Collins Should’ve Blown Gasket

The Mets are flat. They’re losing and becoming increasingly lifeless with every game. 

Last nite’s contest was pretty much out of reach as the our heroes were down 6-1 in the 8th when all of a sudden there was a glimmer of hope.

Reyes got aboard when first baseman Chris Johnson was unable to handle a one hop throw from across the diamond. One out later Wright grounded to the SS who flipped to 2nd baseman Bill Hall for the DP but the ball clanked off of Halls mitt before an out was recorded… Only that’s not how the ump saw it and ruled the drop was on the transfer and thus Reyes was out.

Except it CLEARLY bounced out of his mitt w/o the player ever having possession. It was a terrible call that brought Collins from the dugout. 

BMF was sure we were in for a good argument. I mean there was no way the firey Collins would let the umps get away with this blown call.

So our skipper runs out, talks for a couple of minutes and returns to the dugout business as usual.

My head almost exploded at the lost opportunity Collins just punted. The Mets are trying to rally. The ump blew an easy call. We’re home. The fans, or at least the handful that remained, were ready to be super-charged… But nuthin’.

I can’t stand it when managers don’t take the opportunity to inspire their team by abusing a deserving ump. 

Nothing gets the crowd going like a good ol’ scream at the ump session when everyone in the building saw it was a bad call.

The team is in such desperate need of a boost I believe it’s the managers duty to seize the moment. If you’re asking the players to provide a spark then you as a manager have the same obligation.

I don’t want to hear about, “That’s not his personality” or “You can’t ask someone to be who they’re not” — Bullshit. If you’re a major league manager and you’ve got a team needs a spark then you try anything and everything to provide it.


Do you think for a moment that Tommy Lasorda wouldn’t have gone bezerk? Or Bobby V, or Pinella, or Billy Martin?

Sorry Collins but BMF is fining you $500 (to charity) for failing to argue in an effort to provide a spark.

I mean what’s the worst that happens - he goes too far, gets tossed from game and manages from the clubhouse for 1 inning? 

And you never know a good rhubarb with an ump just might wake up this sleep walking, loser team!

19 Responses to “Collins Should’ve Blown Gasket”

  1. JJ Says:

    The opposite view is he goes nuts and gets accused of losing it in the third week of the season (there goes Terry again) in a game where they are down 6-1 and weren’t going to win anyway.

    You’re right BMF this is a loser team but I don’t think the manager getting tossed is going to help…it goes way deeper than that

  2. Paul Says:

    I would have liked to see Collins get tossed — if only to give the fans who stuck around something to cheer about.

    It’s really too early to judge Collins, but so far I’m not impressed.

  3. cleonjones Says:

    Its going to be a loooong season. Its starting to feel like 1975-1983 again. Where is Dave Kingman? Lets go Mets !!!!

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    There have been closer plays he’s could’ve come out and argued….one of these days he’s going to have to get himself tossed for arguing a called 3rd strike on Ike. Is it just me or are the umps widening the strike zone on him? Seems like a lot of the pitches are way off the plate.

    I’m not a fan of the Emaus move…yes, he was giving us nothing but, you can’t over react to 1/2 of April.

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Brooklyn Bill: I’m sort of with you on Emaus. His minor league stat line and scouting reports said that he had some decent offensive skills (last year, for example, between AA &AAA he had 32 doubles, 15 HR, 75 RBI’s and 13 SB’s.) although he certainly didn’t show them here. Management seems to have a fairly quick trigger on these kids this season. On the one hand, it’s hard to argue that Emaus deserved to be on the major league roster without an extra base hit in 37 ab’s, but on the other we’ve just suffered through four years of Castillo, and I don’t know if he had an extra base hit the whole time. :) Anyway, Turner is a career .309/.373/.443 guy in the minors, albeit without too much power, so hopefully between him and Murphy they’ll be allright for now.

