Second Looks Like Murphy’s Job

Sometimes you need to walk around the block to realize you’re happy exactly where you started. 

That’s essentially what happened with the Mets and D-Murphy. Once Castillo was jettisoned management thought they had better options in Emaus and/or Turner but neither has done anything to earn additional AB’s let alone a starting position. 

All along Daniel Murphy stood quietly by, working in the cage and the IF and low and behold our one-time hitting machine is back as the savior of second base. 

I can’t be mad that the Mets for not recognizing this sooner since I too had written Murphy off as yesterday’s news but I was wrong. 

Murphy’s productivity could be very effective for us batting 7th. Possibly second but I’d rather Pagan at 2 if he returns with an awakened bat.


Go Phillip Humber who shut down the Yankees in BX Mon nite. The ex-Met took a no-no into the 7th and got the win after posting 7 shutout innings.

I was happy to see Humber deliver like that. I always rooted for the guy. 

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  1. cleonjones Says:

    I like Murphy at 2nd- Keep starting him there- Emaus went back to Toronto and they already traded him. Lets get a W tonight !! Lets go METS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ProfessorReyes Says:

    He was my horse this spring, I just wish I could win like this at the track!
    He’s got the best energy, can’t wait to see his home run “trot” again, lol.

  3. USMF Says:

    From little we saw from Murph this spring, I didn’t think he had the skills down to play 2nd everyday. I didn’t see him turn any dbl plays and his fielding and he’s throwing and fielding looked a little awkward.

    You look at him now, he’s still got much to learn about the position…he’s gotta learn to trust the OF’ers on pop ups. LosB looks scared that Murph is gonna run him over (and I don’t blame him). Murph’s gotta learn that he can’t go 20ft to his left, turn, throw to 2nd to start the dbl play.

    But he’s shown surprisingly good range going left and right. He’s shown that he can dive in both directions and get the ball. He’s made good turns on the dbl plays and made all the throws he’s supposed to. Although, he’s not good enough to make up for poor feeds from Wright.

    Overall, he’s done very well. He still has lots to learn, and he needs to get more in a rhythm with Reyes and Wright, but that will come with playing time. it does look like Reyes is pretty comfortable with Murph.

    Wright seems not to trust Murph to relay a less then perfect feed, which means that David will reset and wait to make a perfect throw to Murph, that leaves Muprh waiting at the bag when the runner gets there, making it difficult for Muprh to catch the ball and impossible for him to even attempt a throw. I can’t tell if that’s a problem with Murph getting to the bag too late, or if David just doesn’t feel in sync with him. What ever it is, hopefully that will correct itself with time.

    Murph needs to stay within himself…it’s always more important to get the sure out then force the dbl play.

    But this is what we saw from Murph two years ago at 1st. He worked hard to get a chance. He made some very nice plays and showed promise, but was often out of position going after balls that are the 2nd baseman responsibility and trying to take the cut offs that weren’t his or 20ft too deep on the OF.

  4. Howard Says:

    Five in a row tonight…..

    Let’s Go Mets!

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Lets start the climb out of the basement now. I can’t think of a better team to be playing than the Nats tonight.

    They are on a down swing and we can beat this team. Lets get the first one under or belt tonight!


  6. KMac Says:

    For someone that couldn’t catch a fly ball in LF, Murph is looking great at 2B. His biggest problems are that he tries too hard sometimes and doesn’t always know exactly where to go. But those are correctable and he always hustles.

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    We always say, “Let the kids play” and now they are. But the kids are going to play like kids—at least for a couple years. I’m really happy for Murph, I felt bad for him last season with the injury even though I LOVE Ike. If anything Murphy can try too hard but that is way preferable to loafing around or not caring. I’ll take it!

    I was watching the game the other day marveling at the changed complexion of this team since 2006-1010, both literally and figuratively. So much younger, less showy, fewer Latin players, more kids from our system. Totally different energy. I loved that 2006 team with the crazy handshakes and huge home runs and Endy, etc. And I think all the discussion about Latin players being different etc is total crap and blatantly racist.

    That said, I think it is nice that the clubhouse seems less divided into English speakers and Spanish speakers (and Japanese speakers, etc), with everyone seeming to stick around for the post game interviews etc. No one seems to think he’s “above” anyone else or above talking to the media, which may have nothing to do with one’s native language but more a personality thing. I always thought Willie’s hostility to the media was bad for the players. Anyway, I think increased unity is really important for the future of this team, so I hope they do have it and that it continues.

  8. USMF Says:

    FGMF; you’re right about letting the kids play…The kids make errors, they misjudge balls in the field, they make poor decisions on the base paths, they can be out smarted at the plate by vets.

    It usually take at least a one to two years for a player to learn how to play at the MLB level. So when you say “let the kids play” you should be saying “let the sloppy baseball begin”.

    If I was a GM, I’d try to build my team so that I’d have one “large” contract coming off the books every year and have one Rookie hit the Starting line up every year and one hit the Rotation every year.

    That way, you’d have money to add to payroll every year and you keep injecting young talent in to the club while not over exposing them to rookie mistakes and streaks.

  9. JJ Says:

    The description of Murphy…”he tries too hard sometimes and doesn’t always know exactly where to go”…

    Sounds like me during a good night of drinking…

  10. USMF Says:

    JJ, that’s why you always end up at the Barrel.

  11. BlondiesJake Says:


    You truly are the genius. Too bad you’re not the GM.


  12. USMF Says:

    JJ, unfortunately for me, I blew the interview for Mets GM last year…

    When Fred asked me “What is the 1st thing you’d do if you were the Mets GM?”

    I responded with….”find all those stupid “hybrid” Blue/Black hats and burn them.”

    I never got a call back…

  13. DjMMStan Says:

    Philip Humber looks legit…You gotta thank witless Willie for killing this young kids confidence back in September of 2007.

  14. BrooklynBill Says:

    In another sign that maybe all is right in Mudville, Cliff Lee goes 7 Ks 12 and the Phils lose to the team we just swept. hahaha!!

    I do like Murph @ 2B so far…he will make an occasional physical error here & there. Hopefully, he keeps the mental errors to a min and makes up for any errors he commits with his bat.

    What I’m really liking is this homegrown infield! Thole, Murphy, Ike, Reyes, Wright - all products of the farm system.

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