Happy Opening Day - Let’s Go Mets 2011!

This definitely ranks up there as one of the odder Opening Days, what with our friday nite road game a full 30 hours after the season’s first pitch. But BMF is going to enjoy sitting down to watch the game (after dinner with family) from beginning to end and soak in every pitch.

I’m super amped to see what the lineup can do - even this wacky batting order Collins has cooked up due to Harris’ past success vs Johnson:


Game 2 should see Pagan back in the 2 hole and Duda in left but I’m not opposed to Collins shaking things up as he sees fit.

Overall I like our skipper’s energy and I’m looking forward to going to battle with him. I get the vibe Collins really wants to win and will use his frenetic energy to push his team to the limit.

It may not have worked in past clubhouses but Collins’ professional maturation and a different set of personalities may be the final ingredients for success.

Regardless I’m hoping a little regular season baseball will take my mind off the wretched Wilpons.

Let’s Go Big Pelf!!!


Figueroa back in Brooklyn

BMF was in Coney Island thursday afternoon to film the opening ceremonies at Lincoln High for the PSAL baseball season.

Ex-Met, and current Astro’s 5th starter, Nelson Figueroa returned to his Alma mater for a reunion of Lincoln’s last City Championship team and threw out the first pitch.

I got the chance to interview and hang with Figgy who is a great guy. Just a regular dude from the neighborhood who just happens to be a major league pitcher.

11 Responses to “Happy Opening Day - Let’s Go Mets 2011!”

  1. cleonjones Says:

    Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MetFanDan Says:

    Packing up right now to head down south a few hours to the Marlins ballpark for “Opening Night”. As soon as my brother’s (Florida Met Fan Rich) “GO BIG PELF” shirt comes out of the wash…we’ll be on the road. Besides the METS; any winners at Gulfstream Park would be greatly appreciated. I’ve only seen the Amazin’s win since I’ve been down here and I’m looking forward to seeing them continue when it counts.

    Here we go…LET”S GO METS !!!

  3. Howard Says:

    I am ready for Opening Day…..Keeping the faith that the Mets will hit and get enough pitching to keep in contention the entire year. If Reyes, Wright, Bay, Pagan, and Ike can hit, Beltran stays reasonably healthy, and Santana can come back in July healthy, we have a shot.

    Who will be at the dining room table at Blondies?

    Let’s Go Mets!!!!

  4. Buck Says:


  5. The Coop Says:


    Ask for Coop - we are having a full house tonight at Blondies!! WOOOOOOO!!

    Clap clap clap! Clap clap clap! Clap clap clap!

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    Let’s Go Mets! I wish I could be at Blondies. I hope everybody has a fun night and the boys start well, though Big Pelf’s history vs the fish isn’t good.

    I’m excited for Mets baseball to be returning but as it also turns out, the radio station that airs my show is changing formats to news and so today is my last show after more than 3 years (and that’s not an April Fool’s joke). Thanks to all who come here and also tuned in and of course, special thanks to BMF who was a great guest a couple of times on the program.


  7. Met_Maven Says:

    Anyone going to McFaddens @ Citi for tonites game?


  8. Cowcrusher Says:

    Let’s Go Mets!

    Nice reference to the Amazin’s on “Rules of Engagement” last night….besides Met fan David Spade who is on the show, we have friends in sitcom land!

  9. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be at Blondies tonight, can’t wait!

    Great interview with Bobby O on the FAN this morning, very positive about Collins, the team’s energy, etc. Picked us to win 82-42 games, and I totally agree.

    Sorry to hear about your show, BJake. Does this mean you guys are moving back east?? ;)

  10. BlondiesJake Says:

    FGFM, thanks. Hope to be visiting NYC again this summer but not moving back anytime soon.

  11. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I just want to say if Fatcessa is this smug and snide and negative about the Mets all year, I am going to lose it. UGH!!

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