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RA Dickey Just Won 20 Games!

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Can we please give this guy the Cy Young?? Winning 20 sure does help his chances - which just went up exponentially compared to a 19 win RA season.

Regardless of postseason hardware this Met season has to be classified as successful regardless of the standings.

We got a no-hitter AND a 20 game winner, and they’re not the same player.

A Tremendous way to end the season.

Congratulations RA, you genuinely deserve to be recognized.

RA, Rocks!!!

LET’s GO R.A.!!!!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

20 wins is on the line today….

Game thread…

Did Duda Actually Return?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

BMF thought I remembered Lucas Duda returning from the minor leagues and resuming his career trajectory towards a big league slugger. But I think I’m mistaken because I haven’t seen any production of out the guys for weeks.

It’s like he’s not even there.

He’s currently batting .243 with 14 HR’s and 54 RBI - almost identical numbers to what he was sporting when he was went down. 

I wonder if the Ike Davis chatter wasn’t just chatter while the real plan was to show remind everyone that Duda could play 1st base before the look for takers this winter.

Mejia Finally Gets the W

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

He’s still just a kid but Jenrry Mejia waited a long time for his first ML win. BMF woulda thought by know Mejia would be a well established as one of the top young arms in the game.

Still the kid looked like he’s legitimately got the goods to be a prime time pitcher, he’s just got to harness it a little more. 

It’s understandable the kid was trying to be perfect with his pitches after getting banged around last time out. Despite needing 50+ pitches to get through 2 innings he didn’t allow a run so there’s positive side to getting past the struggles.


Ike Davis just threw down the gauntlet and staked his claim to firstbase. I still don’t know why the Ike trade talk popped up last week but Davis just put everyone on notice that’s he’s his old self.

I doubt he’s getting traded but at least he’s upping his value 


Friday, September 21st, 2012

Yeah that’s a football reference but ” Just End The Season ”  is too perfect not to apply here.

A 16-1 loss to Philly? 7 runs allowed in the 9th? Hefner, Familia, Edgin and Mejia all ranging from awful to not good.

Now that Harvey is shut down what is there to even watch this team for?

It’s time we begin the hot stove season… not like anything major will happen there but it can’t possibly be worse than 7 runs in the 9th to bury us by 15 runs.


Ike Trade Talk Sorta Odd

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

For the record BMF doesn’t think anyone on this team should be untouchable - and by that I mean ANYONE. But I found it a little strange that Ike Davis’ name was mentioned in possible winter dealings.

It started innocently with TC stating that Duda would get some starts at 1st, but now it’s “out there” and it just feels kinda icky.

I’d definitely trade Ike or Duda for the right deal - I mean neither has set the world on fire yet so I don’t know what we’d get in return to make it an attractive enough deal to pull the trigger on.  But I’m still not sure why we’re talking about dealing Ike before the season is even over.

But I guess that’s what happens when the only suspense left is whether you finish in last… Again.


Matt Harvey was a beast and deserved the win in what was his final start of the season.  Unfort FrankFranc was unavailable and Howard got Edgin for a 2 run blast in the 9th. 

Oh well.