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Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

BMF ain’t dead yet!

In fact we’re re-launching with primarly video content on Opening Day.

The concept is simple: short Video rants from an elite team of the funniest, angriest, most entertaining die-hard Met fans out there.

We’re working on the details now and will be back with a vengeance on Opening Day so stay tuned!!!!

The Future of BMF

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

After 7 years of BMF blogging I’ve come to a crossroads.

Those of you who have been regulars for years know that I used to put 2-3 pictures up with every post back when I had dreams of starting a blogging empire… (for a short time there were even 2 football blogs BrooklynJetFan and BrooklynGiantFan)

But although my Met passion hasn’t waned BMF has definitely been in decline for the last couple of seasons. Not the comments from the always intrepid BMF’ers, but rather my attention and effort put forth into the site.

My “other” passion has been film and tv production something I’ve been working tirelessly on for the past … Ummm… 20 years (!) — holy crap that’s crazy to write.

Anyway after trial and error creating, producing and directing my own feature film, mobile content and pilots for TV I’ve finally found a niche with NYC High School sports docuseries. “City Gridiron” is the show and essentially I follow the top football players in the PSAL ( Pub Sch Athl League) as they compete for the City Championship and get recruited by colleges.

You’ll prob be surprised to know we play good football here in Brooklyn and NYC having sent kids to Notre Dame, Florida, Miami, Clemson and Syracuse the last 4 years.

Anyway I’m not sure what to do with BMF I don’t have the energy to do it right these days and it deserves better than 2012 when it was running on fumes.

So I’m opening the floor to ideas. If you have any ideas on how the site should go forward or you want to be a regular writer on BMF please email me at


Aside from that BMF thinks we dodged a bullet by missing out on Michael Bourn. The guy is a 1 trick pony - SB’s and runs, OK that’s 2 tricks and he’s improved his average the last couple of years but he’s not worth parting with a 1st round draft pick to be on the hook for 12M /year for 4 years.

I realize there’s no one else to play the OF but we have to look beyond this season. We’ll be lucky to finish ahead of the Fish in ‘13 so let’s not commit a contract to a speed guy through his 34th b’day. He’s exactly the type of player that would tank / get hurt as a Met…. But I’m sure he’ll dominate in Cleveland.