After a lengthy battle with a mysterious malware issue BMF is finally back on-line.

The result is we had to delete ALL previous posts dating back to the site’s launch in April of 2006. Apparently there were spam comments on old threads that Google didn’t like.

Oh well, most of those years are worth forgetting anyway, plus it’s time to look forward.

How awesome was it to see the Yankees AND Phillies get bounced back to back like that?!?

It was so sweet to witness A-Rod watching the final pitch of the Yankee season as the ump rang him up.

Now that A-Rod is back to sucking in the postseason last year’s playoff success is looking like an aberration. Most of all the pressure that came off him this year will be back on next.

Great for Texas to finally beat them.┬áThe Rangers have a great team down there. I’ll be rooting NL in the Series but I wouldn’t be mad if the Rangers won it all.

The Yankee loss allowed me to fully root against the Phils vs the Giants.

My logic was the Phillies had a better chance to beat the yanks than SF who was bound to freeze up and choke vs the NY Yankees in the WS.

But now that the yanks are dead I’m SF Giants all the way!!!

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  1. CowCrusher Says:

    This will be a series worth watching. Sure, the ratings won’t be as high if one of the other teams were in it, but at Metropolitan fans, we can at least enjoy it while the other fans are licking their wounds and re-inflating their egos. This will be series about “technique”….something future stars can learn from. I would be partial to the San Fran Baseball G’ints since they are the NL team and the insignia on the cap of the former NY Baseball Giants is emblazoned upon our beloved Metsies.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I still prefer October baseball, not November baseball. World Series ratings could be low because we’re in Football season, hockey season and basketball is about to start.

    Obviously baseball can’t start earlier but maybe football could start later in the year.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Former Ranger A-Rod makes the last out as present Rangers advance… what’s not to like? This WS is a baseball fan’s dream matchup; screw TV ratings.

    Only thing that’d make a Rangers WS victory sweeter would be their keeping Cliff Lee. Not only would that make the EE unhappy again, but maybe us Mets fans could then move on with our lives and focus on what can be realistically done off-season and the next few years.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Now that all that I have nobody to root against, I guess I have to root for somebody.

    GO GIANTS!!!…Have to pull for the NL team and Bochy is fro Melbourne, FL, a few miles from where I live.

    I guess we will not be announcing our new GM till after the World Series, as there is usually a wait till after it ends as to not upstage it.

    At first I was leaning towrds Alderson, but i wonder if he is to old and I don’t like the MLB connection. I am now in favor of Byrnes!

    Go Giants!!!!…..and the football ones also!

  5. USMF Says:

    How sweet it was watching A-Rod and Howard K looking to end the series. Made me think of 2006. Whose lineup sucked more in the LCS. Spanks or the Sillies?

    How the series is watchable. I t just goes to prove that come October, any team has a chance and it usually comes down to pitching…

    I’m cheering for the Rangers and I believe they have the advantage…

    As for the Mets, here’s my laundry list.

    1. GM (either guy works, but you never really know. I’d rather have younger Byrnes over Anderson.)

    2. New manager. Bobby V, Wally even Tim Bogar would be nice.

    3. Make up your minds, are you going for the playoffs and rebuilding. pick one and stick to it. None of this in-between crap and don’t lie to us what your doing…most of us aren’t that stupid and would be willing to rebuild for a year if it meant long term success.

    4. Dump Ollie…he sucks, he’s not gonna get better and his attitude was me first and team last.

    5. Two starting pitchers. Pelf is what he is. Neise was great. Dicky was great, but I can see he regressing. Santana will not be back for a while. Lee is the prize, but the bidding is gonna be insane. Maybe look at Brandon Webb, Erik Bedard or Aaron Harang and try to see what KC wants for Greinke.

    6. Upgrade 2nd base… I personally like Adam Kennedy

  6. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    Nice to have you back BMF! What a sweet weekend of baseball. A-Rod and Howard go down looking to end their seasons. I am pulling for the National League and the Giants but would not be at all upset if Texas takes it. I’m just looking forward to some great baseball.

  7. ProfessorReyes Says:

    And oh yes, WHAT’S FRENCHY DOING THIS POSTSEASON? hahahahaaaa Good for him.

  8. ProfessorReyes Says:

    p.s. We’re suffering from the Cablevision/Fox brouhaha over here, don’t know if it is affecting any of you guys.
    I refuse to spend the 10 bucks for the MLB thing, as that would just put more money in the Fox coffers, I’m sure people are doing that in droves (”it’s only 10 bucks!”).
    If we don’t get the broadcast back by Wednesday, we’ll do it old timey stylee, homework on the floor in front of the radio.
    Screw you, Fox AND Cablevision!!!
    It feels a little like the strike all over again.

  9. foxster Says:

    well, my fondest wishes came true regarding this years playoffs. both the damnYankees and the Phillies eliminated and finished for the year.
    however, the reactions of both these teams were like night and day. the post elimination game interview showed the Phillie manager and several of his players giving congrats to the SF Giants, giving them credit for a well played series and wishing them luck in the coming WS.

    on the other hand, the damn Yankees who were outplayed in every way by the Texas Rangers said nothing. all they whined about was how painful it was not to win and seemed to infer some cosmic law had been violated by having a team that had never come this far in their previous history actually come out on top of the rightful winners. maybe losing is nothing, but there has to come a time to admit there was no fluke win and the Rangers deserved their wins by out playing their opponents in every way, hitting, pitching, fielding and the gut desire to come out on top. i don’t why i’m surprised, to the DamnYankees and their fans, it’s never they won, it’s always we lost and we shouldn’t have and now we have to go out and sign every player in both leagues to be certain no such injustice happens again

  10. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    Foxster - your take on the Stanks lose rather than the Texas win is right on the money. The Yankees losing to a franchise that never made the world series? What a crazy notion. The fact of the matter is that the Rangers absolutely trounced the Yankees. Take away the eight inning of game 1 and game 5, this series was not even close.

  11. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    Most of my family is affected by this Cablevision/Fox mess. I have time warner. I don’t see how it can even be legal to pull a broadcast channel that you can get over the air for free. Either way, we’ll pay in the end.

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