Can’t See Trading Pagan


Its absolutely a topic worth discussing but in the end I think Pagan is more valuable to us in uniform than a trade chip. 

He’s cheap, productive, young and cheap. 

I don’t buy into his not being happy in right opposed to center.  
This guy is no primadonna, Angel plays his ass off everyday  no matter what. 

Plus lets be honest, with Beltran’s track record odds are Pagan will still get 100 starts in CF having an everyday job.


Woulda loved to see Ike Davis win the Gold Glove but it’s simply unreasonable to expect him to beat out Pujols in his rookie season. 

Dig out whatever bizarre stat you like to argue Davis’ case, and you’ll get no objection from BMF. But the truth is this kid has PLENTY of years ahead of him to earn some hardware… and he probably will.

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