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Afternoon Tilt

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

How the Hell did the Mets get so many people in the stands for this weekday game???

Game thread…

Later for Carrasco

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

What a crappy 36 hours D.J. Carrasco just had. Tuesday nite he serves us a BOMB to Rickie Weeks and responds by drilling Ryan Braun which got him thrown out of the game.  This prompts Collins to yank Wright who then thros a fit in the dugout, down the runway and back into the dugout. 

Talk radio blows up all day wednesday discussing all the drama caused by Carrasco.

Wednesday nite DJ comes back in and surrenders a 2 run HR to Todd Fraizer to spearhead another bullpen meltdown.

And to top it off DJ Carrasco was designated for assignment. Ouch thats an awful day and a half.

Meanwhile I was hoping for some team unity and fire to emerge after the Wright/Collins non-bean ball war fracas yesterday but no such luck as we lost 6-3 to Cincy.

Quick Hits;

• Santana deserved to win but didn’t… Again.

• Duda’s 3-4 nite pushed his avg to .274. I feel like Lucas ha scut down on his swing. As if he’s gotten away from swinging for HR’s and is now focused on contact. 

• 2 Suicide Squeezes in 2 nites?!? Do ya think TC would have the balls to do it a 3rd consecutive nite if the chance arose? 

Mets v Reds

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

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High Heat in Met Dugout

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Wow raise your hand if you’ve ever seen David Wright that heated before - me neither.

In case you missed it DJ Carrasco drilled Ryan Braun in what was an obvious retaliation move after a Ricky Weeks BOMB. Carrasco was immediately ejected and the next logical move on everyone’s mind was: David Wright is gonna get hit in his next AB.

But Collins wasn’t gonna let that happen so he yanked Wright from the lineup when the Mets returned to the dugout. 

D-Wright was VERY UNHAPPY storming around the dugout and getting pretty damn close to his skipper’s face while protesting. He stormed off down the tunnel only to return, position himself next to TC and continue to voice his displeasure.

WOW i love the drama and I honestly love the way it’s played out. 

Good for Wright for being pissed off. He should want to be in there and he should want to be the guy who gets hit instead of someone else.

And Good for Collins for pulling David. The truth is we need him for the longhaul. At 8-0 the game was out of hand so there was no reason to risk your best player, captain and face of the franchise. 

I’m not even worried about Wright catching a fastball to the dome ala Ron Cey in ‘81 WS. The real danger is the brawl that could easily erupt after he gets thrown at.

If benches clear Wright could easily get hurt being at the center of a basebrawl scrum. An injury and/or suspension is the LAST thing anyone needs.

TC did the right thing. 

Brew Crew Game 2

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Game thread…

FrankFranc Walks Tightrope in Win

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

I give Collins credit for not making the easy decision and replacing the suddenly awful pitcher but I still think we need a new closer. Francisco allowed arun on 2H, and 1BB in the 9th. 

Technically speaking Francisco got the job done but it didn’t instill any confidence.

Meanwhile how ‘but Miguel Batista who pitched seven scoreless innings.  TC’s decision to stay with Bautista sure paid off Mon.  In truth it was a dillouted Brewer line-up but never mind that Baitista needed a solid outing 

Daniel Murphy is really doing his thing these days extended his hitting streak to 10 games, going 2-for-4 with a run batted in and a run scored.

Bravo Ronny Cedeno who drove on a successful suicide squeeze in the sixth inning.