Truth Hurts, At Least Fred Knows It

We’ve all been thinking it but Fred said it. 

Well, we weren’t disparaging Reyes’ future contract but Met fans have known for years that Wilpon was a schmuck for the Beltran deal and more recently we’ve all come to terms that Wright is a very good player but certainly not a superstar. 

Nothing Fred said was all that shocking or controversial. Granted it’s gonna stir up some shit when a team owner is dissing 3 of his top players and calling the team as a whole “shitty”.

But I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY he said those things.

The most logical explanation I can think of is maybe Fred had a senior moment and spoke more openly and honestly in front of a reporter than he should’ve. I mean the guy is in his 70’s so it’s not unreasonable to think he might slip now and again.

Especially since the New Yorker likely embeded a reporter with Fred for at least a couple of full day marathon interview sessions. I can see Fred slipping once or twice in that timeframe.

For all we know Fred was sitting in his luxury box nipping at the Makers Mark while shooting the shit with the reporter.

He obviously should not have said these things for the sake of avoiding more distractions and possible acrimony. But it’s refreshing to hear Fred’s thoughts, maybe he’s not so different from us after all.

I thought it was hilarious that Wilpon feigned the game 7 Beltran check swing and said, Ike Davis is a great hitter on a shitty team.

I refuse to believe Fred made a calculated decision to lob these grenades. He’s not a Steinbrenner and I can’t imagine he’s suddenly playing a new role.

So unless there’s a better explanation I think this one needs to be chalked up to a senior and/or some whisky aided honesty.

But I do wonder how Reyes and his agent will react. I don’t think I necessarily agree with his about Jose either. Yes the broke ass Wilpons won’t pay Crawford money but thats not to say the Yankees, Red Sox, Anaheim, or someone else won’t hand out a mega deal if Jose keeps up the pace all year.

And if I was Jose I’d probably be like, “F-U Fred I’m gonna go get as much money as I possibly can which means I’m gonna sign with an owner without any Ponzi schemes or Billion dollar law suits hanging over their head.”

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  1. TheSarge Says:

    “For all we know Fred was sitting in his luxury box nipping at the Makers Mark while shooting the s**t with the reporter.”

    Unlike how the the French media elite conduct their business, Mr. Wilpon should have known better than to fraternize with an American journalist (sorry, but this Strauss-Kahn thing is blowing up in Europe and it’s changing French business-as-usual).

    The problem is we don’t want some folksy, down-home everyman who we can call “Freddy” and get the occasional unprofessional/drunk diatribe from; we need resolve, not resignation. Call me old-fashioned, which is, by the way, how I like my bourbon.

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    Quite possibly one of the dumbest things an owner could ever say. If Fred ever had any mojo, it’s completely gone now. Maybe chalk it up to an old man under a lot of stress, not sure, but making those kind of comments about players on your club was pretty dumb.

  3. Helix Says:

    According to the Times, Wilpon reviewed and approved every quote prior to publication. So much for a whiskey-induced, senior moment.

    If nothing else, he certainly has many Met fans and the sports beat as a whole scratching their heads, wondering: “What was he thinking?”.

    What gets me is that his comments targeted 2 players that are playing their asses off this season. He would’ve been more accurate if he called out Bay and Pelfrey, or Harris even; now there’s a few who have yet to earn this year’s salary.

  4. USMF Says:

    First, everyone should read the story before jumping to conclusions…he was doing a interview that spanned severial days and was caught saying some candid remarks during a horrible loss to the Astros during a horrible losing streak.

    Now Fred should have known better…obviously everyone is going after anything negative they can pull from the story and ignoring anything positive. Unfortunately you can’t win against the media in this town. The press feeds off negativity and all the sheep suck it up. Why would Fred ever think he’d get a positive or even fair response from anything he says in this town?

    Ba Ba Baaaa…

  5. Howard Says:

    Remember everyone, whether its your parents, your boss, etc, the culture of any unit starts at the top. What impact will this have on the other players who are playing for an organization whose leader is ripping the players? The words might have been true, but it is still ripping the players, the Mets best players by the way. For all that Steinbrenner said, you always got the feeling that the players wanted to win for him. I feel like the players will be like, screw it, if we lost, who gives a f**k… less attendance and less money for Wilpon.