    When Hall dropped that ball, Keith immediately said “No way Terry makes it out of this inning,” suggesting that Collins was going to be so mad that he would wind up getting himself tossed. I have no problem with his reaction there, however. I mean, if he does get himself thrown out, it would probably be as much out of frustration for the mess that the pen made out of the top of the inning, as anything else. To me, where I think Collins made his big mistake was not there, but in the seventh. The Mets finally had something going offensively. Beltran had homered, Hairston walked and Turner singled. Two outs, runners on first and second. Pinch hitter time. Murphy and Harris on the bench. So Hu does Collins send up to bat? Why Hu, of course! I understand the whole righty/lefty thing, but let’s look at the big picture. Hu is batting .091 on the season (71 points lower than Emaus, by the way) and in 184 big league games over four seasons has managed to drive in a total of seventeen runs. Murphy/Harris have already driven in 11 runs this season. This is the moment to give it your best shot. That’s where I fault Collins. He can come and kick dirt and get thrown out or not; I don’t much care, but he has to consistently give his team the best chance to win when he gets the opportunity, and I think on that score he came up short last night.

  6. Jay the Dawg Says:

    Meh, I’d be depressed if I didn’t go into the season expecting this, but since I did, I’m not. I’ll probably watch a couple of games, but whatever. The team I love blows.

  7. Howard Says:

    I actually thought they could revive the season with series against the Astros, Diamondbacks, and Nationals. I fooled myself again.

    I was watching the Knicks and when I put on the Mets game when it was in the 8th, it looked like there were a only a few thousand fans in the stands. Was anyone at the game? What was the estimated real attendance last night?


  8. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Congratulations with the loss last night and our stellar 1-7 record at home, we are officially the worts team in all of baseball now….NICE!…We are already 2 1/2 games back of 4th place!

    The att. in the box score was 27,093. I can’t believe there are that many people with no life who felt compelled to see the Mets and Astros! That is probably the worst two teams in baseball (Of course I am not debating the Mets as the worst).

    I knew we were going to be bad but I at least expected us to not to be out of it by MID-APRIL. I thought we could at least go .500 against the crappy teams like us.

    The team needs more than a Boost, it needs a “Good Swift Kick in the A**”! The manager does not make sound baseball decisions and we were promised “Repect for the Game,” “The game would be played right” and “Good sound fundamental baseball”, No of this has occured!

    Lets admit we suck, start cleaning house, and call it what it is a “Lost Year”! But lets get something out of it.

    Does it really matter if we finish 4th or 5th? Does it matter if we win 65 or 75 games?

    New brooms sweep clean. Lets get some of the young kids up here, play them EVERY day!


  9. Ed Says:

    Collins should’ve gotten himself thrown out last night. It would’ve shown that at least someone has some life in them, because the rest of the team surely doesn’t. In this case, we all know that the ump made a bad call, which for me is what makes it worse.

    After seeing this go down I’m thinking to myself that even Collins knows he’s wasting his time, that they’re down by too many runs too late in the game to make a comeback, so he’s like “ah screw it” and just walks away. Obviously the call wasn’t going to be reversed but if I’m a manager looking to create a spark for my team, then getting ejected on a terrible call is the least I could do. You never know what effect that may have on the players. I don’t blame Collins for any of the teams problems (yet) but I just feel this was a missed opportunity.

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    Manager getting tossed ≠good manager.

    Manager getting tossed in a game we weren’t going to win anyway ≠ good manager.

    Had this been a “turning point” I’d be all for him going out and screaming and kicking up dirt etc, but last night was not the time to do so.

