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Bad Draw Stops Dickey

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

While it’s certainly no guarantee the Met bats would score against anyone facing Cliff Lee left RA Dickey exactly zero room for error. 

Sure enough RA allowed 2 ER and lost the game 3-1. Figures. 

According to BMF’s quick calculations Dickey has 3 starts left in his quest for 20.

Congrats on RA breaking the 200 K’s barrier this season. That’s a tremendous feat.


The Las Vegas 51’s are the Mets AAA team for the next 2 years. Of course this is a result of getting dumped by our Buffalo affiliate. I’m sorry but Las Vegas is a ridiculous place for a NY franchise to have their AAA team… But there are the Mets so…

Mets O vs Jets O

Monday, September 17th, 2012

If you throw out the touchdown scored on their 1st possession, the Jets managed just 3 points the rest of the way while the Mets couldn’t produce 3 hits let alone a single run. 

Both were pathetic to see play. 

Hot stove can’t get here soon enough.

Mejia 2.0

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Guess who’s back today - one time, and hopefully once again, Met blue chip prospect Jenrry Mejia takes the ball to start for the first time in the Bigs since he was shipped off for surgery.

It would seem like a fairly unimportant game with us dead and buried and all, but if Mejia can show us he’s still got his “stuff” post surgery then we’ve got another weapon to be excited about.

As for last nite, the weapon that is John Niese is still cooking with gas and Lucas Duda hit a bomb to remind us that he’s still a weapon as well.

Still not sure the whole Duda to the minors was the most prudent move. Sorta feels like he just lost a month in the bigs, but maybe it would’ve been worse had he stayed up here.

Is 20 & Cy Young Too Much? 

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

All I, or any sensible Met fans wants out of what’s left of this season is 20 Wins for Dickey and a Cy Young…. Is that too much to ask???

I dunno, call it “Met Guilt” if you want but BMF has the distinct feeling that Johan’s No-No has used up all the good ju-ju in Met Land.  

As a Met fan I’ve come to expect only occasional good news from our team and The No Hitter easily uses up 4-5 years of Met goodness.

Of course in the Bronx No-No’s, Cy Youngs and championships can come in bunches and the ungrateful Yankee fans still demand the best free agent on the market.

Sure would be nice if we coulda scored a few runs and gotten Dickey Win number 19 last nite but they didn’t so RA is stuck on 18 with 2 starts left…

The way I see it we’ve got 2 meaningful games left this september.


Thanks for all the good wishes on the birth of Baby BMF aka Felix. 

I will not comment on unsubstantiated rumors I named my son after Met great Felix Millan ; ) 

BMF’s a Dad

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Been totally out of the loop for the last few days which have become a blur as Mr& Mrs BMF had our very own baby BMF. 

His name is Felix and I refuse to confirm or deny the rumor he was named after Felix Millan.

Dickey Marches Toward 20

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

As crazy as it is to say RA Dickey may very well be a Cy Young winner this season. 

It’s tough to get the votes when you don’t make the postseason but if he wins 20 AND leads the NL in W’s he stands a helluva chance at actually winning.

You gotta figure being a knuckler and the media surrounding his story will help net him votes. Playing in NY never hurts media awareness of an athlete but in this case I think RA’s story outweighs the NY factor.

According to my math he could have 4-5 more starts this year which means he could post 22 Wins… !

How freakin’ crazy would THAT be!