  6. DJ Katz Says:

    Fred Wilpon is a world-class schmuck. Just ask him….he’d tell you himself.

  7. foxster Says:

    re Fred’s comments: it’s very clear he’s been possesed by the malevolent spirit of Boss Steinbrenner.

  8. schmifty Says:

    “Maybe next spring when we have our media workshop for the players, Fred can come and sit in on it.” - Mike Pelfrey. Love it

  9. MetFanDan Says:

    This is a classic illustration of the fact that…”money does not come with brains (or class). One does not guarantee the other.

    If I hear one more time on sports talk radio what “brilliant businessmen” the Wilpons are; I am going to vomit. They don’t call Jeff “FREDO” for nothin.


    LET’S GO METS !!!

  10. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Fred: Thanks a lot.

    And everybody else: Stop making excuses for him!

  11. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Brilliant Pelf quote. Wilpon is an ass, what kind of strategy is that? Ugh. Please just sell the team already. He thinks we are cursed—did it ever occur to him that HE is the curse?

  12. JoMama Says:

    As much as Beltran and Reyes are “playing their asses off” - too little too late if you ask me. Beltran hasn’t been clutch since his days in Houston and maybe, maybe ‘06. And I love Reyes but if the guys isn’t 100% he might as well be playing AAA ball - it’s all or nothing with that guy. Lastly, Bay and Harris are completely useless, I’d rather have some young talent in there working hard. We would be 3-5 games over .500 if Bay or Harris were even decent.

  13. USMF Says:

    Um, that’s a completely stupid statement about Bay…true, he’s sucked at the plate, but for some reason the team wins when he’s playing. It’s when Bay wasn’t here that the team went 5-13.

  14. JoMama Says:

    He has nothing to do with the Mets winning and anyone who’s watched 5 games knows it. Pure dumb luck, he makes one or two good plays on D but that’s about it. Talk to me about some other useless facts because this one is old. He’s a power hitter not hitting AT ALL - is he below the Mendoza yet?

  15. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I totally would expect comments like this …. From Vinny from Brooklyn !! or some talk radio crazy ..but our owner?

    WTF?? That same Owner - who is trying to sell more tickets … and 49% of his team .. says they suck ?

    well we couldn’t agree more Fred .. and thats why you’re not getting my money …. feel sorry for Collins ..he actually has this team playing hard but why should I support this idiot?

  16. fred w Says:

    “And if I was Jose I’d probably be like, “F-U Fred I’m gonna go get as much money as I possibly can which means I’m gonna sign with an owner without any Ponzi schemes or Billion dollar law suits hanging over their head.” ”

    Really? And I was Fred, I’d say, F-U you brittle f**king headcase. I never saw a young player hurt as much. I want to know how many years and how many dollars it will take for you to learn not to go from 2nd to 3rd on a ball hit in front of you. And another thing - keep your f**king jersey tucked in while you’re on the field you classless little, brittle loser. I made you rich and you didn’t do a thing to improve your game while you were here unless you count taking several seasons off to nurse injuries even old men don’t incur.”

  17. fred w Says:

    “But I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY he said those things.”

    He said those things because they’re true and he’s tired of the mess on the field. No doubt he is responsible for all of it due almost 100% to the signing of S. Phillips and O. Minaya and the nepotism with Jeffy. Still, even if those mistakes are his, Wright could play better, Reyes, that brittle dog, could put some time into improving his game, and Beltran….he works hard and his case is probably just a bad break with injuries.

    Fred is the reason I despise this organization but I think he earned the right to speak the painful truth about Wright and Reyes.

    Also, his comments had nothing to do with his age. Nice liberal condescension by suggesting this was a “senior moment.”

  18. JoMama Says:

    “Also, his comments had nothing to do with his age. Nice liberal condescension by suggesting this was a “senior moment.””

    What the hell does this mean? “Liberal condescension” - like conservatives don’t condescend people? Climb back into your hole, GW isn’t prez anymore, the GOP is a s**t storm and your best candidate for 2012 is Palin. Now THAT’S funny.

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