Knuckleball Night

Game thread…

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  1. IrishMike Says:

    Reyes is going to bark at the 3rd base ump when he takes the field and get thrown out. You heard it here first. Collins may join him.

  2. USMF Says:

    What I like is…Reyes was called out by a horrible call…he’s pissed…but he’s the 1st one on top of the stairs greeting Murph.

  3. USMF Says:

    Rally Hat.

  4. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    close this out Frankie.

  6. USMF Says:


  7. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    Gutsy gutsy win for the Mets. Horrible call at third. No sweat.

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Wow. Now THIS is a team I want to watch every night.

    LET’S MAKE IT 7!

  9. BrooklynBill Says:

    Let’s make it 7! Gotta love Murphy’s attitude. And, damn this guy can hit!!

    Nice to beat up on Clippard who made us look bad last time.

    Did Werth really drop that ball off of Ike’s bat or, did Ike hit it thru his body? The ball EXPLODED off his bat. Need to check out the Coors lite freeze cam :)

    This team is eatin’ it’s Wheaties. We are on a roll!

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    6 game winning streak! Gotta love the fight this team has, something the teams of the past few years lacked. Keep beating up on the crappy teams and maybe it’ll boos their confidence to steal a game or two from the big guns! Ya gotta believe!

    Let’s go Mets go!

  11. Helix Says:

    Love the heart… hate the defensive miscues, but love the heart. Overcoming the sh[tty call at 3rd, overcoming the flubs in the 8th tells me shows me something. A sweep would would be sweet…

    Dickey for Captain!

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