Swept Again

I’m unable to muster even a single comment about being swept in Back-to-Back Double Headers.

Not a single comment.

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  1. CTMetFan Says:

    Sad. Reinforces the call for blowing up the whole team and starting from scratch. That includes David who cant seem to come up big when needed. Between all that is going on with ownership and bad play on the field this is THE worst sitch I’ve ever seen this franchise in. And it’s only April.

  2. JJ Says:

    No comment here either…

  3. Howard Says:

    It is bad enough that the Mets have very little talent but when I see Daniel Murphy trying to steal third base down 3 runs in the 6th, you realize that this is one of the stupidest baseball teams there is. Does Daniel Murphy have the green light to steal, a guy with absolutely no speed? I would cut him on the spot. He is a defensive liability with who can’t hit and is brainless.

    I feel bad in a way for Collins but under his managing, I have seen one stupid play by the Mets after another. The guy could not get a job for 12 years. The Mets should have hired Wally Backman in the first place. I guarantee you that if Murphy pulled that s**t under the eye of Backman, his ass would be on the bench for the rest of the season or you would be able to watch him play in Brooklyn for the rest of the year.

    This team is putrid. As usual, Wright can never get a clutch hit.

    And Pelphrey, please. I never thought the guy was good and to be honest, he needs to be cut immediately. He has limited talent and here is another guy whose brain is in the lost and found somewhere.

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    The harder you try, the worse you play…seems to be a baseball truth. We have a young, inexperienced team that is clearly pressing and beating themselves right now.

    Not helping that we have no real #1 who can stop the bleeding…this could get really really ugly.

    I like Murphy’s aggressiveness, he does have heart. But someone needs to tell him he is not nearly as fast as he thinks he is.

  5. BrooklynBill Says:

    Pelfrey has become the equivalent of a baseball basket case…he is a total mess. The Mets have babied him since he came up & now he’s just a disaster out there. 11 hits in 5 IP, can’t put anyone who has a clue at the plate away. Not sure where he goes from here…you just know if the Mets traded him he’d end up as one of those players who suddenly finds himself and flourishes someplace else.

  6. GB Says:

    I would be more disappointed if they were playing their typical .500 ball.

    It’s time to rebuild. It’s time to be the worst team in the majors for a couple years, so the Mets can earn #1 draft picks, like they did w Doc and Strawberry.

    There’s nothing like HoF arms and bats on the cheap. It’s worth sucking for a couple years if you can have a Reggie Jackson, or a Bob Gibson at the end of it.

    And yeah, I’m keeping my plan. An investment in top seats to a hopefully rejuvenated team in 2014.

  7. Helix Says:

    Some scene on the mound while TC waited for Pelfrey’s relief to show up. The manager couldn’t even look at his starter, and the entire infield looked as if they were waiting for a meteor to strike any second. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    These guys know they’re in uncharted territory, tied to a runaway train hurtling toward a blown-up bridge.

    Let’s see… who do we have left? Knicks… Rangers?

  8. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    There is some GOOD NEWS!

    1) Spring Training 2012 is only 10 months away!

    2)We only suck as much as Seattle right now!

    3) We don’t suck as much as the Red Sox yet!

    4) The bridge at Shea 2 has been reinforced to hold the “Bridge Jumpers” en masse.

    5) Only one more loss till the next homestand!

    6) Tuesday is “Show Your Face Night” at the ball park. All fans who dare to show their face will be admitted free.

    All fans wearing bags over their heads will be 2 for 1!

    7) The Mets and the Astros-RIVETING- I would rather be “Waterboarded Tortured” then be forced to sit through that series!

    8)^BrooklynBill “This could get really really ugly.” (Meaning todays sweep?)

    9) Where are the BMFers with the “It’s still early cries?”

    10) Shocked I say that this team Sucks!…”Dumpster diving in the winter, makes for Sh***y baseball in the summer!”

    82 and Sunny…I’m off to the beach!

  9. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    It got late really really really early around here. Dillon Gee pitches today. If he pitches well, why shouldn’t he be given a spot in the rotation when and if Chris Young every comes back? Are we dealing with the same entitlements we’ve seen the past couple of years?This team is atrocious.

  10. Yoob Weebank Says:

    How can a team in this day and age come into New York and take 4 straight games? I mean in New York? what? did they stay in their hotel rooms the entire time and read the bible? and if this wasn’t bad enough the Mets thought that going on the road would help them, to Atlanta no less. We are fast becoming the modern day St. Louis Browns

  11. Met_Maven Says:

    While it is early in the season, its not exactly time to give up hope, but they are playing worse than I imagined. I don’t think they can tinker with the lineup or pen anymore than they have, tho I do like Thole in the 2 hole. Since we all know the season is a wash, no one in their right mind expected the team to make the playoffs, I say we take turns bringing up the guys on the farm and see what they got. We literally have nothing to lose. If they’re good, keep em here and let them learn on the big stage if they show they can perform. If they aren’t ready, have them go back to the farm. In addition to that by ASB I’d trade Reyes, Beltran, KRod maybe a few bench players and trade them for a pitching upgrade and some prospects. The rebuilding will be long andpainful at first but if it leads to a winning team in a few years, I’ll take it.


  12. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    OMG…We Did It!…We on a game!….Happy days are here again!

  13. Cowcrusher Says:

    Was it me or did the boys have and shome some more agression than in the recent past? I don’t know what Collins said to them or maybe it all sunk in at once, but with Gee showing some confidence out there, perhaps the Braves did not know what to make of this team?

  14. Cowcrusher Says:

    Did it again…I meant “show some more..”

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