Bogus Rainout Not Fooling BMF

If you live in NYC you had to be suspicious of last night’s Rainout especially when the SUN WAS SHINING around 6pm!

I’m going on instinct here but I think it’s fairly obvious whats going on:

• The Mets decided to game the system by declaring a rainout before the umpire crew got control of the situation.

• Management knew the team was shorthanded without Ike Davis and David Wright and rescheduling the game for later this summer would allow both players to return to action thus giving Mets a better chance to win

• By pushing the game to a warm summer day attendance is sure to be better than it would’ve been last night in the midst of a rainy week and terribly depressing month for Met fans.

I’m not mad at the Mets for pulling the plug last night, in fact just the opposite. We’ve seen the yankees pull this crap for years so I’m happy the Mets are finally savvy enough to do the same.

Gotta believe Alderson was pulling the strings here since the Mets have never acted this intelligently before.

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  1. TheSarge Says:

    A reasonable conspiracy, now here’s some facts to consider:
    -Wright is on a 10 day DL as of this morning.
    -Ike Davis won’t be back before the 26th.
    -Rain and losing are two things every Met should be emotionally prepared to deal with, that and drowning yourself in beer.

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    Sun may’ve been peeking out however, rain was in the forecast. So, for once the Mets did the sensible thing by the fans and called it early. We just so happened to help ourselves in the process! Savvy move for a change!! Have no problem with it.

  3. BrooklynBill Says:

    message to Sandy & Terry: Welcome to NY sports where even your non-games are dissected by the media 100 different ways! haha

  4. JJ Says:

    All sound thoughts except for the one regarding moving the game because this is a depressing month for Mets fans. In order to avoid this issue they will have to move the game to 2014…

  5. Paul Says:

    I’m sure that everybody who had tickets was happy that the Mets called the game early last night.

  6. USMF Says:

    Hey, if i had tickets to last nights game and it got canceled, I’d have to think; what would I rather do see a game in crappy weather…or… go to another game that might see the sun and temps above 60 degrees and I might actually see Wright, Ike and possibly Santana play? hmmm…. it’s a hard decision…, but I’m leaning to option #2. (just as long as I didn’t have to pay for parking, I’m OK.

    I think the conspiracy that needs looking into is why wait until the last moment to put Wright on the 15 day DL?

    Now, the Mets can back date it to Monday, so it shouldn’t effect Wright at all…now everyone knew that Wright was going to hit the DL, why wait? the only thing I can think of is Evans.

    I don’t know if Nick gets a pay boost when hitting the 25man, but you gotta assume that his MLB salary is higher than the AAA salary, but is the extra days pay really gonna make a big difference? Probably not. Then it must be MLB days serviced. Nicks got a little over a years worth of time in and they could be doing everything possible to keep him from becoming arbitration eligible.

    Or maybe it’s they wanted to wait until they knew for sure that they wanted to call Nick up…you never know whats gonna happen on any day and why add Nick knowing that removing him from the roster means that you might lose him to waivers.

    All possible theories, but maybe Sandy is on the phones trying to work out a trade and he whats to keep room on the roster in case he needs to add players….I believe that once you’re put on the 25man, you can’t be sent down for a week or so.

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    OMG, we definitely need some BASEBALL to discuss. I feel like I’m on an episode of House, diagnosing everyone’s motives.

  8. AintSuchThingAsARationalMetsFan Says:

    BMF- what makes you think that the Mets won’t have any(more) core players on the DL come July 18? Have the Mets not shown you anything the past couple of years?

  9. BlondiesOliverStone Says:

    I’m going to make a movie about this rainout

  10. ProfessorReyes Says:

    chuckled @ JJ, tickled me funny bone!

    Good god I hope this doesn’t turn out like House, did you see that last epi? On the verge of puking!

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    WTF happened to the real “Rainout game”, Monday night? That was some kind of show put on!…Was that the ground crew or the circus out there?

    We would need 100 rainouts to help this team!….Godd thing we don’t have a dome!

    Sure lets go see a game in July when the Mets are 271/2 games out and we are fielding a totally AAA team!

    Maybe we can make that game “Goodbye Jose Reyes Night”, that is if he is still here by then!

  12. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:


    I Shot JA…Happ. Who Framed Roger McDowell? The Case of the Missing Rain. The Michael Bourne Identity. Any others?

    I forgot to wear my monocle and Sherlock hat today—or should I say, my tin foil hat.

  13. Cowcrusher Says:

    Who framed Roger McDowell?

    Hmmmm, could it be the “bushes” over by the gravelly road after all these years?

  14. BrooklynBill Says:

    hmm…an inch of rain expected tonite. How come this Nationals game isn’t PPD yet??

  15. IrishMike Says:

    My prediction: After a sad attempt to force a postponement Monday night and a no rain rainout last night the Mets, not wanting to have to reschedule another game and knowing the pitching matchup is more favorable, will do whatever it takes to play tonight. So last night - game cancelled, no rain. Tonight - game played in steady rain with multiple rain delays.

  16. Met_Maven Says:

    Actually the Nats canceled their game around 10 AM yesterday because of a forecast of bad rainstorms, and the weather in DC and NY mirrored each other. Mets basically did the same thing, of course the forecast was a good (albeit thin) cover of them protecting themselves from having an anemic lineup.

  17. BrooklynBill Says:

    It’s raining cats & dogs. Call it already…

  18. BrooklynBill Says:

    Now it’s raining cats, dogs, and Benny Agbayani bobble heads.

    What the heck are they waiting for?

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