying in football “Youre as good as your record” yeah well guess what. If he’s as good as his record then we are in trouble.

  13. NeonCleon21 Says:


    I agree with you. But I’m going to have faith in our FO for the time being. Collins only has a 2-yr. contract, so I’m guessing he’s just there to instill some order in the clubhouse and babysit this team while Alderson, et al., reshape the team.

  14. rj Says:

    Yeah I guess we have no choice. I wish Fred and Jeff would just sell the team and buy the Dodgers already! The only thing that would piss me off more is seeing perez and castillo in a Mets uniform again and to tell you the truth they’ll screw that up too!

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