Braves Reload with Uggla

It was a typical Atlanta Brave move, pick up Dan Uggla on the cheap and again take another stride further ahead of the Mets.

Omar Infante is a nice player but he along with RP Mike Dunn seems like a pretty damn good deal for Uggla who smoked 33 HR and 103 RBI while hitting .287. I don’t care how porous his defense is I would take Uggla at second base in a heartbeat.

But we got Castillo so that’s cool.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Not only did the marlins get ripped off (It was more of a salary dump) they were stupid enough to trade him within the division. The Marlins are just unloading players this year and waiting till next year till they move into their brand new domed stadium.

    Am I the only one who hates that the “Mets Final Four” are all within the organization! Why did this take so long to do when everybody was right in front of your face.

    Anbody that was any good from outside the organization got already got taken. If this is the best we got (We are in trouble) I want to take the fifth pick!

    I don’t like any of these guys! Can we not hire a one and do Manager by committee?

    They may have it done by Thanksgiving!!!….Thanksgiving!!…What a great hoilday for this PASS THE TURKEY PLEASE!!!

    I say it going to be Bob Melvin!

  2. USMF Says:

    I don’t know if this is as much as a robbery as it seems.

    Yes Uggla is a monster at the plate and he’s much better power wise then Infante will ever be. Even with defense factored in, Uggla has more value.

    But Omar isn’t a slouch at the plate. He’s been a +.300 hitter the past two years, he’s better in the field, and he’s cheaper and younger.

    (honestly, I’d take Uggla or Infante over what we got right now)

    You throw in Mike Dunn, who had great numbers for a guy who’s got one year experience (meaning you got a cheep, young LH relief pitcher with .189 ERA last year under control for years).

    Those two players +the 7mil increase in pay roll for a one year rental, it’s not that far one sided.

    The Braves made the move because they fell they can make a run next year, Fish did it because they’ll cheap…I hope the Mets didn’t do it because Uggla can’t pitch and that next year is truly a purge/retooling year.

  3. Big Tony Says:

    Braves got better, and the Mets…

    Well at least we don’t have Omar to kick around anymore

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    Uggla reunited with Fredi Gonzalez…oh well. Maybe we really should speed up the process of finding a manager so we can focus on the players!

  5. BrooklynBill Says:

    hey…when the new manager is finally hired, do we anticipate him bringing in a new pitching coach? Rick Petersen is available. I always liked Petersen and Apodaca…Warthen, not so much. I say get him! I think he’s worked for Alderson before when he was in Oakland?

  6. Geschenkideen Says:

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