Daniel Murphy Takes Over DC!

D-Murph didn’t even start the game but managed to TAKE OVER in less than 2 innings.

Down a run in the 8th Murphy watched Reyes speed around the bases and slide safely headfirst into third only to be punched out in a horrendous call.

Reyes knew his hand never came off the bag and went bezerk. 3rd base coach Chip Hale was also bonkers and the 2 Mets created quite the scene.

BMF had to laugh when Hale was simultaneously trying to hold back Jose and scream at the ump himself. I swear I saw Hale almost crack a smile mid-mele. He must’ve seen the humor in the moment too.

The clubhouse prob had a great time replaying that video and watching Jose, dreads a-bouncin’ climbing over Hale’s back as both men scream at the ump.

A moment later Collins joined the scrum and I thought it was painfully obvious the ump knew he blew it. 

You had to think the game was lost right there…

Until D-Murph strode to the plate and battled through 8 or 9 pitches before depositing one over the RF wall. It was a huge hit in the growth of these new Mets because it caused the dugout to erupt with passion I haven’t seen since ‘06.

Unfortunately Murphy showed his green-ness at second when he failed to cover second after a sliding non-catch by Bay in left. Murphy knew he blew it and again it looked like it cost the game when that runner scored.

But lo and behold the 5-in-a-row Mets went to 6-in-a-row by plating 4 runs in the 9th punctuated by Murphy’s 2 run double to put the game out of reach. 

Daniel Murphy is the Man.

Quick Hits;

• How bout Hu? Loved seeing the lil guy step up in the 9th and rope a ball to deep right to score the go-ahead and game winning run.

• Beato picked up his first W but more importantly kept his composure after the Bay/Murphy muffed play. Yes a run scored but he limited the damage

• Between Justin Turner, Murphy and Hu Met second-basemen generated 5RBI on the nite  

19 Responses to “Daniel Murphy Takes Over DC!”

  1. cleonjones Says:

    Keep starting Murphy at 2nd base. I think we have our 2nd base secured. Excellent win last night- Lets get another W tonight! Lets go Mets !!!!!

  2. JoeG Says:

    When is Terry Collins gonna protect his players a little more? He should have been in the umps face after blowing that call-c’mon Terry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    This lineup can hit !! and with two outs !! that’s something I still pinch myself on! and the bullpen??

  4. Howard Says:

    As Casey Stengel used to say… Amazing, amazing, amazing.

    Let’s get the sweep going into Philly on Friday nite.

    Let’s Go Mets!

  5. Helix Says:

    Still cautiously optimistic… but I like what I’m seeing. I’m actually recording and watching Met games again. 5 out and still climbing.

  6. KMac Says:

    Cautious optimism is what’s called for here. Remember, we won 8 in a row this time last year, and we all know how that turned out. But there are lots of positive signs. We need to stay healthly and the SP needs to be more consistent.

    and we need to NOT trade Jose and David.

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Great game, love the heart and the 2 strike hitting. They just need to keep it going! Still early and we are only 5 games out. If these guys stay healthy, Johan returns (ok that might require a miracle), etc, we might actually be in the mix. If not for the post season, at least for our reputation as a decent team.

    I think Hu’s hit was my favorite moment—pretty much the last guy I thought would or could come through!

  8. IrishMike Says:

    Second base definitely looks to be the best spot for Murphy but it is still the lesser of several evils. It’s easy to count how many runs a hitter produces but not always easy to count how many runs he gives up in the field - double plays not turned, ground balls not reached, bases not covered (well that one was easy to see). I hope his bat outweighs his deficiencies in the field. And on the basepaths for that matter.

    That was one very macho at bat he had though that’s for sure. First they intentionally walk the guy in front of him. Then the first pitch buzzes his chin. So after not one but two insults he just ropes the ball into the right field corner. Mucho macho.

  9. BlondiesJake Says:

    I still don’t expect this team to challenge for a playoff spot, but this is a nice streak. I was anxiously hitting refresh on my blackberry when they loaded the bases in the 9th, EXPECTING to see they scored some runs, which is a big change from recent years. I love the passion the team is playing with and the fact games aren’t automatically over if they fall behind after the 5th inning.


  10. The Coop Says:

    Jake, that’s so funny. I was tweeting last night that when they’ve had bases loaded, no outs in 9th before, I knew it was game over. Last night, I was all BRING IT! The whole defensive thing is overblown, IMO, about Murphy. Uggla is one of the ugliest fielding 2Bers yet no one cares when he smacks the hell out of the ball. No one said crap when Kent couldn’t field or have limited range at 2B, yet he’ll go into the hall for his bat. Not saying Murphy will be a Kent, but he could be an Uggla, and only time will tell about that.

  11. IrishMike Says:

    “Uggla is one of the ugliest fielding 2Bers yet no one cares when he smacks the hell out of the ball. No one said crap when Kent couldn’t field or have limited range at 2B”

    That may be true that the fans don’t care but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Most fans are idiots. Right now I don’t think Murphy’s hitting makes up for his fielding. It did last night though and if he keeps up this year’s pace (or even 90% of it) at the plate he will have proven me very wrong. And I will be glad he did.

  12. The Coop Says:

    I don’t think fans can have it both ways. When Rey Ordonez was on the team, the theory was he saved as many runs that he WASN’T driving in or getting on base or whatever. Yet his weaknesses were exposed when the lineup was weak. Suddenly, no one cared about the fact he could field - when he couldn’t hit THEN it was a problem. Same with Francoeur. I see nothing wrong with letting Murphy take his lumps out there, personally.

  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Please wake me up!…I must be dreaming!…6 in a row!


    OK now lets kick the the Nats while they are down and SWEEP them! This is what good teams do now! Step on their throats.

    They have their “Drug Lord” pitching tonight!


  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    The Coop,

    I was laughing because your tweets were coming faster than my page could refresh the score!


    I don’t dispute your assessment but will say I’d almost always prefer a guy who can hit over a guy who can field. There’s no guarantee you can make an impact in the field, but you will get your turns at bat.

  15. Met_Maven Says:

    Think we can sweep the nats and *maybe* take 2 from the philthies? I agree with BJake when he said he doesn’t expect them to be a playoff team, but aint no reason they cant hover around .500 (maybe to the north of it). If only the season started 2 weeks late!


  16. Shea It Ain't So Says:

    I saw Chip Hale crack a smile also haha. It’s been fun watching these last few games bring out the brooms tonight boys!

  17. Cowcrusher Says:

    I betcha they will air that bad call on Reyes episode during the Mets at Philthies on Phox this weekend.

  18. KMac Says:

    Maybe the Mets can win 3 from the Phillies and shut them out each game like last year.

  19. BrooklynBill Says:

    D-backs nearly swept’m so why can’t we???

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