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Destined for Last Place

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

After last nite’s loss and a Philly win the Mets are now tied with the Phil’s at 19 games off the pace. Even worse we’re just 1.5 games out of last as Miami steadily gains ground on us as well.

You know we’re finishing in last place right? Despite the debacle of a year Philly has endured and despite the fantastic first half the Mets have had they’re about to pass us.

RA was robbed of his 16th Win due to another nonexistent Met offense. 

Josh Edgin’s sloppy execution is the easy place to find blame but 1O runners left on base in a 3-1 loss is the real culprit. 

It’s a shame because RA deserves to win 20 this year and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.  He could easily have 17 or 18 wins at this point but last nite was a game he needed to have.

If Valdespin runs through the bag is he safe? Yeah maybe. But when you’re trying to get to that bag as fast as humanly possible instinct tells you to dive. I don’t blame guys for doing it… Nor can I get too worked up over this age old argument… But I do believe you get to the base fastest by running through it.

Then again I believe in Climate Change and UFO’s so…

Mets Shuffled Out of Buffalo

Monday, August 20th, 2012

I don’t know what’s going on with the Mets AAA team but we’re now leaving our 3rd city after that 40 year run in Norfolk, VA.

According to ESPN 

After almost 40 years  in Norfolk the kicked the Mets to the curb when they “became disenchanted with the quality of the product and the attention given by the Mets”

Then we had a short stint in New Orleans which ended after just 2 seasons and now booted from Buffalo. 

I wonder why the Met AAA is so lame. Wasn’t this the type of stuff Alderson was supposed to excel at? Organizational wide expertise and professionalism. 

The trend in recent years has been to promote from AA or after quick stops at AAA so perhaps the Mets have frustrated their AAA affiliates by not assigning their prospects long enough for the local team owner’s liking. But I wouldn’t think the Mets are any worse than any other franchise in this regard. 

Now we may end up in Las Vegas which is a terrible geographic disadvantage for an East Coast team.

I wish I knew more about how the Mets came up short with the product they deliver in AAA and what exactly do they not pay attention to. 

Either way it’s an embarrassment… typical Mets.

Niese ! 

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Thank God for John Niese. A bright spot for the team. 

I guess you can chalk it up to the latest collapse but I can’t believe how quietly Niese is beasting through the NL. Guy hasn’t walked more than 2 guys since spring! 

How bout Mike Baxter making another tremendous catch against the wall. Not as dramatic as the catch that preserved the no-no but he saved FrankFranc’s hide by saving an extra base hit.

I think FrankFranc is about to go on a nice run… Let’s hope we can get him enough save opps to keep him sharp.

Bay Homers!!!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

***POSTING LATE due to having dropped my iPhone while running through downpour on Wed and it got run over by a truck***

Stop the presses! Hold the Phone! Hug Your Loved Ones!!!

Jason Bay hit a Homerun! And got a second hit too. Maybe riding the bench for a minute is what he needed to reboot his career.

Maybe now Bay is finally ready to become the Boston version…. Nah … that’s crazy talk.

But Matt Harvey on the other hand was looking like the beast we all hope he is.

Look who really cares how many games we win from here on out so long as our youth movement is progressing, Niese, Harvey, Tejada, Duda… OK well maybe not Duda at this moment but you get the point.

FrankFranc entered the game in 9th inning garbage time and proceeded to take the garbage out of the equation by letting the Reds climb right back into the game.

He’s looked awful but I believe Collins when he sez FrankFranc just needs more work. As bad as he looked at times early this season he eventually found his groove. Only problem is how many save chances will these Mets give him?

Dickey and Umps are NOT Friends

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

RA got knocked around which will happen from time to time but I gotta believe the umps making him cut his daughters’ bracelets off his wrist was a large part of the issue.

RA’s girls gave him the bracelets to wear as he hiked Mt Kilimanjaro this past winter and he still wore then during this stellar season. I guess rules are rules but of its never been enforced up until now why the sudden change in policing the bracelets.

It happened in the second and RA was pissed! He actually struck out the side that inning but that’s the kind of thing that could bug him all game long. I’m sure he was thinking about his daughters, about losing his mojo, about what he wanted to do to the umps… a million thoughts prob went through his head and as a result 3 balls went over the wall.

I wonder if he can’t tie them together to reach around his ankle or something to keep them with him for his next start. I mean if they’re good luck they’ve gotta get back on the mound with him right?

obtw the Mets lost again

A New Way to Lose

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Sometimes when your season has gone into the toilet it’s fun to see what new ways to lose the current team can discover.

A walk-off 3 run blast after almost 9 innings of shut out baseball qualifies as a new way to lose.

Now we’re 16.5 games out of first… which all of us old skol Met fans will readily admit is just about where they belong.