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Banner Day !

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

BMF’s buddy Jon Keller aka “King of Banner Day” is taking his newest banner out to New Shea to compete in today’s festivities.

Jon was the most prolific banner maker back in the day and wears numerous crowns and he is trying to recapture the magic with today’s entry that features over 80 hours of work hand painting Casey Stengel, Shea, CityField and “Still Amazin’ ” so keep an eye out for him.

Bring it home Jon BMF will be rooting for you!!!

Glimpse of Mets

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Last nite’s game was a perfect glimpse as to what this team can be. The new blood contributing with Duda’s Bomb, Baxter’s 1st inning OF catch and lead off double, and Dillon Gee looking superb on the mound. All on a night when Wright takes the O-fer.

Last nite’s glimpse at what we could be makes me very optimistic about this team.


Kudos to Collins for his handling of Ike. He hasn’t sent him down instead sat him down and now Ike’s hot RBI hits in his last 2 games.  

No one’s officially out of their slump just yet but it’s a damn good start.

When Can We Talk .400 and Wright?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

It’s May 25th and David Wright is hitting .405. At first it’s a good start, then it’s a hot April but now that we’re approaching June and the guy is still slaughtering pitching it may be time to start speculating for real about his shot at .400.

When he dipped to .399 after Wednesday’s 0-fer I figured the ride was over. Until he went 3-5 last nite to push back to .405 — wow

Jeremy Hefner got a raw deal with the rain. He was cruising for 2 frames until the rains stopped the game for over an hour. When he came back he’d lost the edge. 

The biggest clue that his stuff was gone was when the Padres started  hitting and scoring runs. Their offense is so pathetic that if they score 11 runs off of you something’s wrong.

You gotta give Hefner another start. 

Niese Dominates

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

So maybe it was “just” the Pirates but Niese looked good as ever mowing down the Bucs allowing 1R, 5H, 2BB, 5K in 7.2 IP. 

The kid is only 3-2 with a 4.29 ERA so you can sing his praises too loud but I think he’s right where he needs to be on track to becoming a legit front end starter. Everyone wants the next Fernando, Gooden or Strassberg who dominates the moment he arrives in the bigs but most guys develop over a couple of seasons which is exactly what is happening to Niese.

Duda has really been quiet dontcha think? It’s sorta not fair to say since he’s been driving in runs but we really haven’t seen the power we’re all expecting. I can’t remember the last time the guy launched one. It may be too much to ask for semi-regular  multi-homer games but can we please see that power again? 

I wonder if he cut down on his swing to address the awful avg he had in April but doing so has robbed him of power. That’s mere speculation but it would definitely make sense

Ike was 1-4 which is good news… I guess. He missed a pickoff throw in the 8th which is further troubling considering we don’t want him taking his hitting issues into the field. 

Good news: the slim hitting Padres are in town to play 4 - we should win 3.


Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Wow, impressive win in the ‘Burg!

The Mets were exactly what they want to be last nite as Dickey and his knuckler K’d 11 (!), the kids delivered as we got big hits from Baxter and Duda, Nieuweheis took advantage of an Pirate error to extend rally,  Byrdak got his batter and FrankFranc slammed the door.

And there you have it a low budget, low star powered team doing what it takes to win.

Dickey kicks more ass with every start. There’s still a part of BMF that fears his magic will disappear but he just continues to impress with his junk. Unreal.

Mike Baxter is on the verge of becoming a phenomenon. He’s prob gonna lose all of his ABs once Bay returns but the kid from Queens continues to get the job done. He shook off Monday nite’s mental error and drilled a double before scoring the eventual game winner. I swear if they just let this kid play he just might go Jeremy Lin on us… Well not exactly Linsanity but you get the point.

Is it me or did FrankFranc just click back into a dominant closer? It’s like his confidence is suddenly percolating heated up by facing his ex-team in Toronto. 

Whatever it is, it’s working

Baxter Gets Free Pass

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Ain’t no way I’m killing Mike Baxter after his OF error cost us the game. 

In case you missed it: bottom 8, score tied and the Pirate leadoff hitter lifts a flyball to left/centerfield. As Baxter floats to his left Kirk Nieuwenhuis also glides over and is about to make the catch until he was seemingly distracted by Baxter’s presence causing the ball to clunk off his mitt for a triple.

Baxter is taking a lot of heat on this but I refuse to be mad at the kid from Queens who has been kicking ass since he’s been here. 

Should Baxter have been trying to catch the ball? No the CF always takes control and should make the catch if he can get there. 

Should Baxter have heard Kirk calling him off and cleared the way? Yes. He should know the situation and be listening for the CF’s voice calling him off.

Did he make a mistake? Yes but he’s one of 2 very young players involved in the play. They’re both taking on much larger roles than anyone expected in the Major Leagues so this kind of stuff is gonna happen.

Chalk it up to growing pains. It’s gonna happen but these guys won’t male that mistake again.

Hey it sucks but BOTH of those guys are so great to root for I simply can’t be mad at them for that mistake.