BMF A.P.B. For Angel Pagan

Where on earth is Angel Pagan?!?

BMF is so concerned that I’m issuing an All-Points-Bulletin, an Amber alert AND a good old fashioned yodel in search of the once dangerous Met.

We’re starving for runs and dying for the spark he used to provide.

If you look up and down the line-up it doesn’t look so bad. Reyes (.329) is hitting like crazy right now, and so is Beltran (.286). 

Ike (.290) has cooled although he started white hot. Wright (.229) is slumping badly but Pagan is by far the worst sitting at a putrid .167.

I cringe just typing a number as low as .167

I don’t know if it’s the pressure of replacing Beltran in CF or living up to being the best player on the team last year but Pagan is in a bad way right now and our offense is going belly up without any production from his bat.

Thing is with all these 1 or 2 run losses if we had last years Pagan we’d have at least 3 more wins.


Another depressing loss. Whattya gonna do? I’m sticking to my early season declaration that I’m not letting any losses bother me this year.

But losing 9 of our last 10 games sucks. Being 1-8 at home is a joke and sitting in last place in the NL East while owning the worst record in baseball is straight up embarrassing.

Do the Wilpons even go to the games these days? I can’t imagine they would show their faces to any Met fans. But I guess from their point of view it could be worse - they could be the Dodgers.

Meanwhile, I think we’re about 2 steps away from getting the Dodger treatment from Selig. We’ve taken loans to meet payroll and Bid already sent Alderson to straighten us out.

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  1. JJ Says:

    Angel Pagan is a career fourth outfielder (with one somewhat successful season out of five) that has been pushed into a key role because he’s on a bad team. Like everything else associated with the Mets this year the results have been mostly predictable…

  2. IrishMike Says:

    Terry Collins is a joke. He clearly manages from the “book” written circa 1975 that apparently is passed down from one Mets manager to the next. Tuesday night he brings in quite possible the worst hitter in baseball to pinch hit to adhere to the lefty/righty guideline written in the book, no matter that Hu can’t hit a major league pitcher no matter which arm he throws with. Last night he asks Thole to sacrifice in the 9th with Reyes on first. The books written since 2000 show that sacrificing a man over to second is a bad percentage play that reduces the expected number of runs you will score in that inning. That outcome is magnified when you have a premier base stealer on first who can get himself to second without sacrificing an out. However by managing like it is 1975 Collins quickly put an end to the Mets chances. Bravo!

  3. MetFanDan Says:

    I guess my brother, Florida Met Fan Rich, is right. That light I see at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

    I guess Pagan had to try to score from third the way the Mets are driving in runs these days. But i the 9th…why didn’t Reyes just steal 2nd instead of relying on Tolley (he should not be batting 2nd in fthe first place) to drop a bunt. He’s a catcher for God’s sake. Whenwas the last time you saw Mike Piazza drop a bunt ???

    I’m with you IrishMike…I don’t care if you are a pitcher…you’ve got to find another line of work if you are being pinch-hit for by Chin-lung HU!!! WHO??? HU !!!

    Mets nation turns its lonely eyes to you…wu..wu..wu

    We just didn’t realize how good we had it…

    STEL OG STEM !!!

  4. Howard Says:

    DOES COLLINS THE MORON realize that the percentages of scoring from first base with 0 outs is greater than than man on second and 1 out? Why does a team that cannot hit attempt to bunt over a guy in Reyes who can easily get to second base on his own by stealing second. And to make matters worse, the pathetic Mets bunt into a double play.

    Who can take this team anymore? And oh yea, Jason Bay, Mr. Strikout, Mr. No Power I am sure will save the day.

    Lets Go Mets!

  5. cleonjones Says:

    Its going to be a loooong season !! Lets go Mets !!!!

  6. KMac Says:

    It was a stupid play to bunt and Thole didn’t execute, but Jose could have gotten back if he didn’t just stand there when he saw the ball was in the air. That’s a worse play than Angel trying to score on the WP.

  7. Howard Says:

    My fellow Mets Fans:

    Do you think Bay has a chance to beat out Wright for K’s for the year or do you think he is getting too late of a start for the year having been on the DL until now?

  8. foxster Says:

    the way things continue to go, it makes no sense to comment on the current season. let’s talk about 1986. there was a season for all times. the offense, the defense and that marvelous pitching staff. the way we took the National League apart, then those two post season play off series. after tearing up the league, being on the brink of elimination in both series only to experience that marvelous come from behind victories. you can’t forget the drama with brawls being the order of the day. even afer all the years gone by, you can still draw warmth and satisfaction from the 1986 edition of the NY Mets. why can’t that field of dreams come alive again for us poor suffering Met fans?

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    So lets see:

    We can’t hit!
    We can’t field
    We can’t throw
    We can’t hit homers!
    We can’t run the bases!
    We can’t sacfifice bunt!
    We can’t slide!
    We can’t manage!
    We can’t pitch!

    Did I miss anything? This teams makes up more ways to lose games that haven’t even been invented yet!

    Memo to Angel! Next time you try to steal home, how about TOUCHING THE F***ING PLATE when you cross over it….You just might be safe!

    We are gonna get swept by the ASTROS AT HOME! Can you even say that?…They suck worsen than US!…I think!

