Bravo to Niese (0R, 6H, BB, 7K in 7IP) Izzy (0R in IP) and K-Rod (0R IP) who combined for the first Met shutout since last September.

Those guys, and Murphy, got the job done defensively but Justin Turner provided the offense going 2-4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI. 

This kid is suddenly the Mets best player. OK maybe thats a bit of a stretch especially with Reyes goin’ OFF as the leagues leading hitter (3-4, 2R .322)

But the Turner kid has stepped in to fill the offensive void created by Wright, Ike and Bay all being disabled.

Of course Wright and Ike are on the 15 day DL but J Bay’s bat has been disabled ever since spring of ‘10


I know we’ve gotten a ton of rain but what’s up with the ponds of water on the infield? 

I woulda thought all that money they went into debt for at least provided a state of the art field drainage system.

Again I know it’s been pouring but the field has been a mess since Monday.

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    Ike for Prez! Turner for VP!!

    Is this just a hot streak or is this what we can expect from Turner? Not sure if the league has got the book on him yet but they will soon…certainly going to draw some attention now.

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Good win last night. Lets get another W this afternoon- Where the heck is Bay ??????? boy, we need his offense now. Reyes is having a great season- sign him NOW !!!! Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!! Stay Positive- Mets will take two out of three at Yankee Stadium this weekend.

  3. USMF Says:

    Bay is pressing hard time…when he hits it hard it’s for an out, then he gives us an AB were he looks completely lost…I really wish somebody could sit Bay down and get him to relax a little.

    Turner is looking great…I don’t think he’ll keep this up, but he seems to have a good approach at the plate and hits off speed pitches well so I don’t think that scouting reports will completely bring him back down to earth. He’s probably gonna have to be able to lay off pitches out of the zone because guys are gonna stop giving him stuff to hit. Dude has only K’ed 6 times in almost 50AB (very good) but has only walked 4 times too…not good at all. It’s a lower BB rate than what Reyes has…but it’s hard to argue that they need to walk more when they’re hitting over .300. (I say that walking is for guy’s who are slumping or are so hot that that they don’t get anything to hit.)

    But BIG PROPS goes to Neise…he’s slowly becoming a big league pitcher. He’s maturing very nicely.

    I tell ya, in 10 years; Pelfrey will be remembered like a A.J. Burnett, Gee will be another Rick Reed and Neise will be looked at like Andy Pettitte (with out the roids).

    Neise may never be the Ace, but he’ll consistently give us 7 innings per game 30+ games with 200+ innings with a good (not great) ERA and will win about 15 games per year. I just hope that he’ll have a similar PS record.

    If Neise ever learns a good change up, then he’ll be very nasty.

  4. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    So much for no talent on our farm!!!

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Ok the biggest game of the year coming up today! “The Battle for the Basement”, against the Nats who will take over the basement!

    I heard that “Basement Bertha” is going to theow out the first pitch today!



  6. ProfessorReyes Says:

    how about the booth’s giant man-love for Tejada last night, get a room guys!

    About the field, I could swear I hear something about ground water coming UP from underneath the field, I could be wrong though. That’s a definite WTF?!? because I though there were tunnels and rooms underneath some sections. Vito’s Construction Co.?

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