Mets v Stros

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    3 - 0 Astros! We got em right where we want em!…Nice!

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Can’t Slide…Can’t Bunt!….”Fundamentally Sound Baseball”?

  3. Helix Says:

    These guys are phuckin’ idiots… why would Terry Collins call for a bunt and waste an AB when Reyes had already stolen 2 bags?

    And again, what exactly did this squad work on during Spring Training? Pinochle, solitaire? Thole unable to properly lay down a bunt is inexcusable and Reyes running on a pop-up is stupid times two.

    They’ve entered a vortex of shiity baseball that is swallowing them up like a Black Hole. Back the truck up, shiit-can them all.

  4. CowCrusher Says:

    no, bring in Wally!!!!!!!

  5. Met_Maven Says:

    We got rid of Manuel, brought in Collins, the results are the same. The team can’t win with these PLAYERS. Its not the manager. If we did bring in Wally or another manager now (which is ridiculous to even talk about at this point) would the results be any different? How many managers would we need before we realize its the players that need to change. As of now, I don’t know who I’d keep other than Reyes, Davis, maybe Wright & Bay. Obviously Beltran isn’t part of the future of the team after this season. I’ve said it before, bring the once who are producing at a high level and give em a trip up to the bigs and see how they produce. Give em a few weeks, those that show they can handle the bigs, stay. Those that can’t, send ‘em down and have them work on whatever their shortcomings are and, should they bounce back in the minors, bring em back up. Really, what do we have to lose? We need a big change and calling up the guys who WANT to be here and need to prove themselves will be the booster the team and fans need. Tear it down and build it up!


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