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Stop the Sweep!

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Game thread…

Damn Chipper

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

He got us again. Certainly no surprise there but Chipper’s HR wasn’t the main reason for this loss Chris Young’s ineffective outing that saw him surrender five runs in 3 innings.

Then again you could fault Duda for failing to make a play that would likely have saved CY a couple runs.

I expect Duda to have some OF gaffes but he needs to step up his offensive game to make up for his defensive inexperience.

I’m digging Josh Edgin who made his big league debut by entering the game with 2 men on base and K’ing back to back hitters to escape the jam. Of course Chilper got him  but thats to be expected… isn’t it? 

The Mets were sloppy all nite walking no less than 11 batters and allowing ten hits.

OK guys shake this off as ASB rust and lets get the W sat.

Oops Season Starts Again FRIDAY!

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

I guess BMF is too old skool to adapt to this new 4 day lay-off over All-Star Break.

Obviously the season didn’t start thursday as I thought lol

Promote Matt Harvey

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

*Ya Gotta Check out BMF’s buddy Art Shamsky’s Baseball Clinic later this month on Randalls Island. The first clinic is in July and there will be a series of Shamsky Clinics in September. With 2 age groups, 14 and under and 15-Adult, It’s a great opportunity to pick up some baseball magic with a Miracle Met of 1969!*

I hate to see Dillon Gee go down with a blod clot. I’m assuming he’s gone for the year. Is it just me or are blood clots a new phenomenon in baseball? I don’t recall a bloodclot before David Cone. When BMF was a kid they didn’t get blood clots… Or maybe they just called them strokes back then. 

Anyway let’s get Harvey up here and see what he’s got. It’s a relatively low pressure situation as he can slide into the 5th starter’s slot and  doesn’t need to be a savior.

The Mets think he can “survive” but don’t expect him to “thrive” which is good enough for me. 

Second half kicks off with a THREE game set in ATL on friday.

Mets Sittin’ Pretty

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Never mind that we lost the Cubs series, the NY Mets just wrapped a first half that waaay exceeded any rational expectations.


As it stands right now the Mets are 1/2 game out of a playoff spot. 


We’re 4.5 back in 3rd place in the East but we’re a mere half game out of a playoff spot in the new fangled WC system (something I failed to mention last time) 

Question: If all you earn as a WC is the right to play 1 game to qualify for the LDS can you call that a “playoff spot”? Isn’t it really a “play-in game”? I mean do you really have a spot in the baseball playoffs if you’re not playing in a series?

I digress

The point is we, boys and girls, have ourselves a fantastic little baseball team to root for. They’re young, hungry and talented and there’s no reason they’re not better in the second half.

In Need of Series Win

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Lets go into ASB on an upswing….

Game thread…