  11. Arnold D Says:

    Collins shiould have gotten himself tossed.
    It reminded me of an incident in Yankee Stadium a few years ago when the umps took a three run homer away from Delgado calling an obviously fair ball foul. (This incident was the catalyst for instant replay on HRs) Sitting in the stands next to my son I said if Willie Randolph does not get himself thrown out he should be fired on the spot (in the dugout they knew that the ball was fair) Of course Randolph stayed in the game but bench coach Manuel got tossed.
    The Mets have been accused of being soft. At times the team has to make a statement - Let the umps know that their blatantly bad calls will not be tolerated! I’m not advocating making an argument just for the sake of arguing but sometimes making a scene is justified.
    I have been a fan since 1963. That season in LA a foul ball was called a HR in extra innings for the Dodgers just because the “men in blue” wanted to go home and who cares if the Mets lose another game, they probably would have lost anyway. It was not tolerable then and it is not now. The umps have to do their best even when games seem out of reach just as the players do. Don’t let the umpires get lazy. The perception that bad calls against bad teams don’t matter cannot be accepted!!
    Also, as mentioned earlier in the comments, the Mets gave up on Emaus much too soon. Emaus is not responsible for the team’s poor start and Turner won’t make a difference anyway. Finally push buttom managing drives me crazy. You can’t send up Hu when you have someone like Murphy available on the bench.

  12. Ed Says:

    # Met_Maven Says:
    April 20th, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Manager getting tossed ≠good manager.

    Manager getting tossed in a game we weren’t going to win anyway ≠ good manager.

    Had this been a “turning point” I’d be all for him going out and screaming and kicking up dirt etc, but last night was not the time to do so.

    Completely agree, getting tossed has nothing to do with how well you manage a game. However, you can’t say “in a game we weren’t going to win anyway” because although you’re probably right, we don’t know that for sure. The fact is, Collins arguing and in turn being ejected could have been a “turning point” and who knows what would’ve happened after. If last night was not the time to do so, then when? I’d say being the worst team in the league would justify now being the time.

  13. foxster Says:

    every one connected with the Mets seems to be just going through the motions. win-lose ho hum. who really cares? not the Mets. for the time being, maybe the fans, but just how long will they give a d–n? the stench grows stronger with each game, and there is sure as heck no improvment on the horizon.

  14. Ryan Says:

    So, you’re mad not because we are losing, but because he didn’t get tossed?

    Managers yelling at umps and getting tossed has to be the most overrated part of the game.

    You can’t tell me that all of a sudden we start getting hits and making defensive stops and striking people out because the manager gets rolled.

    I agree with whoever above said that if he got tossed then the media spins it as “he’s losing it”.

    As Bill Parcels said….”Winning is the best cure.”

    You are not mad because he didn’t get tossed, you are mad because we lost AND he didn’t get tossed. One has nothing to do with the other.

  15. StateCapSteve Says:

    Right on, BMF. Considering the score of the game, and innings left, strategically going out there to rip the ump for a decidedly bad call, would have revved up the crowd, which deserved the right to cheer something, and maybe would have lit a fire under the sullen Mets. If Terry is playing it “safe”, shame on him. There are too many guys on the team that are too tightly wound right now, or too willing to swing for the fences with nothing to back it up. The Mets are playing like a minor league crew. If Collins wants to worry about something real, that would be it. Pitching, hitting, and basic baseball skills uniformly are weak, at least raising the issue of whether Collins properly prepped and evaluated this team during Spring training.

  16. Ed Says:

    I’m not sure anyone is saying they’re mad at Collins. But I disagree that ejections are overrated. There are coaches throughout sports that have admitted to arguing calls that they knew were right, for the sole purpose of being ejected to fire up the team.

    In this case the calls were wrong, they were down a bunch of runs with only another inning to play. So the bottom line is, you have nothing left to lose and might as well try. Even if you still lose the game, it still may create a spark somewhere. Everyone knows the out wasn’t going to be reversed… so if you’re going out to argue, get all heated up, and then go sit back down… well what was the point?

  17. JJ Says:

    Parnell on the DL with a numb finger…that’s not the only thing numb in this organization…

  18. MetFanDan Says:

    I’m at the point where I have to rely on some old cliches…

    “No one ever won a pennant in April…”

    “It’s always darkest before the dawn…”

    Seems like something new happens every day with this team. I’ve been watching baseball since the 1950’s and never saw a pitcher standing on the rubber bobble the ball in his glove for a balk.

    “Car 54 where are you ???”

    OK…on three kids…LET’S GO METS !!!

  19. David Domincki Says:

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