Fred’s Sh*tty Team Loses 11-1

Does anyone else get the feeling the bottom is about to drop out of the Met season?

I sure do.

Right on cue, as soon as Wilpon throws his own team under the bus (or when news broke) the Mets go belly up suffering their worst loss of the year. An embarrassing display that saw the Cubs bat around twice, the Mets play crappy defense and Bay leave with a sore calf.

Yes the team is still loaded with backups and AAA guys but last nite just had an ominous feel.

I don’t think there’s anyway this performance wasn’t a direct result of Wilpon’s comments. Everyone can deny, deny, deny but there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that the owners inexplicable comments didn’t dominate the entire teams conversations and personal thoughts. 

I know they’re professionals but the team felt deflated and I don’t blame them. They’re used to the media and fans killing them but now they’re taking friendly fire from the owner???

I had to laugh to myself imagining the reaction Alderson and Collins had upon hearing Wilpon’s moronic missives. They must’ve been flabbergasted. These poor bastards had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they accepted these jobs. This is the NY Mets fellas where normal rules don’t apply and even the owner isn’t above sabotaging his own team. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandy called Selig and reneged on this whole deal.  

Oh, but the hits keep on coming on Fred’s media tour as he tells Sports Illustrated that the Mets “Are bleeding 70M a year” 

Does that sound like a team thinking about resigning Jose Reyes? 

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  1. JJ Says:

    Ventre Dieu…Monsieur Wilpon as un idiot, d’une intelligence bien inférieure à la moyenne….

  2. ProfessorReyes Says:

    In any language I feel like I need a shower.

    As usual, some interesting commentary from Keith and Gary. I find myself respecting Gary’s opinion more and more as the years roll on.

    You’re so right BMF, that whole Sandy/Terry dramatic reenactment is the only amusing bit in all of this:

  3. JoeG Says:

    It’s a sh#*ty feeling being a Mets fan….it feels like very little hope is on the horizon. This team is in despparate need of an enema-I am probably the only one in favor of blowing the whole thing up all except for Ike….even with Reyes….this team sucks….by the time we come back -Jose will be past his prime. If Sandy gets a halfway decent offer for young pitching-he has to jump on it now-we are going to lose 90 + for the next 2-3 years-cue the firesale already. Hopefully, Bay will hit the DL again for a good long time!

  4. foxster Says:

    another induction into “THE BASEBALL TEAM OWNERS HALL OF FAME (?)”.

    Fred Wilpon joins Charlie Finley - Marge Shott - Ray Krok - George Steinbrenner etc

    nominations are always open. can anyone add to this list?

  5. foxster Says:

    to reply to JoeG: as a Mets Fan who has been here in the 60’s thru now, a Met’s Fan has to hope for the best, but accept the worst. being a Mets Fan is something akin to torture, and we’re certainly gluttons for punishment. however, no matter what, we’re amazingly loyal.

    just to put this whole situation in proper perspective, our thoughts and prayers go out tp the Kid, Gary Carter.



  6. Howard Says:

    I agree with BMF… The bottom is about to drop out. What a f**kin disaster.

  7. JoeG Says:

    Forgot about the Kid…..thoughts with him… of my favorite Mets!

  8. JoeG Says:

    No matter how bad they suck…..and they do…..I will always will be there…..maybe as Willie said…”Sipping the champagne will be sweeter.”……….someday?????

  9. Met_Maven Says:

    First off, I want to say I am NOT DEFENDING WILPON, anything he said like this should not have been done so in print or at all. However, The interview was done in min April, when the team was doing extra s**tty and between that and the Madoff mess, he was probably over frustrated and said what he did out of anger. When he approved the article, he probably thought it would light a fire under his teams ass. Had the article been printed right after the interview, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as big a story as it is now as they started to win in mid April and it would have translated into Fred sparking his team to win. Now that they’ve dropped a few games a lot of people (not everyone) is saying its a direct result of the article. It isn’t. They are a .500 team. They can go on a winning streak as they’ve done before and get back to .500 again, but that’s about all you can expect from them. Freddy boys comments have nothing to do with the team losing now. Its how he went about building the team that’s the reason for their downward spiral.

    There is hope on the horizon, hope that the Wilpons will sell the team to someone who has good business sense and can build a winner. Who knows, maybe Alderson can build a winner. Unfortunately for us Met fans, that involves playing the waiting game… again… This year is a wash, its what happens after all the big contracts come off at the end of this year.

    I know I’ve been rambling, but one last thing before I go. I’m getting sick of the people on sports radio or in the blogosphere saying that Fred devalued Reyes, Beltran, etc and won’t get be able to trade them or get back anything good for them shouls they trade them. If anyone really thinks Fred devalued Reyes or Beltran knows nothing about baseball. Any GM who has seen how they are playing this year know they are literally and figuratively on fire. Reyes always preforms with as much energy as he can, and when he’s healthy, Beltran is an excellent player. If I said an 8 karat diamond ring was worthless, does that make it worthless? No. It just makes me stupid for saying so. Fred was stupid for saying what he said but it no way decreases anyone’s value but Freds.

  10. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    UGH. Prof, what did Gary say on the broadcast? I was listening on the radio and then turned it off in disgust at some point.

