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RA Must Start All-Star Game

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

The time has come for Tony LaRussa to name RA Dickey starting pitcher for the NL All-Star squad. There are certainly other pitchers having big years, Cain immediately comes to mind, but RA is on one of those magical runs that simply cannot be denied.

Fri nite saw RA dominate LA across 8 innings allowing just 3 hits and 1 BB while striKing out TEN! The guy was flirting with another almost no-no when pitcher Harang dropped in a hit Torres should’ve caught. It was forgiven when Ellis picked up a clean single in the 7th.

What has gotten into Daniel Murphy?!? 3HR in 3 days?!! SHOCKING.

This is a 4 game set so lets clinch the series win saturday.

Young and Parnell!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Chris Young did it again. Another quality start and another W for the best always injured pitcher you’ll ever find.

It’s no surprise to BMF that Young has been this dominant, it’s always the same story with CY - he’s one of the best pitchers in the game… And then he gets hurt. No reason for it to be any different this time around, let’s just hope he stays off the DL as long as possible…

But the breaking news from last nite’s 3-2 win in LA was Bobby Parnell’s slamming of the door in the 9th to ring uo his first save.

As far as I’m concerned BoPa is the future back end of the pen and I’d like to see him stake a claim to the job right now. Can’t get much smoother than 1-2-3 in the 9th which should boost his closer confidence - the intangible you simply cannot teach your relievers. 

I would be surprised if TC didn’t hand the keys back to Frank Franc when healthy again considering the pen has been so bad as a whole we need anyone who can fufill a roll. The argument can certainly be made that Francisco isn’t getting the job done but he does have 18 saves so he’s been successful. 

Plus with another year left in his 12M deal are the Mets really going to discount his value by demoting him? I’d think if Parnell proves to be lights out the Mets will look to trade FrankFranc to someone in need of a closer and clear that 6M off the books for 2013. 

Of course the only way to trade him is when he’s pitching and proving he’s healthy so it’d stand to reason Frank will get the job back when he return.

Let’s hope we have this problem.


Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Now THAT’s what I’m talking about! THAT’s what I expect from the Mets against the crappy Cubs.

Eddie Van Halen would be proud of the Met eruption in ChiTown to the tune of a 17-1 romp. After 2 weak loses they had some pent up offense which exploded thanks mostly to Wright, who drove in 5, Murphy, who parked 2(!) his first on the year, and Hairston and Ike who both homered and along with Murphy each collected 4 RBI.

Niese was dominant tearing thru the Cubbies and Reuben Tejada picked up 3 hits of his own.

It’s funny I was starting to get used to Quintanilla but now that Tejada is back I suddenly remember how good he is. There’s no reason Tejada isn’t the man at SS for the foreseeable future and I think he’s much more of a key to this offense than we realize. 

But what this game really represents to BMF is TC’s ability to get his guys to pick themselves up just when they seem to be on the brink of collapse and roar back to life. 

I wouldn’t be shocked to see us win the series in LA this weekend.

Wake Up Mets

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Are the Mets still reeling from the yankees? Sure felt that way as the defense was shaky, baserunning poor and runners left on base all over the place. 
Things just didn’t break our way. From Duda stopping on the basepaths due to a late “send” signal from Teufel to the incorrect safe call when Thole picked off his SECOND runner on the nite, until the ump blew the call.

I hate to see Ike get ejected but he did touch the ump with his glove and once you make contact you gotta go. The ump got the ejection correct but missed the tag applied by Ike on his second swipe. If replays weren’t enough, you could tell by Ike’s immediate and genuine reaction that he indeed applied the tag.

Great to see Collins out there arguing and getting heated. BMF is an old skool guy and I firmly believe a manager arguing can get a team fired up. It’s a less effective tactic on the road because you can’t get the stadium crowd whipped into a frenzy behind you but it still shows the players you’ve got their back.

Meanwhile we’ve gotta win this get away day game today. 
Simply can’t lose 3 straight to the crappy Cubs.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

You pretty much expected that didn’t ya’? A let down game after all that Subway Series juice. The Mets were actually fairly close to sweeping the yanks only to turn around and lose the last 2 games on weekend. 

So coming off Sun nite’s loss they flew to Chi and came out flat for Johan. Terry Collins even warned us all tgis would be an issue and even he was unable to avoid it.

The errors were a killer. Wright’s missed pop-up was just a freak windy city thing. Duda should’ve caught his ball but be got spooked by the traffic he ran into traffic as Ike and Cedeno approached as well. You could see Duda “feel” His teammates Presence and he got alligator arms sliding to catch it.

The good news is Ike hit another HR so our one time golden boy looks like he may finally be back.

Wrigley will be buzzing tomm with prospect Andy Rizzo’s arrival, hopefully the Mets can steal that thunder.

Mets Lose to Yanks - What Else is New

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I swear there is NOTHING BMF HATES MORE THAN LOSING TO THE YANKEES. It makes me friggin’ crazy and I’m realizing I really have to do a better job of separating my baseball emotions from the rest of my life.

 I was really deflated when Dickey didn’t have his 1-Hitter stuff tonite. It would’ve been so great to see him spin another masterpiece vs the Yanks on Sun Nite Baseball.

But the knuckler wasn’t dancing like it usually does and when they surged to a 5-1 lead I just started shaking my head thinking typical Mets - losing another rubber game to the yanks. I swear I’d be shocked if we’ve won more than 2 rubber games against them.  

I’ve come to hate these Subway Series. If we don’t get swept we normally win the Fri nite game to get our hopes up and then drop the next 2. The way I recall, if we win the series we do it by taking the 1st 2 and losing on Sun nite baseball thus leaving us with a bad taste in our mouths despite the series win.

I hear next year its down to just 4 games total played on consecutive days 2 in The BX and 2 in Queens. The good news is we can’t lose 5 or more times to them in 1 season. The bad news is they can now put a 4 game sweep on us.

Watching Swisher play is nauseating. His smirky grins and smiles rounding the bases and making catches is enough to make me puke. 

When Nieuwey struck out with two out, bases loaded in the freshly tied game I knew that was prob it for us. We had them on the ropes and we couldn’t deliver the knock out. In my heart I knew we weren’t gonna win the game after we had all those go-ahead ducks on the pond and failed to take the lead.

It’s tough to complain when you’ve just scored 4 runs with 2 out in the inning but I’m just sayin’…