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Matt Harvey

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Start number 2

Game thread….

Bravo Hairston! Any Takers?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

What a sick game from Scott Hairston! 2 Bombs, one in the 8th and 10th to lead us from behind to victory. I give up for Scott Hairston’s season. He’s been tremendous for us. An unexpected source of power (14 HR) RBI (44) and a great attitude.

Now let’s trade him. I know the skipper and team love him but baseball’s a business and it’s doubtful his value will ever be higher. We’re at the trade deadline, he just upped his own ante by taking over the game in SF and reminding everyone that he can be an impact bat even from a part-time role.

I wouldn’t deal him for a low quality, low-level minor leaguer but I wouldn’t necces refuse a deal just because the player is in A ball. 

We’re still in a major rebuilding mode and a guy like Hairston is a year to year guys. He may have the hot hand this season but next year who knows. It’s highly doubtful he’s a starter so why hang onto him?

If there’s anything worthwhile being offered BMF takes it.

Dickey’s Back

Monday, July 30th, 2012

It was vintage RA yesterday as he regained his first half form posting a stellar line of 0ER, 4H, 3BB, 8K in 7IP.

Personally I was relieved to see this outing from the knuckler since I was starting to worry his magic was finally wearing off. I should prob have more confidence in him, he’s certainly earned it, but being a Met fan I’m always waiting for the worst to befall us.

Hey, I’ll take a split in AZ. 2-2 is huge for us right now.

Nieuwenhuis got sent down to make room for Mike “No-No saving catch” Baxter. Sorry to see Kirk falter lately but I think a minors stint is best for him right now. At least he’ll have Duda to chill with. 

Sure wouldn’t have seen 2/3 of our OF being demoted to AAA back in May when things were going so well. 

Very happy to see Baxter return though. Ya gotta root for this kid forever after.

Ike Davis in BEAST MODE!

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

So much for the lastest loss (not to mention BMF’s prediction for a quality game from Young) at least we got to watch Ike Davis crush not one, not two, but 3 HR’s down in his home state AZ.

Remember when Ike couldn’t hit a softball earlier this season? Nah, me neither. It’s like the old days with Ike as he’s suddenly back on track to become a legit power threat any place any time.

His 1st bomb was dead CF and easily cleared the very high yellow HR line. The base of the wall is 407 but he must’ve hit that 450?
Did anyone see an estimate on that? 

Imagine where he’d be if he didn’t have that freak leg injury.

Meanwhile Tejada continues to impress with a couple hits and a spectacular sliding catch (most impressive because he had David Wright to contend with) 

I’m loving this kid at short.

I’m not gonna sweat these losses so long as we’re developing talent for next year.

Chris Young

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Feeling a big game from Young…

Matt Harvey is NOT the Savior

Friday, July 27th, 2012

WOW that was a helluva Big League Debut! 

Met 1st round draft pick announced himself to MLB by posting a line of: 0R, 3H, 3BB and 11K in 5.1 IP on 106. pitches.

I’ve really AMPED UP about what we might have in Harvey but I caution and plead with all Met fans to take a deep breath and NOT burden this kid with too much pressure.

He’s a kid he’s gonna have bumps in the road. That’s just what happens to young pitchers but when you’re in NYC the hype can jump to hyperspace, both good and bad pub.

So can we try and let the kid develop up here w/o the burden of needing to save the Mets?

But lets get back to that 11K debut! 

Damn the kid had guys swinging and missing at high heat, curveballs inside as well as low and away.

Harvey looked like a vet the way he commanded the mound. Getting staked to a 2-0 lead before he left the dugout was wonderful gift in your 1st game in the Bigs but Harvey was so relaxed he roped a triple in the top of the second.

OK, so Parra took a bad route but Harvey still got into one pretty good.

I couldn’t be happier about having him in the rotation but considering he was struggling at AAA I would expect some less than stellar performances sooner than later.

Btw great job by Alderson to have vet backstop Rob Johnson working with him at AAA and then promote him to catch his debut. That plan sure did work to perfection.