Wally Would be Good for Met Brand

One of the things ya gotta love about Backman is the drama that precedes him.

BMF would love to see Wally as met manager but I find it hilarious how much news seems to be swirling around him before he’s even had the chance to interview.

First Wally is slated for an interview, then he’s not, then Adam Rubin and the Mets allegedly have dirt on Wally but won’t reveal it. This dirt is supposed to prevent the ‘86 Met from getting the job but next thing we know he’s on the list  & Mets sent to fans.

The way I see it this is NY and we need fire in the dugout. 

I like Hurdle as an option but the Met brand would benefit from a skipper like Wally or Bobby. I think it’s safe to assume Bobby’s not coming back (hasn’t been mentioned once as a candidate, and now word comes of a rift with Fred) so Backman is the guy to energize the fanbase and the media.

Hate to take a page from the yankee playbook but Billy Martin helped to put that franchise back on top. His fire and passion was at once his best and wort asset and I’d take Wally under those same conditions.

Yes Wally may do some outrageous shit and drink too much along the way but his teams will fight till the last out, the fans will come back and we’ll instantly be on par with the Yankees for media coverage…

Well at least we’ll quickly close the gap.

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    Sorry BMF, I usually see eye to eye but on this subject I disagree. Consider the resume of Dave Jauss & this interview:


    Wally doesn’t stack up…he’d be hired for his ‘intangibles’. I don’t think Sandy wants that risk. As for fiesty managers that won’t tolerate players going thru the motions, I dont think that’ll be a managerial concern going forward. Loafers or dispassionate players will be systemically weeded out of Sandy’s new organization.

    I predict Sandy will make some surprising, unconventional moves…the boldest of which I predict will be the trading of Jose Reyes. If we can get some good prospects in return, he’ll fill SS with a guy who hits .275, gets on base .350+ and catches the ball 9/10 times….and we wouldn’t lose much in terms of wins & losses and save 10MM+ a year.

    I think that is the new way our front office will be looking at things.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^ BrooklynBill I could not have said it any better. BMF I think you are wishing with your heart instead of your head on this one.

    The 2011 year is going to be a boring get back to basics, lets get rid of the dead wood and reduce payroll kind of year.

    I think the New manager is going to be a major surprise a “who did we pick?” kind of moment.

    Also I can say that I believe he will come from outside the oganization.

    Since they dropped prices for tix for 2011 would it be fair to say they should do the same for Spring Training?…..LETS GO METS!

  3. USMF Says:

    Bill, what alternative SS are you talking about? Only seven SS hit over .275 last year and Reyes was one of them. Only four of the seven had a OBP over .350. (Reyes was down, but 06-09 he averaged over .350OBP)

    Troy Tulowitzki put up great numbers, but was also injured and has shown inconsistencies in past years. He’s locked up for severial years and due some pretty nice money.
    2014:$15M club option ($2M buyout)

    Hanley Ramirez is a great hitter, fielding not so much. but he did make some improvements. But he’s locked up too…

    Starlin Castro is a unproven rookie and the Cubs aren’t gonna let him walk.

    The Sox got rising star Alexei Ramirez under control for cheep for years to come.

    Stephen Drew made 4mil in 2010 and he’ll probably double that this year with Arbitration.

    That leaves Marco Scutaro. Now I liked Scutaro a lot but he’s signed for…
    2012:$6M club option/$3M player option ($1.5M buyout)

    So saving 6mil and trading someone to Boston is really worth sending Reyes away for who knows what?

    Reyes trade value is low because of recent injuries and who’s gonna give up anything good for a 11mil you year rental?

    The only way I see Reyes going anywhere is if the Mets and Sox do some mega Beltran/Reyes/Duda/Davis for Matsuzaka/Scutaro/Papelbon/Ellsbury…not gonna happen.

    People fail to see how good Reyes really is…there are very few players who play his position that can give you his type of production (in a down year even) and he’s still only 27 years old.

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    USMF, LOL. I don’t know, that’s a good question. Some big market team that believes in the stolen base or is looking to inject Reyes’ ‘energy’ into their lineup. I think someone would take him @ 11M.

    I think Reyes is a nice player but, that is not the way I think Sandy is going to look at it. He’s prob looking at how many extra wins does that 11M buy the Mets? and how many wins do they lose by paying a SS say 850k per who will hit .265-.275, get on-base (ie, not make outs) at a higher clip, take his walks (lets face it, Reyes does not), and catches the ball 9/10 when its hit to him? Maybe it’s a Marco Scutaro type, maybe its a middle inf somewhere in someone’s farm system. I dunno but if he’s out there, Sandy, JP, and if Podesta comes Podesta, will scour the market and find him.

    According to Moneyball, when the A’s acquired Ray Durham they flat out told him ‘don’t steal’…the new SABR-Mets won’t encourage stolen bases. How is the new manager going to tell Jose Reyes not to steal?? I think he is pretty much trade bait at this point….

  5. BrooklynBill Says:

    I know there are stats out there showing that with Reyes in the lineup the winning % is x. Without x-y %. When Reyes has a SB the winning is x+y….when he scores a run, it’s x+y+z %, etc etc.

    It sounds counter-intuitive but I think this is another case to trade him…the success of the offense is too dependent on one player. If he isn’t in the lineup, and isn’t doing his thing, the other 8 can’t win. I suspect this is not the complexion of a team Sandy wants to have.

    Those winning % stats are the kind of things a savvy GM like Alderson will rattle off when trying to sell him high.

  6. fwilpon Says:

    “People fail to see how good Reyes really is…there are very few players who play his position that can give you his type of production (in a down year even) and he’s still only 27 years old.”

    Forget the numbers. He’s a dog and always will be. Losing will follow him around.

  7. johnny murphy Says:

    Please stop with the wally backman crap. Really.

    I loved wally as a player but he doesn’t conduct himself with dignity and this awful, pitiful mess of a baseball team needs dignity from top to bottom. See charlie samuels for the latest evidence that this organization is sick through and through.

    Joe Torre, Gil Hodges - there are two data points to support the point of view that winning and dignity/class are not mutally exclusive.

    After that street punk omar, bernazard, k-rod…with memories of coleman, sabes, bonilla, et. al. still fresh….with ‘family guy’ johan banging broads on golf courses….yeah, we need wally and his profane, heavy-drinking, bat-throwing and ranting. Just what the doctor ordered. And remember kids, it’s all ok if you’re winning.

  8. CowCrusher Says:

    They released Takahashi? What is up with that?

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The Mets shoud have a reality TV show…Fights…Gambling…Firings…Losing…!

    The only thing missing is playing good baseball!!!

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    With “reality” TV (to our chagrin) being such a staple in our society, it would not surpeise me if HBO is working with SNY right now on such a show….better get your idea in before they steal it! ;P

  11. Big Tony Says:

    Wally would beat the s@@t out of anybody who didn’t hustle. So I say hire him. The team is going nowhere next year anyway.

  12. BrooklynBill Says:

    I loved Wally the player, not sure I’d love Wally the manager. Why don’t we ever talk about him as 1B/3B coach, why the jump to Manager of the Mets??

    On another note, I think the whole hiring from within thing is overrated & has gotten us into enough trouble. I’d rather see a coaching staff filled with competent, experienced coaches. I don’t care how many former players we are giving a job to. Exhibit A: Hojo - great player, fan favorite, lousy hitting coach.

  13. CowCrusher Says:

    Would that take Clint Hurdle off of your list?
    Granted he did not have the same status of a Wally or a Hojo, but he did play for the Mets.

  14. BrooklynBill Says:

    I would have Hurdle on the list!

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