Major Props to Josh Thole who game through with as tie-breaking, and eventual game winning, 2 run double. 

The young catcher finished with 3 RBI and one gets the feeling his confidence skyrocketed after tuesday’s game. Hopefully Josh can relax at the plate and get back to being a respectable offensive player. 

I’m a believer in Thole and I think he can be a .290-.300 hitter eventually. He’s never going to be a power hitting backstop but we don’t need that. So long as he handles the staff well and delivers a solid average I’m happy. In fact I’ll take .270 from him this year. 


I’m almost having a hard time believing whats happening:

• The Mets have ripped off 5 in a row. 

• Bay is healthy and delivering at the plate.

• Beltran’s all around games looks fantastic

• Jose Reyes’ OBP is over .350

• K-Rod is becoming a fan favorite again

• The Mets are winning with Pagan, last years Met MVP, on the DL

• there’s not 1 starting pitcher who deserves to be yanked from the rotation

11 Responses to “Thole!!!”

  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    And Phlis lose AGAIN to the team we just swept! haha

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Lets go Mets!!!!!!!! Lets get another W tonight !!! How about Ike Davis base running last night. Good Instincts… We are fun to watch again- amazing what winning can do. Shout out to all of our positive Met fans on this site.

  3. Original62Fan Says:

    I just noticed that the Mets have scored more runs than any team in the division. Unfortunately, they have let up the most runs (by far) than any team.
    BTW - if you were at the game on Sunday that was my kid up on the big screen in the first inning with the David Wright home run ball.

  4. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    And on top of everything, they look like they are having FUN out there. Not to mention at least a little bit confident.

    I’m sorry, is there anything funnier than Chris Young folding his body completely in half to get low enough to bunt? But he did it! No excuses for anyone else! In fact last night’s game was a bunting fiesta on both sides. PS: Young has 2 RBI on the year, Werth now has 6. Werth-less!

    Loved Ike tagging the runner to end the game. Amazing how these guys are now picking each other up now. I was a little worried that they would get demoralized when Reyes was picked off, but it didn’t seem to phase them at all.

    Seems like Dave Hudgens is doing a great job getting guys out of slumps (Wright) and better at counts. Patience at the plate, I’m digging it.

  5. USMF Says:

    Nothing like a five game win streak to pull everyone off the edge…If anyone ever deserves a win for only getting one out it’s Iggy last night.

    It’s funny how a SP can get away with giving up three HR’s when there’s nobody on base. There might be something to this new and outrageous “no walks” idea I’ve heard lately.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say no starter deserves to get pulled…One win, one “quality” start, a 7.23ERA and a WHIP of 1.94 after five starts is not good enough for our #5 starter, let alone our “ace”.

    Let’s not mention that R.A.D. hasn’t pitched that well and walked a ton of guys… Neise hasn’t been to great, he’s walked to many too…

    In fact the only reason why Pelf and Dickey aren’t banished is because Pelf and Dickey is are “vets” and Neise just pitched a good game and usually seems to be one bad inning away from pitching a quality game.

    Our Starters are 6-9! (excluding the 2 wins by Gee who’s now in the pen?) Only one of our starters has an ERA under four!

    Hopefully this past week is a trend by the starters and not just a blip.

    I’ve said this before, but Bobby O is the smartest guy at SNY…he makes the post game show worth watching. He give better incite than anyone I’ve seen on any network. He’s brutally honest but not over the top. I wish he was our pitching coach…I don’t know if he want’s the job…but you know he would stop with the coddling of Pelf and Neise.

  6. Val Veeta Says:

    Best moment of the game: when the obese Nationals reliever (Coffee?) sprinted in from the dugout and Keith said “wow, there’s a whole lot of jiggling going on there” They included this on “Mets Fast Forward” this morning, even though it had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. LMAO.

  7. Howard Says:

    Let’s keep it up. I have total confidence in Dickey tonight. We now have a number of guys in the lineup who can pick up a guy or two who are struggling. Fielding much sharper now. And bullpen not getting overtaxed now.

    I feel 6 in a row tonight!

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Keith was in rare form last night, between the talking about his divorce, showing off his stats, comments on the players—really hilarious.

  9. cleonjones Says:

    Original62Fan - check out runs score(4/27/11)
    Mets 105
    Phillies 100
    Braves 98
    Marlins 95
    Nats 87

    Excellent point- If everyone stays healthy our offense will be fine.

  10. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Now that is a nice win when you give up 3 homers and you still get a W!

    To nights game is a “Battle for the Basement!”, the loser owns it! We need to beat hese guys and SWEEP!

    Let get our 6th in a row and put the Nats in Last!

  11. BlondiesJake Says:

    (Re-post from last night…apologies to those who read previously)
    Runs early and then runs late.
    The bullpen shuts down the opponent after the starter struggles.
    Five wins in a row.
    What have they done with my beloved Mets?


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