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A-Rod Loses Despite Rain

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Even though the yanks got rained out A-Rod took another loss as he got benched… Again.

Lineups had already been posted by the time the umps called the game so even though the Yankees didn’t lose on Wed A-Rod still did.

In fact he was a 2 time loser as the media discovered who the woman was that he was flirting with in the stands and plastered her photos all over their publications. 

In all fairness if A-Rod is bagging the Austrailian bikini model that’s a Huge win. She’s a real stunner but the way this unfolded merely draws more attention to his pathetic performance. 

Imagine if he were Micky Mantle, or even Keith Hernandez picking up models mid-game from the on-deck circle. He’d be a NY Legend. Joe Namath style.

But instead it’s just another reason for everyone to kill the poor bastard even more than they already do.

Yankee problems, and BMF couldn’t enjoy it more lol

Going, Going…

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

I won’t jinx us by finishing the above sentence but it sure did feel good to watch the yankees go down 3-0 in their series with Detroit.

Quite frankly I was shocked to see A-Rod benched again in game 3. I know he doesn’t deserve to play but it’s still shocking to see their 30M contract riding the pine. 

And to think they have FIVE more years of this, it’s enough to make a Met fan giddy with glee.

The Yankee Bandwagon is Empty

Monday, October 15th, 2012

There’s a whole slew of tasty tidbits for Yankee haters like myself to feast on these days: A-Rod’s collapse, the inability to win a game after scoring  4 in the 9th , Jeter falling down and out of the post season, the evaporation of the yankee mystique to name a few.

But BMF’s favorite tasty anti-yankee bit is the 8-10K seats that are empty on a nightly basis this October. 

My logic is if they announce 47K tickets sold that prob means 43-44, which means there may be as many as 10K empty seats in the ALCS.

Wow talk about a “fanbase” that’s been spoiled rotten. These loser Yankee fans can’t even sell out a playoff game? The very fact that theories such as “week nite game” or “weather”  are floating around as excuses is a VERY BAD sign re: Yankee fan apathy.

But this goes to prove BMF’s long held theory that far and away most Yankee fans are bandwagon jumpers. 

Watching Detroit take a Commanding 2-0 lead in the series is a pure joy. 

At this point I’m rooting for a Tigers v Cardinals WS. I know I’m supposed to hate the Cards but LaRussa’s gone and Beltran deserves to win a ring.

Let’s Go O’s!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Pleeeeeeze Baltimore, pleeeeeeze beat and eliminate the Yankees.

They should’ve already won this series.

How about a offensive outburst from the Birds to shock everyone by blowing the yankees out of the playoffs and into A-Rod turmoil this off-season.

It Ain’t Karma

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

The incredible luck the yankees seem to get year after year is astounding to me. I won’t call it karma because the Yankees with their non-stop mega payroll that allows them to play by their own set of rules cannot possibly earn good karma.

Perhaps instead they’ve made a deal with the Devil.

Either way it’s mind blowing to see yet another incredible  comeback delivered by a spare part player in Raul Ibanez.

A-Rod is his typical post-season self, batting .083. Girardi keeps him in the 3 hole but decides to PH for him in the 9th. Lo and behold Ibanez homers to tie the game and does it again in the 12th to win it.

Aaron Bleepin’ Boone all over again.

As a Met fan I’m disgusted. 

The O’s we’re so close to taking the lead in the series and yet again a team crumbles at the very last moment to the Yankees. 

I’m convinced a large percentage of these last second wins are a result of opposing players being psyched out by the NY Yankees legacy.

It’s enough to make a Met fan puke.

Who Are Met Fans Rooting For?

Monday, October 8th, 2012

A postseason without the Mets means we have to pick a team or teams to root for to make our October interesting. Luckily we Met fans have a lot of practice in this so here are BMF’s thoughts on the horses in the 2012 postseason:

Yankees - F-them. Would never root for them under any circumstances.

Orioles - I love the idea of Baltimore finally rising up to challenge the yanks and Sox but I don’t think they’ve got what it takes to win this 5 game series. Although Showalter gives them a puncher’s chance.

Detroit - I like the Tigers. Got relatives in Michigan and I respect their team. Plus I think they can beat the yanks.

A’s - I want to root for the A’s but we all know they ain’t winning a post season series so why waste energy on them? 

Reds - I’m always happy to see old skool teams in the postseason. I have no allegiance to Cincy so I’m not rooting for them but they don’t piss me off at all and they deserve some success after sucking for so long.

Giants - Some will say I’m supposed to hate the Giants for leaving NY a half a century ago but I don’t buy into it. I sorta like SF’s team so I can live with them.

Cardinals - Forget them too. No love for St Loo. Great baseball town I’m sure but BMF don’t live there.

Nats - Theoretically I’m supposed to consider them a division rival but we’ve never battled them for anything other than last place. I respect what they’ve done ( built a winner) because it’s something we can’t manage to do and their continued success only makes the Wilpons look like bigger Tools. 

So I guess I’m rooting for a National v Tiger World Series.

Although I’ll pretty much always root for the NL I’m not sure I want to see the Nats as reigning champs.

I’m just sayin’