Justin Turner = Met Mini Messiah

It’s as if Justin Turner is the chosen one. A mini Met Messiah sent by the baseball heavens to save the Mets.

In almost no time at all Justin Turner has become a leader on this team. He undoubtedly leads the baby Met assault but he’s also become THE guy who stepped up to produce when Ike and Wright hit the DL.

Turner is unafraid and the rest of the guys are following. 

I love watching our young aggressive Mets beat the aging yanks. The Posada situation is bad. Jeter has slipped and Mariano has to finally take a step back one of these years.

And how great is it to hear Beato say he “hates the Yankees”. 

11 Responses to “Justin Turner = Met Mini Messiah”

  1. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Baby Steps…all the way!

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    TODAY IS THE END OF THE WORLD (for the Yankees)

  3. Cowcrusher Says:

    Let’s face it…you can only depend on a line of aging guys for so long. As much as I dislike the use of the DH, there only room for a few and a simple mistep can hurt if not end your career. Jeter getting caught in that rundown was a perfect example of that. The captain should use more GERITOL, perhaps? :-)

  4. Cowcrusher Says:

    A little bit OT…
    Does anyone out there think that Mex may have a buy-in or some stake in the proposed minority ownership of the Mets?. If so, then I think Reyes would be staying.

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Good win that brings us back to respectability!….Its always about the pitching…Its easy to win when you give up only one run in three games!

    Seems really odd that there is a backlash against interleague play now. Who would have thought Met/Skank games would not sell out by alot?

    Lets get on the right side of the tracks today!

    LETS GO BUFFALO!!….and Some METS!

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Except for the local rivalries, interleague play is a total waste. And I’d be happy to forgo the pleasure of playing the Yanks, if the only way we can play them is by having to play all these other interleague games. How is it fair that the Mets have to play the Yanks while the Nats play the Orioles, for example? Those imbalances can and do affect standings.

    JT may be the man, but shouldn’t some love be sent out towards Daniel Murphy this morning, as well?

  7. Howard Says:

    Nothing better than beating the Yanks… And with Dickey back aboard the playoff train, we should be making some inroads.

    Now that I see Posada first hand, I see why Girardi put him 9th. He is toast.

    Let’s Go Mets!!!!

  8. Met_Maven Says:

    I like interleague play, but think it should be toned down a tad. maybe play the Yankees 4 times a year (twice in the bronx, twice in new shea) and the rest of interleague should be done the same way, just a 2 game series. It’ll guarantee a sell out, make them that much more “important” and leave openings to play other teams in the NL. I hate we only see some teams once a year.

    Anyway, I loves the way we played last night, Dickey, while not back to last years form, pitched in and out of trouble and the ‘pen was lights out! Loved the HR by Murph, hated the yankee stadium hr Teixeira hit, but the Mets V 2.0 have heart and WANT to fight and win! Gotta love it!

    On a sad note, I just heard that Gary Carter was diagnosed with 4 small brain tumors.

    NEW YORK (AP)—Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter says doctors discovered four “very small” brain tumors after he had an MRI on Friday in Florida.

    Carter says in a release issued by the New York Mets and baseball’s Hall of Fame that he will be examined again on Thursday at Duke Medical Center. He also asked for privacy Saturday as his family learns more about his medical condition.

    The 11-time All-Star hit .262 with 324 homers and 1,225 RBIs in 19 seasons in the majors. He played his last game with the Montreal Expos in 1992 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003.

    The Kid was my favorite Met growing up and I hope my fellow BMFers will join me in saying a prayer the Kid has a speedy recovery. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him once and he is truly a classy guy.


  9. Ed Koolman Says:

    Lackluster crowd at the stadium Friday, yanks might need to bring in Bruce Boudreau, maybe another fat pitcher is what they need, I hear Mickey Lolich is not doing much these days.

  10. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Yes I hope Gary can be treated and will recover.

  11. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I like Gary Cohen’s plan, only have interleague play once a year (or twice) between area rivals, the rest is baloney.

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