Slim Pelf Pushed Around

The man we call Big Pelf did not show up last night. Instead we got a weaker, just back from being sick Slim Pelf. 

I didnt think he was going to be very strong considering he lost about 10 pounds this week.

He didn’t look good in the post game interview either. His eyes looked sick, or at least low energy.

Oh well, it was a wasted good opportunity to beat a non-frontline pitcher as Philly penciled sent Vance Worley to the mound. 

Worley promptly looked like Steve Carlton and stymied the Mets.

Ike clubbed another HR - this kid is gonna be a BEAST in 2-3 more years. 

I don’t expect us to win this series… But let’s not get swept.

Sat game is 1:00

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The win streak was nice, but lets call it what it was.
    We palyed a bunch of “Crappy Teams” to get it!

    AAA Buffalo could have beaten the AStros, D-Backs & Nats!

    OK we are back to mormal now! We went from can we make it “Seven in a row” to “Lets try not to get swept”!

    I just hope that win streak was not the highlight of the season!


  2. Paul Says:

    I’m getting a little tired of watching Pelfrey fail. Yes, he wasn’t healthy last night. Yes, he didn’t try to use it as an excuse.

    But when do the Mets start looking at him and see a pitcher with a 1-3 record and a 7.39 ERA? It’s time for them to start doing something different with him, because this is not working.

  3. Howard Says:

    I will give Pelph the benefit of the doubt for his lousy outing this team due to have had the flu but what about all of his other bad outings this year? Was he recovering from the flu with those outings too? Personally, I would give this guy one more outing and if he cannot put it together, I would put Gee in the rotation and place Pelph in the bullpen and see if he can straighten himself out.

    Losing the final game of the series was understandable (we can’t win every game) but Pelph’s pitching brought our momentum and confidence to a complete halt, at least in my mind.

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    I disagree with some of you on Pelf. I think “mini Pelf” is at a crossroads…he’s had this potential for a while but has only been able to pull it together here & there. His pitch count is always up near 100 by the 5th inning. It’s time for Pelf to step up…he doesn’t need to be “great”, just consistently good. Often he is not even competitive and giving us a chance to win. With every start he makes us, I never feel good about the game…you’re never sure which Pelf will show up.

  5. Howard Says:

    Actually the Pelph that normally shows up BrooklynBill is the one who stinks. I am usually confident we will get the Pelph who cannot make it out of the 5th inning. You can usually count on him to give up a monster homerun or two.

    Give Gee a real shot. Stick Pelph in the bullpen so he can drink lots of fluids during the games.

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    He usually has problems 2nd & 3rd time thru the lineup…he also has the occasional 20-30 pitch 1st inning which doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence in putting him in the bullpen.

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