  11. Cowcrusher Says:

    Some will say it’s a gimmick, but the name of the game is to put fannies with full wallets in the seats. Bring back “Banner Say” andthe have to be homemade. Other ideas should be welcomed

  12. Helix Says:

    An embarrassing loss by an embarrassing ballclub. Just when you think it can’t get worse, or (God forbid), you get excited about reaching .500, it gets worse and you slap your forehead and wonder what you were thinking?

    It’d be one thing if we simply had a roster of sub-par players who couldn’t compete, playing for a front office trying their best to win. But far worse than that is to have enough on-field talent to achieve respectability steered by an owner who has done nothing but undermine the club.

    I have to agree with BMF on several of his points; this ain’t gonna’ get better anytime soon…

  13. JoMama Says:

    It’s one thing to have other owners and GM’s do their due diligence and realize how the current status of our best players. You’re right, anyone who watches an ounce of baseball knows what Fred said was essentially true. But as the principal owner of the team, you just don’t say that to the public - particularly in a media market like NY. You just don’t. So as much as I agree with his assessment of the team 100%, I’m baffled as to what he was thinking when he spoke so candidly to a reporter. Doesn’t he realize that they are the enemy? They’re in the clubhouse to sell papers - not to make friends or console. At this point, it’s all said and done, we might as well move on and realize we’re in the crapper for the next 2-5 years. .500 ball is probably as good as we can wish, say bye-bye to Reyes, Beltran and whomever. But like all Met fans, I’m loyal, will continue to watch (Gary, Keith and Ron are the best announcers in baseball) and will hope we get lucky one of these years. LETS GO METS!

  14. Cowcrusher Says:

    I meant “Banner Day!.. dangtouchscreen!

  15. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I feel totally demoralized by Fred Wilpon, generally speaking, and even more so now. I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if her were my BOSS and controlled my future!

  16. cleonjones Says:

    Who gives a rats butt what Freddy says- I have been with the Mets since the Polo Grounds- I have seen terrible,bad,good,great baseball from our boys. Don’t give up the fight !! Lets go Mets !!!!!!! Take care Gary and get better-

  17. Cleon Says:

    For once I find myself on Fred Wilpon’s side.

    This firestorm is really over nothing. What he said about Wright is 100% true. Fred gave him a superstar contract and he has not grown into it.

    Reyes - I’ll say it again…he’s a brittle head case and FW is correct - he won’t get Carl Crawford money, even if he continues his contract push. (Funny how nothing hurts on his body during the walk year….)

    Beltran? He is a fraction of himself. FW and the Mets did buy high - Beltran had the best 3 weeks of his life. FW called HIMSELF a schmuck for signing him.

    He made these three guys wealthy and the investments have not been worth it. So, he said so, just like we come here and light him up constantly. He utters about 50 true words and calls his team “s**tty” - WHICH IT IS, as 100% of the visitors to this site would agree - and mental midgets like mike vaccaro of the Post trot out their predictable pander-to-the-masses response.

    Fred, you destroyed my team with your foolish man crush on nomore manana, and I do despise you for that; but you were 100% entitled and RIGHT in your assessment of manny, moe, and jack.

  18. BlondiesJake Says:

    Met_Mave, you’re wrong when you say Fred’s comments don’t affect value. While they’re not catastrophic, they are leverage that can and will be used by any smart GM or agent when dealing with the Mets and those players. Information is power and it affects negotiations all the time.

  19. ProfessorReyes Says:

    FGMF you expect me to remember quotes from last night at 3 in the afternoon?!? lol
    Seriously, at this point in the day I just remember he brought up the subject and explored it with tact and maturity, WITHOUT kowtowing. As usual.
    And Keith somehow made parallels to his divorce.

    My son pitched a complete game no-hitter yesterday against a better than decent non-public (shameless plug), and I’m leaving in a few minutes to watch him play again (1B). This is my main baseball fix now, unfortunately! And HS ball is very helpful toward understanding Keith’s no-filter exclamations toward crappy play.
    We came home last night and watched a few errors and he exclaimed, “Even WE’RE better than that!”

  20. ProfessorReyes Says:

    woops!! I meant shutout, NOT no-hitter!!!
    There were 3 hits.

  21. Geld Schnell Says:

    Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship. ~Benjamin Franklin

  22. Howard Says:

    Anyone want to bet??????

    To add a little life to the season, does anyone want to bet who will have more RBI’s at the end of the year between Jason Bay, Frankie Rodriguez, and Mike Pelfrey?

    Please let me know… Thanks

  23. JoMama Says:

    Cleon - we all agree that what he said was true. Point is, you can’t relay that to the public. Talk about devaluing your own company - sure every business has it’s weak points, a good owner/CEO/manager either talks about the positives or just doesn’t comment at all. Fred should know this by now and realize everything he says is exacerbated a billion times in the NY media market. It’s akin to a used car salesman saying, “Oh ya this car runs great, has an amazing sound system but the brakes fail, the engine leaks and the muffler needs to be replaced.” Ya still wanna buy this gem?!?!

  24. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Congrats, Professor!! Maybe we all should watch his team.

    I love Gary too.

  25. American Poker 2 Stargames Says:

    Congratz sir :)

  26. mic22222 Says:


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