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Thanks for the Memories RA (and the Prospects)

Monday, December 17th, 2012

***BMF has obviously been on an extended vacation from BMF’ing of late. I’ve been up to my neck in production on City Gridiron - my NYC HS Football TV show. This may be a light blogging winter but BMF will be back in full swing when baseball season rolls back around***

Assuming Toronto inks RA to an extension and doesn’t find anything amiss in the physical I think this is a great move for the Mets. We need cheap impact players and we’re not realistically gonna compete on 2013 so why keep an aging player whose trade value will never be higher?

Of course it’s a joke that our team parted ways with a batting champ and a Cy Young winner in back to back years, and it’s bizarre they’re about to be playing together, but lest we forget these are the Mets. The smallest market / Big market team you’ve ever seen.

If our favorite team had competent ownership we wouldn’t need to watch our fan favorites depart  in back to back seasons. But considering the Wilponzis lack of business acumen we simply don’t have the money to pay star players, even the homegrown ones.

So please don’t mistake BMF endorsing this move as my being happy with the organization. I’m not. But things being what they are this is a prudent move. I personally tend to believe the whispers that the Wilponzis have no money and we simply can’t afford to keep Dickey.

Travis d’Arnaud is supposed to be a beast of a catcher. Good defensively but prolific at the dish. I’m less than thrilled that he’s working with a surgically repaired knee (afterall he is a catcher) but if he pans out we may have just added the next Buster Posey.

The young hurler we’re getting Snydergaard is a nice chip too. I never heard of him but they say he’s the 3rd best prospect in the Jays organization.

Either way it’s another sad day to be a Met fan.