    I could get a pick up team of neighborhood kids off the beach and beat the ASTROS!

    I can’t even put out my Met flag or wear any gear for fear of devaluing the neigborhood!

    Can it get any worse?…Basement Bertha!…Nice to see you again!

    Since we are out of it…and it is not even May I would suggest you BMFers start drinking heavily or get a hobby.

    I told you guys to get the April plan for tickets!

    Spring Training 2012 is only 10 months away!

    LETS GO METS!!!!

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    We got rid of Manuel, brought in Collins, the results are the same. The team can’t win with these PLAYERS. Its not the manager. If we did bring in Wally or another manager now (which is ridiculous to even talk about at this point) would the results be any different? How many managers would we need before we realize its the players that need to change. As of now, I don’t know who I’d keep other than Reyes, Davis, maybe Wright & b/c of his contract we probably keep Bay. Obviously Beltran isn’t part of the future of the team after this season. I’ve said it before, bring the once who are producing at a high level and give em a trip up to the bigs and see how they produce. Give em a few weeks, those that show they can handle the bigs, stay. Those that can’t, send ‘em down and have them work on whatever their shortcomings are and, should they bounce back in the minors, bring em back up. Really, what do we have to lose? We need a big change and calling up the guys who WANT to be here and need to prove themselves will be the booster the team and fans need. Tear it down and build it up!


  11. Matt the Met Fan Says:


    Trade these guys while they still have value!! and are not hurt !! yet ..

    we need to start rebuilding NOW !!

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    I agree it’s not the manager’s fault. But why does the manager have to help these lousy players lose by being lousy himself?

    Attempting to bunt with Thole when Reyes is on first shows the manager is clueless. Pinch-hitting a guy that can’t hit shows the manager is clueless. Assuming players know when to steal and when not to steal shows the manager is clueless. You’ve earned your nickname Terry, you are officially Clueless Collins, CC for short.

    I guess the good thing is Wally won’t be the one fired in the next 2 or 3 years but might be the one taking over with young, energetic kids that he’s shown the ability to get the most out of in the minors.

  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    And just think!

    We already thought we got rid of our crappy players before the season started!


  14. IrishMike Says:

    “I would suggest you BMFers start drinking heavily or get a hobby.”

    That already is my hobby.

  15. USMF Says:

    I’d change that from “can’t win with these players” to”can’t win with this pitching staff”

    After last nights performance, RAD looks like he’s improving…Neise is still learning, so he’ll hit road bumps…CY and Cappy are scrap heaps, so anything they give you is a bonus…

    but Pelf sucks and he’s killing this team! The pen is getting worn out on days they should get a rest…And you can see Mike has ZERO confidence in himself and the players behind him have even less.

    Games that the team should know they are going to win, they walk out on the field already defeated.

    They need to change his name from “Big Pelf” to “Big Disappointment”…If Sandy’s gonna start selling off players…Pelf’s gotta be the first one with a “For Sale” sign hanging around his neck.

    It’s funny, Reyes is still smiling and having fun and he’s the only guy who’s hitting right now…everyone else is swinging at air and hanging their heads…makes ya think.

    Sadly, the worst thing about Angel struggling is his D is sucking out…he’s making bad throws and going back on bloopers.

    I’m sick of watching Scott Hairston give himself a hernia on every swing…and I thought this dude was supposed to be a good fielder? Why is he pulling an Abreu every time he gets near a wall? This guy has cost us at least two games with his bad D…how long until we send him down and bring up Evans? If fact how long till we dump Hu and bring up anybody?

    The good news…I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how nicely Murph’s been playing 2nd. He’s made good throws, nice dives to his left and right and has done a good job at turning severial dbl plays last night.

  16. Met_Maven Says:

    I honestly think the players would preform better if they either didn’t have big contracts or everyone was in their walk year. Think about it, for the most part once a player gets a cushy contract, they seem to plateau or dip. They got their $ and have nothing to play for until their walk year comes up. That’s why we need those young kids, the ones who will play as hard as they can so they can stay in the majors and try hard every night irregardless of the score. In a perfect world I’d love to see contracts last only 2 years. Think how hard everyone will try and how short their stints on the DL would be. Just wishful thinking, but hey, its nice to dream. Bring up the kids! What have we got to lose?


  17. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Wow…Anytime you break a club record of the 1962 “Amazings for futility”!

    Now thats something to brag about and be proud of!

    Now lets go out and break that 40-120 mark!


  18. Met_Maven Says:

    No matter how crappy this team is, even if it doesn’t win another game all season, if this is what produces a winning team in the next couple of years, it’ll all be worth it. That being said, bring up the kids and lets try to win some games!


  19. BlondiesJake Says:

    Met_Maven, I will respectfully disagree. Even if all these guys had two-year deals, they wouldn’t be much better. Is David Wright not trying? Is Angel Pagan not trying? Is Pelfrey not trying?

    It’s convenient to say the big contract is why, but lazy guys are lazy guys irregardless and mediocre guys are mediocre guys irregardless.

    Having said that, to not have lots of $ tied up in long contracts for underperforming players would be a good thing and that’s the direction Alderson is heading.

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