Poor Nick Evans

Talk about a guy who’s been around the organization and has pretty much consistently hit but has nothing to show for it Nick Evans has become that guy.

The poor bastard has gotten the job done again this spring and once again finds himself on the outside looking in. 

Word is he’s being put on waivers. I wouldnt want to lose him but to be honest part of me hopes he gets picked up by another organization just so he gets a chance.

Sorta feel like he’s never gonna get a fair shake here in NY.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    This article was on the Mets website! The game got rained out yesterday and the Mets probably lost 150,000 in revenue. Everyone knew it was going to rain yesterday!

    There was an 80% Chance of rain yesterday…HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU NOT PUT A TARP ON THE FIELD!!….You are the grounds crew!…You are paid to watch the weather!….Its your only job!….IDIOTS!

    Mets’ game against Marlins rained out
    By Anthony DiComo / MLB.com | 03/28/11 2:13 PM ET

    PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Stormy weather forced the Mets to cancel Monday’s scheduled game against the Marlins, knocking out power around the region and leaving a soggy field at Digital Domain Park.

    Though mostly sunny skies returned by early afternoon, Digital Domain’s grounds crew left the field uncovered overnight, not anticipating the early-morning thunderstorms that blanketed the area with rain. Rather than risk injuries on a soggy track, the Mets opted to cancel the game.

    You can’t make this up!!!…How Stupid!!

  2. USMF Says:

    FMFR-who cares? A ST game got rained out, darn golly gee wiz…it’s not like the Mets were the only team to have rain outs.

    They could be more like the Braves and not offer refunds, only tickets for another ST games, but sadly the next Brave Home ST games are at Atlanta…how’s that for a screw job.

    Ya all gotta stop looking for things to bitch about, it’s getting old and boring…you’re all starting to sound like a bunch of spoiled whinny brats.

    The season of change is about to begin. Win or lose, the Mets are heading in the right direction…We got some young studs on the way, older injury pron guys are on the way out and wastes of space players are cut. Either Fred has to pay the $300 mil he is legally obligated to pay by law, he’ll sell part of the team off and life will go on…or he’ll pay the full Billion (not very likely) and the team payroll will suffer, Fred will have to sell the team (probably to MLB at first) they team will suck out (because we all know MLB can’t run a winning team) but you’ll all get your wish and the Wilpons will be out.

    I like Evans a lot, I hope he sticks around…
    but I’d take it easy on the “retty much consistently hit” comments. He started off hot in 08 when he first came up, but quickly cooled down. In 09, he started in AAA and completely bombed out and had to be sent down to AA because he was batting a .090 something. When he came rebounded in the minors, he still didn’t do much when he had his September call up.

    Now to Nicks credit, he looked great in AA last year and had decent numbers in September…too bad he doesn’t have a better glove, he’d probably be higher on the depth chart and Sandy wouldn’t have signed Hairston or Harris.

    I wish that Omar didn’t waste all of Evans options buy bring him up and down several times the past few years to sit on the bench. Sadly, they are going to have the same problem with F-Mart next year.

    No mention that Beltran is playing today? It’s a risky move, because that means they can’t back date a DL stint if something bad happens. I guess it means that they are confidant that he’s healthy(ish) or it’s either a put up or shut up situation. So either way, even though it’s not the Safe/Smart move, I actually like it.

  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I can’t think of one thing that Sandy Alderson has done so far that I DON’T like—with the departure of Castillo and Perez and the addition of Thole, the Pagan decision, Murph on the bench, Mejia to the minors where he SHOULD have been all along, lowering ticket prices, etc etc, I’m getting everything I wanted.

    Now if Terry Collins, who I also like so far (as much as that means anything before Opening Day) can actually manage a game properly, I will be completely psyched. He already said that he will go with the same lineup every day and have designated roles in the pen, thank god.

    AND I think our coaching staff is hugely improved.

    So while we may not have enough pitching, and too many question marks, and injury issues, not to mention the scandal with ownership, I think the Mets are doing much better so far with the things that actually ARE in their control. As far as I’m concerned, I can root happily for this team.

    Now if they could just call it Shea as god and all that is right in the world intended, life would be almost perfect!!

  4. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    PS: who’s going to Blondies on Friday? Me and El Dude are in!

  5. The Coop Says:

    FGMF, hubby and I will be there, and I hope MtMF and Irish Mike will be too!

    I was thinking of reserving the section in the corner for us…what say you?

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Sounds good to me! Will be there with bells/Mets attire on.

  7. cleonjones Says:

    Lets Go METS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. IrishMike Says:

    I was recently upgraded from doubtful to likely for the event.

    Mets got a break opening away. Looks like the Yanks will be playing their first few games in freezing rain.

  9. A Phanatic Says:

    . . ~ ~
    | \_/\_/^^^/'’\

  10. Big D Says:



  11. USMF Says:


  12. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    COUNT ME IN .. to Blondies ..

    it’s a moral imperative ..

    Opening Day .. ah ..30 degrees … brisk winter chill .. yeh, it even feels like Opening Day !!

  13. The Coop Says:

    A Phanatic! Will you be joining us at Blondie’s on Opening Day? You know we are a bunch of friendly enemies :D

  14. A Phanatic Says:

    Will have to dust off my Charlie Manuel shirt, but i’ll be there….

  15. Somar Sotominaya Says:

    From yesterday’s post:

    “Opening day is a within sight yet we’ve still got to slog through a handful of meaningless games.”

    Then we get to slog through 162 meaningless games.

  16. Heather Weida Says:

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