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RA Dickey Cy Young WINNER

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Well, we didn’t win much this season but RA Dickey defied the odds and took home the NL Cy Young Award for best pitcher in the league.

It’s a rare feat for a Cy Young to be awarded to a pitcher on a crappy second division team like the Mets. To me Steve Carlton was the poster boy for this feat as he won his 1st Cy Young in ‘72 despite playing for a last place Phillies team that lost 97 games.

The Mets weren’t quite that bad but it’s still a tremendous feat for RA to pull off. I guess playing in NY helped his cause since his story was much more out there than it would have been if he were playing in KC but on the flip side I wonder if there’s any backlash towards the inept Mets in the baseball writers voting committee.

I guess the story of RA was just too good to be ignored. The guy pulled himself off the scrap heap after sputtering out in the Majors by learning a knuckler and coming all the way back to dominate and wear the greatest pitching crown there is.

Tremendous to see a knuckle baller take home a Cy Young because it’s a victory shared by all knucklers. These chosen few men who threw it in the bigs are a tight fraternity and I’m sure they’re all celebrating tonight.

I have to wonder how many knuckleballers are there in the Minors? I mean how many guys toil with that pitch and never solve it? You never hear about a promising minor leaguer who throws this junk pitch. I guenot a knuckle-baller isn’t really a buzz-worthy prospect because the guys throwing it have generally turned to the knuckle ball as a last resort when they couldn’t get guys out with their normal stuff. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if a new generation of pitchers begin toying with the knuckle ball at a much younger age now.

Marlins Out Lame Mets!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Wow the Florida / Miami Marlins just leap in front of the Mets as worst franchise in Baseball.

I honestly don’t know how they can get away with the hustle they just pulled. A new stadium largely financed with public money and a gang of elite free agents had us all quaking in our boots expecting the Fish to win the East.

Instead they were awful on the field and off and now they’ve gutted their team trading Reyes and Josh Johnson to Toronto.

And this time they didn’t even wait to win a World Series to gut their team like normal. You would think the Commish would step in at some point, I mean this is bad for the sport.

Jose Reyes can’t be happy AT ALL. He left So Florida and was shipped off to Canada?!? The truth is he’s better off getting out of Florida.

Maybe now he can have a chance to play for a winner.

Jim Malone is Back !

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I knew they were talking but it was great to hear BMF’s buddy Jim Malone was hired as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the NY Mets.

Malone was actually with the Mets in ‘02 as their strength coach but got swept out when Valentine regime came crashing down. In addition to working with the Royals and Indians Malone spent the last 7 seasons in San Diego.

With a football background before baseball Jim is a great addition to the Mets and I hope he catches a break and the Mets don’t suffer through another bizarre rash of injuries like they seem to every year.

Good Luck Malone - you’re gonna need it.

It may be nothing but there was a whisper that the Wilpons are broke, unable to sign anyone this off-season and may in fact lose the team in 2 years after-all.

I try not to get too excited at the thought of the Wilponzis having to sell but if it’s still a possibility I will take comfort in that chance no matter how slim it may be.

But considering Mets fan expectations were lowered by the front office leaking that we’re not spending any money this winter, maybe just maybe it is true.

Bay Joins All-Time Met List on Way Out

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Well I certainly didn’t see that one coming. The Mets parted ways with Jason Bay a full year ahead of schedule with a Buyout that included his obscene 2013 salary of 16M, the 3M buyout needed to void 2014, and 2M still due on his signing bonus.

But Jason Bay did manage to join the Mets all-time list while he was here in NY as he now owns the title of “Best relationship with fans ever for Mega-free agent bust”.

Think about it, there have been some doozies as far as free agent busts go and the fans will ALWAYS turn on them. Bonilla, Alomar, Kaz Matsui are the 11st 3 that leap to mind  but it never ends well for flame out free agents.

But Bay never felt the full wrath of Met fans. Maybe it’s because he always looked like he busted his ass, and always looked like he was mad at himself. Or whatever the reason he was treated better than any other bust in franchise history.

The total haul of  the buyout is 21M. From my understanding the Mets don’t safe a penny here, but they get to deter a portion over a handful of years. 

The Mets gain “some” payroll flexability for 2013 and Bay is free to hook on with another team. I’m sure someone will give him a shot to regain his stroke especially since he’ll come dirt cheap. 

I gotta assume Bay will sign a heavily incentive laden deal that will cost a team virtually nothing to ink him but will low him to make millions if he suddenly becomes Boston Bay again. And if that happens he just might clock in around 26-30M next season. Imagine that.

As for the Mets my instincts tell me they were able to fee up between 5-7M in flexibility for winter dealings which I’ll gladly take.

will always remain a riddle here in Met land. Not only did his bat mysteriously fail to ever show up in NY but his relationship with the fans