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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Good news from Met land. Not unexpected but still happy to hear the Mets picked up their options on both D Wright and RA Dickey.

Word is they are beginning discussions on a longterm deal for Wright as well. 

This is an obvious move for the Mets and seemingly one even they won’t mess up. Once a deal is signed Wright will be poised to become THE Face of baseball not only in Queens but in NYC at large. Once Jeter’s career winds down in another year or 2, Wright will suddenly be the longest tenured face of baseball in this town.

I don’t doubt the Yankees will have the hottest free agent but Wright will be the only homegrown darling left.


Meanwhile I hope everyone is coping with the aftermath of Sandy. Aside from tree damage BMF came out relatively unscathed but I’m shocked at the detestation along the waterfront in the 5 boros, let alone NJ and beyond.

Hang in there everybody!

Congratulations World Champion Angel Pagan

Monday, October 29th, 2012

BMF is very happy for ex-Met Angel Pagan.

Not only was he able to escape the black hole that is the  NY Mets.

I guess you could say the Pagan / Torres trade worked out slightly better for the Giants than us. Pagan played well for them all year and manned CF as they swept the Tigers to win the World Series.

Meanwhile Torres was hurt most of the year and barely contributed even when playing on yet another losing Met team.

Congratulations Pagan you deserved better than what we as an organization can offer and you got it.

Here’s hoping everyone stays safe for the storm, BMF lives in Park Slope so I’m not close to the water but I’m definitely concerned about everyone who lives near the coast - I think the storm surge may be bad on this one. 

Game 1 Wowza!

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Wow I sure didn’t see a whole bunch of things coming in game 1.

Never woulda thought Verlander would be anything less than stellar on the mound and he certainly wasn’t. 

Never woulda though Pablo Sandoval would jack 3 bombs his 1st 3 AB - Wow ! Pablo Damn-doval!

Never woulda thought Barry Freakin’ Zito would be starting a Game 1 or toss 5.2 innings and allow only 1 run OR get a hit to drive in an early run.

Good for Pagan for going 2-4 in the game. 

I hope he gets a ring. 

World Series 2012

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Giants vs Tigers - who is a Met fan supposed to root for?

Traditionally speaking BMF generally stays within “party lines” and will root for the NL team in the Fall Classic.

This year is no different, I guess. Logically I want the NL to win. Personally I would be happy for Pagan if he were to earn a ring.

The flip side though is I’ve always liked the Tigers for a couple of reasons. 1st I have relatives in Michigan so I’ve always had a soft spot for the Tigers and Lions.

I also always like to see the old skool teams succeed. For instance I’d take a Tigers championship over a Tampa Bay Rays championship everyday of the week. The Tigers have been so crappy for so long they deserve a ring. 

The City of Detroit and Michigan at large have suffered so much recently they deserve some success outside of hockey. 

The Giants just won too. So while I guess I’m rooting for San Fran I wouldn’t be upset to see the Tigers take it all.

NLCS Game 7 ex-Met vs ex-Met

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Someone is going to face the Tigers in the WS. It certainly won’t be our beloved Mets but we’ll have an ex-Met in there no matter who wins game 7.

So teams aside. Who would you rather see go to the World Series. Carlos Beltran or Angel Pagan?

I loved Angel when he was doing his thing but Beltran has been doing it so BIG in the postseason for so many years I gotta believe he deserves a Fall Classic appearance more.

So Go Cardinals… I guess.

Buh-Bye Yankees LMAO

Friday, October 19th, 2012

How great was that? A clean sweep and the Yankee season ends with an elimination game ass-kicking. These mutts never even led the ENTIRE SERIES.

Wow how the mighty Yankees have fallen. Once known as postseason monsters they barely got past Baltimore before getting their asses handed to them by the Tigers.

And they really think they’re gonna be able to trade A-Rod? GTF outta here. No ones gonna take that salary - no way, no how.